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Mobi è Before I Die ↠ 303 pages Download ì Jenny downham ↠ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Before I Die By Jenny Downham ➭ – Iedereen gaat dood Dat weten we allemaal Met nog maar een paar maanden te leven weet de 16 jarige Tessa dit beter dan de meeste mensen Ze heeftAakt met tien dingen die ze nog wil doen voor ze doodgaat Nummer één is seks Ze wil ook nog drugs gebruiken en autorijden Maar het is niet altijd eenvoudig I started this book wondering Why am I reading this? and I ended it wondering Why did I read this? But my two reasons for thinking these things were very differentIn the beginning I felt like this book would be a repetition of Skinny a massive disappointment in which the author was enad with the idea of a sick frail floundering heroine The heroine in this book started out looking or less the same I'm sick I'm gonna die the world sucks so leave me aloneTessa begins the book by deciding that she wants to have sex before she dies With the help of her friend Zoey this begins Tessa's list of things to experience before she dies In case you're wondering I decided to read this because I related to the list She keeps the list written on her wall which alarms her father when he sees the things she plans to do break the law try drugs become famous etc And as cheesy as it's going to sound this really did end up being a book about life in all its beauty and complexity Tessa's world didn't stop because she was dying and I feel that Ms Downham did a good job of capturing the complexity of emotions here Tessa's boyfriend's decision to move away for college so he wouldn't be reminded of her Tessa's father constantly wavering between needing to discipline her and wanting to cherish his last months with her her younger brother's inability to really process what was happening So besides a few characters that could have been fleshed out a little the middle of this book is actually uite goodOf course we all know how the book is going to end But I didn't know I was going to spend the last 30 pages sobbing Poor Joker was so freaked out And it was so painful that I asked why the heck I put myself through reading a book where I knew the main character would most likely end up dead But I did and got about 35 stars out of it I can tell you this It ain't Lurlene McDaniel

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Iedereen gaat dood Dat weten we allemaal Met nog maar een paar maanden te leven weet de 16 jarige Tessa dit beter dan de meeste mensen Ze heeft een lijst gem 35 ⭐️ I’ve watched the film Now is Good which I believe is based on this book so I did notice a few familiar parts Tessa has leukaemia She has very little time left to live and she is determined to do a few things before her time comes The main one being sex Shortly followed by drugs breaking the law etc etcI liked Tessa’s character – she is angry she is unreasonable she is dying – is there any right way to be? Sometimes she made me mad but then that is the point I loved her dad and her brother Cal they were both so good for her Her best friend Zoey was a bit hit and miss but again it proves how imperfect humans are and how we are all just muddling along as best we canThere we some parts I didn’t like – fat shaming and anti abortion are the main two I can think of right now Overall this is a powerful read on what is truly important and it really does make you appreciate being alive I seem to have a sadness wish by reuesting all these emo reads from the library

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Before I DieOm te krijgen wat je wilt En krijgen wat je wilt is niet altijd krijgen wat je nodig hebt En soms worden dingen belangrijk waarvan je het nooit had verwacht We know three pages into “Before I Die” that sixteen year old Tessa won’t survive her leukemia and that there’s plenty she still wants from life So she makes a list and vows to do everything on it before she diesLike most teenagers Tessa is at odds with her parents and angsty about how life’s shortchanged her At first her ranting and left field demands seem too adolescent Isn’t the looming presence of death supposed to mature her beyond her years?But that’s precisely the kind of “dying young” trope that Downham admirably resists throughout the novel Tessa burns up a maddening number of days moping when we think she should be fulfilling her dreams She finally pushes herself to face facts “I have two choices stay wrapped in blankets and get on with dying or get the list back together and get on with living”Downham escapes the common shortcoming of many young adult novels in which the only character that ever really matters to us is the speaker In this novel Tessa’s relationships are so dynamic that we ache with her at the thought of losing them Throughout the book their interactions thrum with tension and tenderness There’s Cal the tactless younger brother who helpfully explains the process of decomposition And Zoe the careless best friend who has her own troubles to wake her up to life There’s Dad in denial determined to save Tessa through organic foods and fierce hugs Mom who cut out about the time of Tessa’s diagnosis and who remains slightly outside of the helping circle without becoming a monster And there’s Adam the blessing of love and vulnerability that lands next door to Tessa at the right time And where a lesser writer might swill us readers around in dying girl thought soup Downham lets the telling detail speak for Tessa’s feelings instead Her anger comes to us through her as she gives herself points for the imagined deaths of healthy strangers “One point for the lump on her neck raw and pink as a crab’s claw” We feel her hunger for life as she licks an ice cream stick until “the wood rasps my tongue” We know her true well wishes for those she loves as she dreams up a replacement for her boyfriend a “girl with lovely curves and breath like oranges”There’s nothing treacly here It’s a brave humanist novel one that leaves the reader gulping the polluted precious air of Tessa’s world with a passion and astonishment almost as great as Tessa’s Downham earns for us the catharsis of the ending for her characters come to take up real space in our hearts Up until the last word I think we hope that Tessa will somehow against all odds keep breathing When she doesn’t we mourn for Tessa just as she wished by remembering her