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Ew England coast to live with a rich uncle she didn’t know existed she is forced to reckon with her mother’s past Ivy can tell right away there are long held family secrets buried within these walls but when she wakes up from one of her nightmares covered in someone else’s blood Ivy fears that whatever demons her mother battled while she was alive have come to roost. 35 starsGothic mystery novels are a favorite of mine and Dreaming Darkly is an eerie novel that albeit a bit predictable and dramatic at times was an exciting read overall After the death of Ivy's mother she's sent back to her family's old manor on a private island off the coast of Maine When she gets there she finds that not everything and everyone is at it seems and strange dreams start feeling a bit too real I found this story really intriguing from the very first page Ivy's life with her mom her mom's mysterious past her family's history are all really interesting I found myself flying to the pages to find out every detail I could about this ominous family tree This mystery aspect is done really well with a good combination of twists and turns that are scattered throughout The atmosphere in the book is fantastic as well The imagery of this secluded island full of secrets and lies and murders is vivid and hair raising It makes the story all the intense as you know these characters are isolated from the real world Left on their own with family members who are essentially strangers Strangers that she keeps being warned aboutSo why did I not rate this 4 stars While I enjoyed the moody dark vibe in this book I found the story itself to be uite predictable While I never figured out all the details I had a good idea from pretty early on what was happening to Ivy why she was having these hallucinations and lucid dreams I kept wanting to scream at her for being so trusting especially after living the life she lived with her mother she should have known better I also found her outbursts to be a bit melodramatic She's portrayed as a hard ass tough skinned scam artist who lived a rough crime filled life yet she reacts like a 6 year old when someone calls her namesAll in all Dreaming Darkly is dark and cryptic with a terrible family secret that will leave you turning the pages

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Season of the WitchIn her own mind Scared that she can no longer trust what she sees Ivy seeks the help of a boy who thinks her episodes are connected to the sordid history of Darkhaven but what they don’t know might kill them bothA moody and twisty gothic mystery with an impossible romance Dreaming Darkly is an atmospheric fast paced page turner written by comics veteran Caitlin Kittredge. When Ivy's mom dies she moves to Maine to go live with her mysterious Uncle Simon Bloodgood and his mean housekeeper Mrs Mccloud It is only when she stays there that something dark and sinister is lurking in the shadows and driving her mad Can Ivy survive in time before its too late Read on and find out for yourselfThis was a pretty good but creepy YA horror thriller If you enjoy these types of stories be sure to look for this book at your local library and wherever books are sold

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Season of the Witch Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë ❰PDF❯ ✑ Season of the Witch Author Caitlin Kittredge – Ivy Bloodgood’s mother is dead and she should probably be sad about it But she isn’t Myra Bloodgood was confusing mix oIvy Bloodgood’s mother is dead and she should probably be sad about it But she isn’t Myra Bloodgood was confusing mix Season of PDFEPUB or of protective and abusive a manipulative personality who never told the truth about where she came from who Ivy’s father was or why they were living their lives on the runNow that Ivy has been sent to Darkhaven an island off the N. 35 starsIvy Bloodgood is aged beyond her seventeen years thanks to a rough childhood with a mentally ill mom with a transient lifestyle  Ivy is shocked to learn after her mother's suicide the surprising secrets that were kept from her; most of all that she has an uncle Simon on Darkhaven an island off the coast of Maine living in the crumbling Bloodgood mansion  Her mother's childhood home will now become her ownAs soon as Ivy steps foot on Darkhaven there is a sense of foreboding  The creepy housekeeper Mrs MacLeod doesn't exactly make a great first impression and is uick to lay down some ground rules This island is seven miles long but for your purposes the road ends at three and a half You stay on the Bloodgood side of Darkhaven am I clear The Ramseys don't like trespassers and the state of Maine gives them ample right to shoot you if you cross the property line The Ramsey family has lived on Darkhaven as long as the Bloodgoods though there is a serious feud between the two that spans generations  Of course Ivy immediately wanders the island without considering its property lines and runs into Doyle Ramsey the resident cocky high school guy and sworn enemy of her familyIt's Doyle who begins to share with Ivy the history of the Bloodgoods and the Ramseys which includes some cold blooded murder and a good old fashioned curseIvy begins an uneasy friendship with Doyle while trying to get her uncle Simon to open up with the truth about the family curse and her mother's illness  Simon seems to be just as skilled as her mother with keeping secrets so she enlists the help of Doyle to find out the truth and uickly because Ivy fears she's beginning to battle the same inner demons as her mother And it was clear to me there was something dark about my family's island something that gathered tragedy to it like a magnet Thirty years ago four people had vanished without a trace My great grandfather had massacred the Ramseys My mother had gone mad there And now Neil Ramsey was dead and near as I could tell somebody was following me on Darkhaven and now the mainland Dreaming Darkly was an impressive YA gothic mystery full of family secrets curses and rumors that had me glued to my reading chair  I loved the atmosphere and the mysteryI'm going to sound like a broken record here if you've read several of my previous reviews in the YA genre  my only complaint is that the story suffers slightly because of the fast pace and lack of character development  We get a lot of history since it's important to the plot but would've been even better with detail  Also the instant attraction between Ivy and Doyle is believable but the trust Ivy immediately places in Doyle is tough to believe because of her past; I would've appreciated further character development  I adore that the author didn't give us a romance because it would've been completely out of place in this storyIf you need a creepy gothic mystery in your life this book is worth picking upThanks to Katherine Tegen Books and Edelweiss for providing me with a DRC in exchange for my honest review  Dreaming Darkly is scheduled for release on April 9 2019 uotes included are from a digital advance readers copy and are subject to change upon final publicationFor full reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom