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F Because the Love Overwhelmed by PDFEPUB #232 answer to religious complacency isn't working harder at a list of do's and don'ts it's falling in love with God And once you encounter His love as Francis describes it you will never be the same Because when you're wildly in love with someone it changes everything Learn about Crazy Love at wwwcrazylovebookco. 455 stars What an incredibly powerful and convicting read This book really challenged me a lot I'm gonna have to change some things after reading itI really like Francis Chan's style of writing and how personable his narration seemsReally really great

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Crazy Love Overwhelmed by a Relentless GodOverwhelmed by ePUB #10003 Have you ever wondered if we're missing it It's crazy if you think about it The God of the universe the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles galaxies and E minor loves us with a radical unconditional self sacrificing love And what is our typical response Love Overwhelmed by a Relentless EpubWe go to church sing songs and try no. This is one of those WOW books that cause you to read something and then uietly close the book lay it on your lap and meditate on what you have just read So many times while reading this I had to stop and wrap my mind around what I just read Francis Chan has taken the very things that I need to focus on and concisely and passionately expressed them in this book in a way that I totally get How to live my life in a way that I am showing a God who loves me that I love Him back Francis writes in a way that is convicting without seeming judgmental or accusatory He gives examples and every day methods of living out the scriptures I finished this book early this morning and now am deciding who I should give it to next Without a doubt one of the most influential books I have read Read this only if you care about being what God created you to be

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Crazy Love Overwhelmed by a Relentless God characters î 100 » [Download] ➶ Crazy Love Overwhelmed by a Relentless God By Francis Chan – Have you ever wondered if we're missing it It's crazy if you think about it The God of the universe—the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles galaxies T to cuss Whether Crazy Love Kindle you've verbalized it yet or not we all know something's wrong Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status uo Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible even radical solutions God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himsel. My initial reaction to Francis Chan’s Crazy LoveFirst of all “Crazy Love” is a terrible and misleading title for this book It is not about love until maybe chapter 10 but by that point it is too late; too much damage has already been done It is certainly NOT about God’s love for us mortalsWhen a friend asked me about the book this was my initial responseI was hoping for a good read but all I’ve seen so far a bit than halfway through is an angry God It’s as if the title Crazy Love means “You are so stupid and such a failure and so incredibly lame it is crazy that God who is disgusted by you and beat up Jesus because of it would love such a low life as yourself”Here is another picture of my reaction to the book The following are summary statements and reflections I made of each chapter I wrote them down immediately after reading each– I was honestly summarizing and reflecting upon what I took from that part of the bookChapter 1Summary “God is crazy awesome stand in awe and fear of him”Reflection “MISSING the words ‘God is love’ This should have been first in his list of God’s attributes but that idea was missing altogether – instead God seems a bit angry”Chapter 2Summary “You might die soon is your life a waste”Reflection “Didn’t really like this chapter It seems manipulative – wrong somehow Excitement for life not the imminence of death should be our motivator It seemed shallow to me”Chapter 3Summary “God loves you even though you’re a stupid sinner”Reflection “Again don’t like this chapter It’s OK but weak Not compelling Still with the angry punishing God Still will the ‘I deserve death and hell’ junk”Chapter 4Summary “You suck at really following Jesus”Reflection “He once again seems harsh It occurred to me that Shane Claiborne frames the same kinds of things in a way I find compelling Shane tells stories of living fully committed lives – this book just badgers me This book makes me feel attacked; Shane in Irresistible Revolution makes me feel inspired and convicted and reflective of my life”Chapter 5Summary “You make God sick because you aren’t good enough you don’t do good enough things”Reflection “More of the same I make God angry I make God sick I make God disgusted”Chapter 6Summary “You need God’s help to stop making him so angry and to stop being a pathetic failure”Reflection “This is a small correction to the rest of the book so far We do need the help of God in order to live fully committed lives”Chapter 7Summary “If you are not extremely generous God will be extremely displeased with you and you’ll probably burn in Hell forever”Reflection “Ok two in a row that are less bad – but still guilt filled and ‘angry God’ stuff abounds along with a ‘this life doesn’t much matter’ problem” That last point by the way is a problem with Gnosticism creeping into the Church – it shows up when we disparage this world the earth matter in general and think only “heaven” is any good but that’s a longer and different topicChapter 8Summary “Being obsessed with God willshould change everything about your life”Reflection “By far the least bad chapter so far Pages 132 3 are very good in fact But still