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The Gut Balance Revolution Read & download ´ 2 Ý [Reading] ➿ The Gut Balance Revolution ➶ Gerard E. Mullin – Research shows that gut microflora and intestinal microbiota play a pivotal role in weight maintenance through its influence on metabolism appetite regulation energy expenditure and endLeaky gut inflammation and insulin resistance which are major contributors to obesity This book will teach you how to rebalance the gut microbiome using a simple three step methodReboot Weed out fat forming bad bacteria by eliminating foods that make them grow and promote inflammation insulin and fat accumulation and reignite fat burning metabolism with exercise and dietary supplementsRebalance Reseed your gut with goods bugs and fertilize these fri. Interesting overview of a diet plan to rebalance your gut microbes This doctor goes over a 3 phase diet he created Most information I had heard before; some was contradictory He reviews superfoods in one chapter then restricts some of those foods in phase 1 and brings them back in phase 2 An example would be berries as superfoods not new information but only blueberries allowed in phase one no strawberries or blackberries Then they are brought back in phase 2 Book seems well researched Easy to read I don't follow the diet but I did take a few things from the book and add them to my existing health routine such as cruciferous vegetables for lowering LDL

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Research shows that gut microflora and intestinal microbiota play a pivotal role in weight maintenance through its influence on metabolism appetite regulation energy expenditure and endocrine regulation Gut flora imbalance is why so many people can't lose weight despite exercising and eating lessIn The Gut Balance Revolution Dr Gerard Mullin the foremost The Gut MOBI #8608 authority on digestive health and nutritional medicine explains how to prevent. I remember going on my first diet at age 11 Every time I lost weight I'd gain it back and I instinctively knew at a very early age that the whole calories in calories out mantra was bunk No matter how much will power no matter how badly I wanted itattaining a healthy weight and lifestyle was impossible for meI was sick a lot as a child and was put on antibiotics regularly It got worse as I got older In my early 20s I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis In my late 20s I got diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome GERDreflux and depression but who wouldn't be depressed As a faculty member at a university teaching academic research and information literacy skills to college students I started seriously researching causestreatment of obesity and related diseases about 15 years ago With access to the best scientific literature and the ability to read and evaluate the findings from primary sources I can say with some authority that Gut Balance Revolution is the first book that pulled together all of the findings that I'd found without contradictions Best of all it's put into an easy to follow plan so there's no guessworkand the results have been nothing less than miraculousFor the first couple of months I very loosely followed the Phase One eating pyramid before seriously starting Phase One with my husband close to two weeks ago He's never been overweight but put on some extra pounds after he broke his leg playing soccer In less than two weeks he has lost 13 lbs and feels great Best of all his sleep apnea which was driving me NUTS with all night snoring has dramatically improved My GERD has also improved I'm down to taking half the medication I used to need and my chronic IBS has completely disappearedand we both have incredibly increased energy levels and improved moods Did I mention that I've lost over 36 pounds in 3 months Going from 207 pounds to 171 pounds But the improvements in my chronic pain has been the biggest reward by far The best thing about Dr Mullin's research is that it is designed to provide LASTING results This is the first time I've found something that shows scientific proof that that is possible I don't know how many times I've said This time will be different only to gain it all back But this time is differentI've already purchased copies for my sisters who also have autoimmune diseases in addition to obesity as well as friends and co workers I talk to anyone who'll listen to me about it It is truly revolutionary If you have tried and failed If you are close to giving up please don't This is going to add many healthy pain free years to my life and it can do the same for you too Please feel free to ask me any uestions you may have I am a converttrue believer Thank you Dr Mullin for saving my life

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The Gut Balance RevolutionEndly flora to establish a healthy gut ecology reduce stress and reinstitute a healthy lifestyle including sleep hygieneRenew Carry this lifestyle adjustment forward and maintain your weight with good eating habits with allowances for pleasure foodsThe book features step by step meal plans shopping lists restaurant guides recipes recommendations on dietary supplements and exercises for each phase so you can easily reboot rebalance and renew your heal. If you are just getting into Gut Health this is a great book to start with It tells you about the different types of good gut bacteria and what to eat and do to maintain a healthy balance It also written in a way that is easy to read I'm so glad I picked this book up on my journey to gut health It has helped me make better decisions about what I eat