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Summary À Thief's Cunning 104 ¾ ☆ Thief's Cunning PDF / Epub ✩ Author Sarah Ahiers – With her past stolen she’s taking the future into her own handsAll her life Allegra’s had to live in secret She is the niece of the infamous assassin Lea Saldana—but since the Saldanas have gone With her past stolen sheTrusted most Allegra turns to Nev an intoxicating Traveler boy who makes her feel alive in ways she’s only dreamed of But Nev has secrets too and when Allegra is kidnapped by his group and taken to their desert home she soon learns their pasts are tangled in ways she couldn’t have guessed And if she can’t escape back to Yvain soon her life and her family’s lives could be forever changed. A routine was just another trap one you forced yourself into I refused to trap myself I was already caged enough It's been eighteen years since Lea Saldana exacted her revenge on the Da Vias She's now the head of the Family living in Yvain and secretly continuing to carry out their duty as clippers It also means reigning in her niece Allegra who is rash and reckless Allegra is bothered by the secrets surrounding her birth and when she finds out she should've been raised as a Da Via she finds solace with a traveler boy named Nev But he's not being completely honest with her either and when she is kidnapped by his group and taken away she learns that not only their pasts are entwined but their futures as well Thief's Cunning is a book I was wary about Actually I'm wary about almost all companion novels that take place full years after their predecessors In the end it seemed like my worries were realized because I just didn't really like this book that much 2 starsIt mostly comes down the fact that I found Allegra to be whiny and spoiled so I struggled to bring myself to care about what was bothering her I realize that it's terrible to find out that the people you love have been lying to you your entire life but the way she went about it was childish and did not reflect the mindset of an eighteen year oldThe entire first half of the novel consisted of Allegra complaining that Lea had lied to her and wanted to cage her by keeping her in the dark She says that she needs to fix it by promptly leaving the Family that loved fed clothed and taught her for her entire life and join the Family she knows next to nothing about Essentially she acts like a petty child and instead of feeling sorry for her I felt like Lea and Les should've punished her for her transgressionsThe second half of the book wasn't much better After being kidnapped Allegra continues to complain that the travelers have now caged her She claims that Lea will come for her but she still plans to return to the Da Vias She gets caught up in an instalove with Nev the traveler boy Nev had been the single bright spot in my life since I'd reached Lovero It had only been a few hours but my life had been completely overturned in that time and Nev had been warm and simple and sweet and I suspected I would want of that in the next few days The ending of the book left much to be desired for me Allegra never apologized for all of the troubles she caused and she still got a version of what she wanted in the end so I didn't really feel like she'd grown as a character at all Additionally the entire thing felt really anticlimactic to the point where I started to skim just to finish the bookThe second star came from the mythology aspect Even so it wasn't as good as it was in the first book I felt that in Assassin's Heart Lea was a character whose every movement was in dedication to her faith In this book the differing faiths of this fictional world are still a main point but they didn't feel as fleshed out Thief's Cunning just wasn't the companion book I was hoping for I think I might like to pretend that the entire thing just ended with Assassin's Heart if that's okay with you

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Whose thirst for retaliation has been almost two decades in the makingBut what really happened the night Lea made the Da Vias pay for murdering her family Allegra wants to know just like she wants to know her parents’ identity which is another secret Lea and Uncle Les are keeping from her When Allegra finally learns the truth her world crumbles I’m a Da ViaFeeling betrayed by the people she. I loved learning even about this world The ghosts were fascinating as was the way the community kept them at bay My favorite scene was the confrontation between the two mothers when Lea stormed the castle as it were

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Thief's CunningWith her past stolen she’s taking the future into her own handsAll her life Allegra’s had to live in secret She is the niece of the infamous assassin Lea Saldana but since the Saldanas have gone from the strongest clipper Family to the most hunted Allegra and her clan must keep their identities hidden Now they’re constantly watching their backs for an attack from the Da Vias a rival Family. I'm so excited to see Lea in her thirties