contains the ‘angry God disgusting human’ bit Also almost Gnostic in the way it focused on ‘heaven’ rather than this earthlife”Chapter 9Summary “If they can do it so can you; great stories of real people living for God”Reflection “Finally something compelling – not shameangerguilt based”Chapter 10Summary “Figure out what God is asking of you and do it”Reflection “This is of what I expected from the book – but it is too little too late”The book in general feels like old school hell fire and brimstone preaching “Point 1 God is bigger than you Point 2 You are a stupid sinner you make God angry and you deserve death Point 3 luckily for you God might forgive your sorry self but you better live right because like I said in point 2 you are really rotten and deserve to suffer and die” That as it turns out is the basic outline of Crazy Love I suppose if I were used to Puritan preaching with famous sermon titles like “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” I might not have been so bothered But I was and I still am Perhaps it is my visceral reaction against hell fire and brimstone preaching that causes me to dislike the book so muchNeedless to say I was unimpressed and disappointed with most of Crazy Love It was NOT what I expected I thought I’d be reading a book about God’s wonderful unfailing increasable CRAZY love for people What I got was a book about how completely horrible I am and that God is very angry with me and it is crazy that he would love such a punk But despite my initial and prevailing thoughts there was some good in the book and to that good I now turnThe better parts of Crazy LoveThe best part of the whole book is without a doubt chapter 9 and the second best part is chapter 10 Chapter 8 was also mostly good and chapter 1 has some great things to sayChapter 9 This chapter contains a number of true stories stories of people who lived or are living their lives in complete surrender to God The stories inspire they contain beauty and they demonstrate the wonderful variety of ways people might give their lives fully to ChristChapter 10 This is the second best chapter It does a descent job of communicating the fact that each of us will have our own story to live our own calling to follow our own choices to make We should not try to live someone else’s life but our own And that when one lives a life of love it changes everything Chapter 9 and 10 were of what I expected Too bad they are only 20% of the book and come at the very endChapter 8 is where the book stopped being so horrible Page 132 contains a uote from Frederick Buechner The encouragement to love even your enemies and even when love doesn’t seem safe were very well done However the chapter was still not great overall For example the chapter contains this lovely phrase “God knows what we are that we are disgusting” That unfortunately as I read it summarizes the major thrust of Chan’s theology and anthropology that is to say the way he views God and the way he views people God hates me I disgust GodChapter 1 The best part of this chapter is the reminder to notice to whom we pray God is wonderful huge creative God has made an intricate delicate breathtaking world in which we live We should remember this before we pray; stand in awe of the creator But again there were some problems with this chapter Chan overemphasizes fearing God that God is about punishment that Jesus was beat up and killed because God is so upset with me etcSo WhatI personally would never recommend this book to anyone It seems that Chan is trying to shake up lazy Christians That is a good thing We need to be honest about our lives Too many of us are caught up in materialism safety etc Too many of us don’t really listen to God don’t really follow Jesus etc Too many of us to many churches are asleep and we need to wake up But Chan’s approach and much of his underlying theology I find offensive shallow antiuated an not at all compellingInstead of this book I’d suggest two in its place Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution which ironically is recommended by Chan himself in Chapter 9 and Mark Labberton’s The Dangerous Act of Worship Both of these superior books aim at similar thing as Crazy Love to wake up a sleeping church But Claiborne and Labberton both do it in much better much compelling waysAnd for a book that communicates in a powerful way the crazy love that God has for us mortals I highly recommend The Shack by William P Young It does a wonderful job of painting a picture of God as he truly is LoveAllow me to end with this my own words to you God is crazy in love with you You make him happy just because you are you God sings wonderful songs because of and to you He weeps with you when you cry he laughs with you when you laugh he enjoys watching you smile even if your mouth is mis formed or your teeth are missing God thinks your eyes are beautiful even if you’re blind and that your skin is one of the best things ever even if you are horribly scarred God desires you He not only loves you he really deeply truly and with no strings attached LIKES you You see God IS love – it is his very nature And you you are the Beloved of God You are the object of his affection Allow that crazy love that God has for you to fill you up and empower everything there is about you May you filled with the love of God become fully human fully you May you motivated by the mind blowing love of God love other people and all of God’s creation in the same way May you see other humans not as objects of God’s wrath but as objects of Gods unfailing love And see yourself in the same light you despite whatever shortcomings failings or horrific things there are in your life you are loved by the creator of the universe – God likes you and wants you You are loved