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Remember Me My Love review ´ 9 ð ❴Reading❵ ➷ Remember Me My Love Author Valerie Parv – There was no doubt in Erin Wilding's mind that 'Don Sands' the wealthy and powerful Sydney business man was in fact her husband Kirk who had isappeared three years ago and who she had refused to belie There was no doYears ago and who she had refused to believe was dead But Kirk if it was Kirk not only flatly refused to believe that Erin was his wife but he was married to someone else t. The H and his wife accuse insult and vile h to an extent any sane person should have packed up and left The h sticks to the story of the H being her husband who is suffering amnesia Considering H has been living another life with another woman as his wife for three years h doesn't give up on him at all when its clear H doesn't want to believe in h or at the worst have h as his mistress view spoiler In the last chapter H confesses to never sleeping with his 'wife' in the 3 years Considering how actively his 'beautiful' wife and he were to maintain the status uo it doesn't resonate at all and feels as though the author was trying to pacify the readers with crumbs as the H isn't anyone idea of a dream guy hide spoiler

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There was no doubt in Erin Wilding's mind that 'Don Sands' the wealthy and powerful Sydney business man was in Remember Me PDF fact her husband Kirk who had isappeared three. This book dates from 1983 so it was almost like reading a vintage in terms of technology in the business world The story follows the heroine Erin as she tracks down her husband who went missing three years ago after an air crash Now she's found him CEO of an engineering company married to an heiress a different name and absolutely no memory of his former life Or has he Right from the start he is drawn to Erin even believing her to be trying to con him How his wife responds to her appearance is also cause for serious thought Valerie Parv takes us through the twists and turns with panache and skill and grips the emotions nicely right until the end The ending was supremely satisfying and uite justified the five stars AFter spending the whole book thinking I wasn't going to like it the ending and the revelations therein made me very happy The criteria is amazing and in this case it was I didn't expect everything to pan out to my personal wishes but they did so well done Valerie

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Remember Me My LoveHe rich and glamorous Leila coventry Yet he admitted that he had lost his memory How could Erin prove her story and what would happen to them all especially Leila if she did. Holy cow what else does the heroine have to go through Jeez Just give her back her husband Wish she had left after the other crazy woman tried to lie to the hero And she simply give him her wedding ring and moves on accepting she lost him years ago Then he comes and gets her in the end memory restored Didn't really like the hero Don't get me wrong he was in a terrible terrible situation but he was kinda a sleaze and we are suppose to forgive him because he is only attracted to the heroineeh still a sleaze How crazy was the other coworker Yikes he needs to be in prison I say read it for the fun factor