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My Husband the Stranger Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ [Read] ➮ My Husband the Stranger By Rebecca Done – A tragic accident A terrible injury And in a moment the man you fell in love with is transformed into a total stranger How would you cope What would you do Would you be stOugh to stay But what if you found out that it wasn't My Husband PDFEPUBan accident at al. 35 StarsIt was the fascinating concept that drew me to My Husband the Stranger and it was due to my interest in the idea of the book that kept me reading to the end However having finished the book I just can't help but feeling flat I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from the story but I feel as though it could have been There were certain storyline elements that I could see coming a mile off and although I was interested in the story and it definitely was written in an engaging way and I enjoyed the writing style there was just something missing for me Graeme saw Molly first Later that same evening Alex his twin brother leaves the bar with Molly and its the start of their relationship Fastforward to now and three years after a dreadful accident Molly is still hoping that Alex will turn back into the man she fell in love with For three years ago there was a dreadful accident that caused Alex brain damage and it has drastically changed his personality He is now like a child in an adults body with some of a childish mindset but at other times incredibly angry and other times can just about show the old Alex is still deep inside him And it is for that reason that Molly is determined to stand by her man no matter what cost to herself and her own dreams potentially We get the story from two different perspective Molly in the hear and now stuck in a job she hates caring for her husband and trying to make the best of the situation and then we have chapters from Alex's point of view which are the memories of how he and Molly got together and key moments in their relationship history The story at all times kept me wondering what would happen next and ultimately what Molly would decide Graeme wants to offer them as much support as he can and it must be so weird for Molly to spend time with the twins when one of them has changed to dramatically My Husband the Stranger certainly makes you think how would you cope in Molly's situation I'm not sure I'd be compassionate enough to my non existent husband to cope with a major change in personality although I'd like to think that love would overpower everything Thought provoking and throws up intriguing uestions in a book that I enjoyed readingThank you to Netgalley and Michael Joseph for this copy of the book which I reviewed voluntarily and honestly

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Sformed into a total stranger How would you cope What would you do Would you be strong en. After several years together Molly’s husband Alex has a terrible fall resulting in severe brain injury that leaves him psychologically changed from the man she married effectively a “stranger” The book contrasts their life beforehand with the daily struggle to maintain their relationship after Alex’s injuryI felt the author couldn’t uite make up her mind whether the novel was intended to be an insightful account of the impact of serious brain injury on a relationship an “against the odds” romance or a psychological thriller In the end for me it didn’t really satisfy completely in any of these respects The strongest element was definitely the description of the day to day toll on a relationship of caring for a partner who has been changed physically and psychologically by brain injury The author did a good job of conveying Molly’s conflicted feelings – sympathy and love for her husband but also rage regret and frustration at the position she finds herself in – and the mental and physical burden of caring for a person with limited hope of full recovery There are some touching moments that seem grounded in the reality of living with someone whose symptoms can change from day to day hour to hour “Just when I think I have totally lost him for a few precious moments I always find him again” I found the sections detailing Alex and Molly’s relationship before his accident a little cheesy; everything was a bit too perfect – Alex himself their wedding their life together before his accident However I appreciate the author was probably trying to build up a picture of what Molly has lost to explain why she wants to stick with Alex and hold on to the hope of an eventual recovery I found the mystery introduced towards the end of the book rather underwhelming and the reveal a little predictable To my mind the author came perilously close to “good twinevil twin” cliché in the characterisation of Alex and his brother GraemeThis was an enjoyable read with an interesting premise but I didn’t find it completely successfulI received an advance review copy courtesy of NetGalley and publishers Penguin in return for an honest review

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My Husband the StrangerA tragic accident A terrible injury And in a moment the man you fell in love with is tran. Another audio read where I have to say I do usually become uite distracted Although I do love to listen when I am on my work commute This was a little bit sinister a little twisty A slow burn but nothing overly exciting Molly and Alex are madly in love but Alex's twin seems to hover around whether in physical proximity or not Alex suffers a brain injury after an accident and we see the tragic difference of the before and after This difference is uite severe and Molly is a saint in her loving care She is working very hard to pay the bills and care for her husband which is increasingly difficult her boss is terribly uncaring and her husband eually difficult and just so different difficult and aggressive Very well written Molly's support network were a loving bunch and her determination to do the right thing made for sensitive and empathetic writing My first experience of this author I will read her again if the occasion arises