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Download Ï America Was Hard to Find ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ➵ America Was Hard to Find Download ➾ Author Kathleen Alcott – Ecuador 1969 An American expatriate Fay Fern sits in the corner of a restaurant she and her young son Wright turned away from the teleHard to PDFEPUB #194 Ecuador An American expatriate Fay Fern sits in the corner of a restaurant she America Was MOBI #8608 and her young son Wright turned away from the television where Vincent Kahn becomes the first Was Hard to Kindle #207 man to walk on the moonYears earlier Fay and Vincent meet at a pilots’ bar in the Mojave Desert Both seemed poised for reinvention the married test pilot Vincent as an astronaut the spurned child of privilege Fay as an activist Their casual. I heartily and sincerely recommend this novel for those who loved Fates and Furies or who love the novels of Michael OndaatjeWhile these authors don't superficially resemble one another much to me they all seem to share a Proustian like interest in paying rapt attention to every uotidian thing that happens along the way to telling their story To me they're crème brûlée crème brûlée Let's have the same dessert every day kinds of writers Each and every sentence is so rich and creamy that after a while I personally start longing for a sentence that's like a stale heel of bread The style here held me at arms' length from the story and its characters but it's exactly what will draw other readers in

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R distracting the American public from its country’s atrocities Fay leaves Wright to contend with her legacy his own growing apathy and the misdeeds of both his mother and his countryAn immense vivid reimagining of the Cold War era America Was Hard to Find traces the fallout of the cultural revolution that divided the country and explores the meaning of individual lives in times of upheaval It also confirms Kathleen Alcott’s reputation as a fearless and vital voice in fictio. What drives people to achieve greatness or infamy In America Was Hard to Find Kathleen Alcott tells the story of a brief love affair and the child who resulted It beings in the late Fifties where Vincent Kahn a married jet pilot marking time while hoping to join the space program has an affair with a young woman named Fay Wren Fay does not tell him she is pregnant aware of the harm they have done Vincent’s wife and perhaps realizing how unworthy he is Strangely both of them will become famous one for walking on the moon and the other for political terrorismThe story is told in three parts First the love story then the story of Vincent and Fay achieving the fame and infamy that seem fated Fay raises their child Wright in precarity with the future uncertain often on the run and underground Vincent achieves his goal but seems to be emptied out an empty manWright grows up longing for normalcy One of his big rebellions against his mom is going to a public school for a day He gets that normalcy when he goes to live with his grandparents but it’s not all he hoped for No one has ever told him who his father is but time and again people tell him he looks like the famous astronaut the first man who walked on the moon He suspects they may be on to something He seems alienated from himself even as he begins his own self discovery in the San Francisco of the EightiesI liked America Was Hard to Find a lot even though it left me with so many uestions I cared about Fay and Wright and even Vincent I wondered how differently their lives would have progressed if they had been honest about their emotions That is what I want from a book the uestions and sometimes the anger about how a character behaves I was angry with Vincent Fay and even WrightAlcott does a great job of setting the stage in terms of the history and the social milieu She based Shelter on Weather Underground and did a lot of research and interviews with astronauts to get an authentic sense of who Vincent would be The main characters seem emotionally broken and I wonder if that is the point that they cannot be so obsessed with their causes if they were not brokenAmerica Was Hard to Find will be released on May 14th I received an e galley from the publisher through EdelweissAmerica Was Hard to Find at Ecco Books | Harper CollinsKathleen Alcott author site★★★★

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America Was Hard to FindAffair ends uickly but its conseuences lingerThough their lives split their senses of purpose deepen in tandem each becoming heroes to different sides of the political spectrum of the s and s Vincent an icon with no plan beyond the mission for which he has single mindedly trained Fay a leader of a violent leftist group whose anti Vietnam actions make her one of the FBI’s most wanted With her last public appearance a demonstration that frames the Apollo program as a vehicle fo. I love a good sprawling novel one that swings for the fences perhaps even so when it doesn't uite get there There's something to be said for ambition especially when so much of the book is so wonderful and Alcott really makes it into orbit several times with this one The first section is superb all dry heat and summer sun the thrill of scientific progress mixed with the thrill of sex And just about any time Vincent ends up back on the page later in the novel I was transfixed Fay and Wright however are fitful characters and their fitfulness feels intentional but just doesn't always feel as vivid Put another way nothing about the middle of the book is bad; it just doesn't do what the first third did for me The ending however the last dozen or so pages are a tremendously daring feat and one that had me gripping the cover of the book and drilling my eyes into the words again and again to catch a glimpse of well of what happened This is a great summer read warts and all