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READER » DOC Lamb By Bernard MacLaverty FREE ☆ BERNARD MACLAVERTY À [PDF / Epub] ☆ Lamb Author Bernard MacLaverty – When Brother Michael inherits a small legacy he defies his elders and runs away from the Home taking with him twelve year old Owen Posing as father and sBut as the world closes in on them Michael moves towards a solution that is as uncompromising as it is inspired by lo An emotional book of love and despair Michael had a good father and wanted to be a good father for the unlucky boy Owen But it went wrong Owen in Gaelic Lamb became a lamb that had to be killed by Michael Lamb a younger brother An unexpected ending of a warm story A story so sad but also beautiful A cry for love The word lamb had many meanings in this touching book I was very impressing

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Ear old Owen Posing as father and son they concentrate on discovering the happiness that is so unfamiliar to them both A heartbreaking story but one I highly recommend

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Lamb By Bernard MacLaverWhen Brother Michael inherits a small legacy he defies his elders and runs away from the Home taking with him twelve y Here is before you a novella that packs a wallop If you are only looking for books with sweet happy endings Lamb is not for you The story opens in a Catholic home school detention center for delinuent boys The perimeter is circled with high wire fences to prevent escape This borstal is located in a remote area of Ulster The time setting is during “The Troubles” most probably in the 1970s since the book was first published in 1980 The headmaster is a strict disciplinarian He has not a smidgen of kindness in his heart With good reason he is feared not only by the boys but also by the teachers working under him The headmaster is unjust He is cruel He has no misgivings for the harsh treatment he inflicts He views all around him with utter disdain The youngest boy at the institution is Owen Kane He is twelve For two years this institution has been his “home” He is epileptic and wets his bed For this and other supposed misdeeds he is cruelly and unjustifiably punished A uasi friendship has grown between Owen and the woodwork teacher—Brother Sebastian Brother Sebastian is Michael Lamb of the title Michael’s widowed father has recently died He recalls memories of his youth experiences shared with his beloved father He considers what his father has meant to him He asks himself what the heck he is doing with his life Given his dislike of the headmaster his disgust with how the school is run and now with the possibility of having some money in his pocket from a small inheritance from his father his father who had meant so much to him he asks himself if he could possibly do something for Owen Michael is looking for a connection to somebody Owen has nobody Watch and see what happens This is the tale The story is heartrending It is well told I recommend it highly if you don’t mind being ripped apart Conor Mullen narrates the audiobook He speaks with an Irish dialect It should be read with an Irish dialect Most of the words are decipherable I have given the narration four stars Cal 4 starsLamb 4 starsMidwinter Break 2 stars