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READ & DOWNLOAD Ë True Names and Other Dangers Ò [Read] ➯ True Names and Other Dangers Author Vernor Vinge – ContentsBookworm Run 1966True Names 1981The Peddler's Apprentice 1975 with Joan D VingeThe Ungoverned 1985Long Shot 1972Marooned in Realtime excerpt 1987 ContentsBookworm Run True Names The PContentsBookworm Run True Names The Peddler's Appr. Experimental SHAMS review SHAMS stands for Steve Hotopp Assisted Manuscription System™ SHAMS is hereby in testing stage Steve any system needs testing Lets see the resultsSHAMS Review of True NamesI’m so nostalgic and nervous over this one Vinge’s True Names is chock full of fantasy representations of cyberspace MMORPG precursor imagery shady games in anonymity that combine for an impressive and thought provoking reading experience The main character Mr Slippery is a successful writer of participatory literature in the real world and a warlock in the virtual world very skilled in manipulation of real world data through the interfaces of the cyberspace He is not that skilled in keeping a low profile in the real world thoughI won’t divulge much of the plot but I will say that the technological singularity is treated in a uniue way for its time The provocation since Turing has been to create an intelligence able to respond in real time like a human to be completely not distinguishable from one But if we get there to the sentience of a different type of intelligence what will be next for humanity is essentially unpredictable The bigger point it seems to me is that there are elements we can predict before we get there cyber technology eventually precludes pseudonymity and anonymity as it precludes any control over it by any governamental NSAish and the like agenciesThe book was a non standard science fiction fare when it was published Vinge wrote a powerful narrative to illustrate the concept of virtual reality and what will be known afterwards as cyberspace It was an effective marriage between fantastical science fiction and the ethical uestions of technology advancesAll in all it was a convincing perspective about a disputable thesis one you have to try on your own to know where you stand I was enchanted by the classic cyberpunk feel and knocked down by the thought provoking vision of the ultimate demise of a virtual experience as virtual when the virtuality takes over reality59 stars rounded to 5 The actual review may come laterI think this is a successful experiment One uestion though is this my review or Steve's For all original content authored by me the following license is appliedThis work by Alfaniel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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Entice and Other eBook #10003with Joan D VingeThe. Strangely this older science fiction book has aged remarkably well The high fantasy concepts of how we might interact with a cyber space datastream or how humanity will handle new challenges are still valid today


True Names and Other DangersUngoverned Long Shot Marooned in Realtime excerpt. Picked up True Names and Other Dangers at a local used book store I'd read Fast Times at Fairmont High and liked his take on technologyThe title story True Names focuses on Mr Slippery aka Roger Pollack an interactive novel writer who is being pursued by the FBI for his involvement in hacker activities Once they find his True Name they shanghai him into tracking some of the bigger names Robin Hood The Mailman and Erythrina The Other Plane by which one reaches with direct EEG connections is a world where magic provides the overarching mythos and grand battles are fought to resolve this story What amazes me is that this story was written in 1981 and how many of his ideas for good bad are coming to fruitionBookworm Run deals with a similar theme Norman Simmons' mind is experimentally interfaced with super computers and he decides to escape his surroundings An eidetic memory may not be much help in the wintry wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan especially when you're like NormanThe Peddler's Apprentice has a semi standard post apocalyptic fantasy setting but the main character is not uite what he seems The men that he hires as bodyguards and who plan to rob him during the trip are in for much than they bargained with one going farther than he ever dreamedThe Ungoverned the Michigan State Police are hired to protect Kansas against the Republic of New Mexico War gamers and armadillos landowners who choose to defend their own property play a vital part in the battleLong Shot a self aware spaceship with a vital cargo is sent to the far reaches of the galaxy but she forgets her goal A surprisingly touching storyA very entertaining collection of technology based stories with a touch of sword sorcery I'm looking forward to reading of Vinge's works