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Free download 博士の愛した数式 ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » ❮EPUB❯ ✰ 博士の愛した数式 Author Yōko Ogawa – He is a brilliant math Professor with a peculiar problem ever since a traumatic head injury he has lived with only eighty minutes of short term memorHe is a brilliant math Professor with a peculiar problem ever since a traumatic head injury he has lived with only eighty minutes of short term memory She is an astute young Housekeeper with a ten year old son who is hired to care for him And every morning as the Professor and the Housekeeper are introduced to each other anew a strange and beautiful relationshi. The story is set in Japan A housekeeper is hired to clean and cook for an elderly former mathematics professor who suffered a brain injury He’s 64 – is that elderly lol He can only remember new things for 80 minutes So each day when she arrives at his house she has to re introduce herself Every day he asks her some numerical uestion ranging from her birthday to her shoe size and he expounds about some uniue aspect of the numbers of her response Over time of course he asks her the same uestions numerous times When he finds out that she has a ten year old boy who is a latch key kid waiting at home for her he insists that she let the boy come over after school So the boy and the woman start learning math We learn uite a bit about simple math in the process – things like prime numbers and amicable numbers And I probably shouldn’t say ‘simple’ math – I should say ‘easily understandable’ math the way it is presented The Wikipedia review of the book has a list of a dozen math concepts talked about in the book What we also learn is that although the professor’s presumption is that he is teaching the boy the housekeeper is fascinated by the subject and she is good at math As we learn her story single mom only child of another single mom it’s unfortunate she had to drop out to start working full time before finishing high school She’s better at solving math problems than her bright son is The professor and the boy are also fascinated by baseball stats The professor still thinks his favorite baseball team has the same players it had in 1975 when he suffered his injury She takes them both to a baseball game – neither has ever been Little by little they basically become a family Interest is added to the story by the professor’s uirks and he has plenty She’s the ninth housekeeper her agency has sent recently – the others uit or were removed There’s also a mystery she solves about the relationship between the professor and his widowed sister in law The professor lives in isolation in a cottage behind his sister in law’s house and they seem to have no interaction But the sister in law keeps him functioning and hires and fires the housekeepers The housekeeper runs afoul of the agency regulations several times and is even fired at one point The sister in law can’t understand why anyone wants anything to do with her crazy brother in law and starts to think the housekeeper is after his money Because the housekeeper and the sister in law don’t interact the housekeeper has to solve the mystery of the professor’s injury on her own It’s a good story and the way the math is presented is fun so that shouldn’t deter anyone from reading the book The author b 1962 is a prolific writer with about 30 works of fiction This book was made into a film in Japan with the title The Professor's Beloved Euation This book and The Memory Police are probably her two best known works in English Photo of a Japanese cottage from merrimackdesigncomThe author from pen onlinecom

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E of discovering connections between the simplest of uantities like the Housekeeper’s shoe size and the universe at large drawing their lives ever closer and profoundly together even as his memory slips away The Housekeeper and the Professor is an enchanting story about what it means to live in the present and about the curious euations that can create a fami. The Housekeeper and the Professor is a charming and enjoyable novella about eponymous Professor of mathematics who due to accident years earlier suffers from peculiar form of amnesia and while he remembers everything from the past his current memory lasts only eighty minutes and as a reminder of this fact he has fitting note pinned to his suit In fact Professor has plenty notes on him that rustle when he walks It also is a story about his housekeeper young single mother and her son named by Professor in honor of root sign since his head is flat Root And finally the story revolves about numbers whole range of numbers Prime natural amicable perfect triangular and so onWell being myself mathematical dimwit I didn’t think reading about euations proofs and Fermat Last Theorem could be so engaging For Professor numbers are comforting and solving some mathematical puzzle leaves him peaceful and at ease And these passages devoted to the beauty of mathematics I found especially captivating In mathematics is order and logic that I admire and mystery and beauty that regretfully I not always can comprehendYou could think that being limited to the world of numbers only the Professor is excluded from the outside world Yes in some way he is He lives in unkempt cottage his clothes remember better times and he barely leaves his refuge But he almost immediately creates a bond with his housekeeper’s ten years old son And reading about their relationship the way he cares about the boy is such heart warming even if every time Professor has to start his day looking at his clothes to find a proper note reminding him who the boy and his mother are Yōko Ogawa wrote this story with elegance and understanding fortunately avoiding saccharine undertone that can be found in some novels concerning disabilities issue We can see Professor in his best and worst moments We see old man in shabby clothes who pays no attention to his dowdiness and hygienic matters We see him thinking and pointing at the sky to indicate the evening star that is about to show We perfectly understand his fear of crowded places and can comprehend the fact when he reduces baseball game to numbers and statistics or writes a formula to end an arguing Because numbers always would give him sense of order and harmony with himself and the world355

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博士の愛した数式P blossoms between them Though he cannot hold memories for long his brain is like a tape that begins to erase itself every eighty minutes the Professor’s mind is still alive with elegant euations from the past And the numbers in all of their articulate order reveal a sheltering and poetic world to both the Housekeeper and her young son The Professor is capabl. Amicable numbers – pair of keyrings Nerd Romance Not that kind of love story but a sad sweet story about an unlikely friendship between a brilliant mathematician his housekeeper and her son There is love just no romance The Professor is 64 years old He suffered a brain injury at age 47 He has an 80 minute retention for new memories ever since his accident He covers his suit in notes to remember new information He loves math numbers children and his favorite baseball team the Hanshin Tigers His favorite player is the legendary strikeout pitcher Yutaka Enatsu Except for the son who the Professor calls Root because the top of his head is flat like a suare root sign none of them have names There is also the Professor’s Sister in law or the Widow she manages the Professor’s affairs and hires the Housekeeper The mathematician's personality is usually credited as based on the Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős 26 March 1913 – 20 September 1996 because Erdős biography The Man Who Loved Numbers is in the bibliography Although the disabling injury is strictly Ogawa’s Professor Erdős worked prolifically until his fatal heart attack at a conference in Warsaw He is shown here with mathematician rock star Terence Tao in 1985Image Grace Tao The Hanshin Tigers one of Japan’s oldest professional teams and Yutaka Enatsu born 15 May 1948 feature prominently in the story Root and the Professor are fans The importance of a treasured baseball card collection is part of their friendship Since Enatsu had retired long before Root was born he’d gone to the library to find out about him He learned that he had a career record of 206 wins 158 losses 193 saves with 2987 strikeouts He’d hit a home run in his second at bat as a pro; he had short fingers for a pitcher He’d struck out his great rival Sadaharu Oh than any other pitcher but he’d also surrendered the most home runs to him In the course of their rivalry however he’d never hit Oh with a pitch During the 1968 season he set a world record with 401 strikeouts and after the 1975 season the year the Professor’s memory came to an end he’d been traded to the Nankai HawksHe’d chosen 28 Enatsu had played his whole career with a perfect number on his back#28 Yutaka EnatsuYou can enjoy the book without an appreciation of baseball or mathematics but they would be a plus Amicable Number If two numbers are such that the sum of the perfect divisors of one number is eual to the other number and the sum of the perfect divisors of the other number is eual to the first number then the numbers are called Amicable Numbershttpwwwmymathtablescomnumbersd