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Characters ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Charlotte Mede The less you know about Ramsay the betterLady Helena Hartford knows nothing about Nicholas Ramsay Rud to be the richest man in England he appears out of the shadows and commands her to trust him Newly widowed Helena is the target of powerful forces determined to seize her fortune by committing her to an asylum Losi. This was a dollar store find I'd picked up sometime within the last 5 years or so one of many I pick up and toss on the ol' TBR mountain It was picked for my March pick it book in WaMRL and since I'm in such a reading lag this year I'm only just now getting 'round to reading it here in August It's all good though So far it's interesting Different but not bad really We'll see how it turns out Finished It was ok readable enough and the set up was interesting but the 'hero' was not very likable at all and the h while a better character made way too many rash decisions and acted without thinking many times Also her horrible past needed to be explained way better than it was I was supposed to believe she'd been abused and mistreated but aside from one little flashback of her deceased husband talking down to her at the dinner table no details were given about her past 'trauma' Did he beat her did he tie her up and treat her like a dog did he just insult her intelligence one too many times I don't know It was never said So I could've used way details there what had happened to her to give her the attitude she has now Also a thing that bugged me if she was married to a duke that would make her a duchess right That's never mentioned Nor is she ever treated as a duchess would be No one addressed her as 'your grace' or anything She could've been a street girl for all the mention that was made of her position Even a scandalous duchess is still a duchess and maybe I'm wrong but I think she would still warrant some better treatment Instead the villains chase her around with the constant threat of spending the rest of her life in Bedlam All because she's supposedly 'crazy' So she wanted to be an artist big whoop It never even said what sorts of pictures she painted that warranted people to think she was crazy There was something about bright colors bold lines possibly a nude I never did find out what was so awful about her paintings She supposedly took some lovers after the abusive husband died but there was no mention of why they didn't 'do anything' for her either Mystical woman who can only feel real lust when partnered with her special match I suppose The hero and I call him this very loosely was pretty much a jerk nothing special about him that I saw He was dark and broody and rich with cold grey eyes and ninja like fighting skills and never before heard of prowess in the bedsport He was not very nice to her and the whole time he's plotting about how he's going to make her trust him with the deepest possible trust by saving her life a few times and making mad love to her many times then his plan is to ditch her on an island Because her father shipped him off on a convict ship as a child for some transgression that is never explained whilst working in a factory he owned So ship the daughter off the daughter who never knew anything about it and ta da Revenge I was like ok So through this whole book there was absolutely no love type relationship feelings Lust sure but no affection and barely anything that would even remotely resemble a friendship even Then in like the last chapter suddenly he realizes he loves her and can't bear to live without her He comes to her rescue in the nick of time saving her from Bedlam with his ninja skills and they live happy ever after Heck by then I was wanting to read about what was happening to the patients in Bedlam even that was glossed over and not detailed I was like phooey and I thought it was going to be the most interesting part xDBut anyway despite my sniping here it wasn't horrible I suppose The idea was good and the writing itself didn't give me anything to complain about but the characters didn't really give me any feels Neither one was the most likable and the antagonistic bent of almost every one of their interactions left me wanting something else Maybe I'm just too settled and conflict avoiding to truly enjoy these sorts of drama filled relationships the melodramatic sorts of hate to love stories I don't knowOh and a side note and not really anything to do with the story itself I've been watching a lot of GoT lately and the hero of this book's name is Ramsay so it didn't help that I'm sitting here picturing him like view spoiler hide spoiler

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The Midnight Man Read & download É 6 ´ ❰KINDLE❯ ❂ The Midnight Man Author Charlotte Mede – The less you know about Ramsay the betterLady Helena Hartford knows nothing about Nicholas Ramsay Rud to be the richest man in England he appears out of the shadows and commands her to trust him Newly The l Ng her wealth means nothing but losing her freedom to the fetid air and hopelessness of Bedlam would be a never ending horrorNicholas has his own reasons for pursuing Lady Hartford Familiar with the scandalous reputation The Midnight eBook #241 her artwork has inspired he is focused on revenge but supremely unprepa. The Midnight Man was a very difficult book to get into I had to force myself to finish it which I usually don't do The heroine was very unlikeable and proved wanton and foolish too many times to be credible The hero wasn't fleshed out nearly enough and I got tired of reading about his broad shoulders The story skips around from head to head and got me a tad confused at times I know this was supposed to be an historical romance but the excessive use of ten dollar words really broke the flow and rhythm and then other times the speech patterns fit modern day collouialisms The cheesy use of cliches also made me roll my eyes several timesAfter plodding through this the story itself turned out to be interesting but it was too chopped up and poorly written to make it believeable enough to sweep you alongThe villians were truly villainous and that was one point of the story I thought was done well They dripped evil while outwardly appearing wholesomeUltimately though the only reason I would recommend this book is for a course on how NOT to write a novel

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The Midnight ManRed for the immediate gut clenching desire she invokesAs their uneasy alliance gives way to intense passion enemies are circling ever nearer intent on a shocking agenda And Helena has no choice but to trust this mysterious unpredictable man who could be her savior or the means of delivering her to her worst nightma. I didn't care for this book It was very confusing from the beginning