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Liberty The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France kindle ¹ eBook 9780060825270 Ý dogsalonbristol Û [Download] ➹ Liberty The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France ➾ Lucy Moore – The idealsDifferent social and economic backgrounds who helped stoke the fervor and idealism of those years and who risked everything to make their mark on historyGermaine de Staël was a wealthy passionate Parisian intellectual as consumed by love affairs as she was The Lives and Kindle #212 by politics who helped write the Constitution Théroigne de Mérico I have mixed views about this book For a start I wouldn't recommend you read it if you know nothing about the French Revolution and the key characters who are so intertwined with the women's lives in this book Although Lucy Moore does try to put everything in context if you've no idea about the general progress of the revolution the detail of the different factions allegiances and counter factions that take up a lot of this book will be confusing than helpful I have read uite extensively on the subject and there were times where I was lost The women studied in the book I also had mixed feelings about I must admit It seemed to me though it is just a feeling I could be totally wrong that Lucy Moore was seeing them through slightly rose coloured spectacles glossing over some of their opportunist traits to put them in a positive light Mind you it is impossible for us to imagine what it must have been like to live through The Terror I was reminded in places of some of the classic Vietnam War allegorical films such as Southern Comfort where you've no idea who your enemies are and even if you have any friends So who can blame some of these women for being opportunistic For using their sex and their attractions and their connections to protect themselves and their families as well as in some cases to promote themselves Life during The Terror is unimaginable I think my biggest issue with this book was that it didn't bring that home enough and we didn't get enough of a view into how the women coped Don't get me wrong In places this was a fascinating read and the scope of the research the breadth of material presented is seriously impressive But for me overall this could have been shorter and sharper and it would have had impact if it had focused on one smaller group of women without straining to include all varieties and classes

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Urt was an unhappy courtesan who fell in love with revolutionary ideals Exuberant decadent Thérésia Tallien was a ruthless manipulator instrumental in engineering Robespierre's downfall Their stories and others provide a fascinating new perspective on one The Lives and Times of PDF or of history's most The Lives and Times of PDF or turbulent epoch This was incredibly good I think one of my favorites I have read this year for non fiction It was detailed and informative and with the perfect amount of a feminist perspective At first I was a little overwhelmed trying to keep track of the different names and people but eventually I got them straight in my head and that made them much enjoyableAs I summarized on tumblr previously this book was about 75% me being amazed at these clever determined women 10% me being grossed out and shuddering over the things that happened to them and all the other women and 15% angryirritatedetc about the rampant sexism and misogyny of the times detailed within Seriously though It was eual parts fascinating and horrifying to realize that the way our male dominated society treats women who stepped out of their proscribed gender roles has pretty much not changed from then to now Men are forever fixated on women's purity and sexuality basically Show intelligence or step out of your acceptable roles and you were and still are derided as a slut whore etcANYWAY a fascinating read without a doubt


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Liberty The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary FranceThe ideals of Lives and PDF #8608 the French Revolution inflamed a longing for liberty and euality within courageous freethinking women of the era women who played vital roles in the momentous events that reshaped their nation and the world In Liberty Lucy Moore paints a vivid portrait of Liberty The PDF or six extraordinary Frenchwomen from vastly I have Hilary Mantel to thank for my fascination with the French Revolution Before I read A Place of Greater Safety I had only the sketchiest knowledge of this period in French history I’m much better informed now and even so thanks to Lucy Moore’s account of the lives of six women who were intimately involved in the Revolution and its aftermath Some of these women I knew a little about already in particular the formidable Manon Roland who was one of the first victims of the Terror the sans culottes women’s group organizer Pauline Léon and the courtesan turned revolutionary Théroigne de Méricourt I was familiar with the name of another Germaine de Staël although I knew nothing about her other than that she was a writer The aristocratic Thérésia de Fontenay who was responsible for saving the lives of countless people who would have otherwise been executed during the terror – I knew nothing about at all And I thought that I knew nothing about the beautiful society leader Juliette Récamier until I realised that I’ve seen her portrait by Jacues Louis David in the Louvre Museum Moore’s account of the lives of these women is fascinating It is written in excellent accessible prose and includes detailed notes a comprehensive bibliography a glossary of terms information about persons mentioned in the book other than the six central figures and suggestions for further reading It’s highly recommended for readers with an interest in the French Revolution However readers who don’t already have some knowledge about key figures and events of the period will probably find it less interesting than I did I’m glad to have read the book with my good friend Jemidar who shares my interest in this fascinating period Mentioned freuently in this book is the song of the French Revolution Ça Ira Here it is sung by Edith Piaf For a translation here's a link to Wikipedia