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Download kindle ↠ The Emancipist Þ 1048 pages ✓ dogsalonbristol ↠ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Emancipist By Veronica Geoghegan Sweeney ❅ – NEW YORK TIMES Impressively researched and detailed account of Ireland's sufferings under the English A gripping stE of the most turbulent times in the history of Ireland and Australia This Kindle edition is the first to contain material left out of the original publication and reintroduces beloved characters to new generations of readers interested in Irish and Australian history and incidents that helped shape both nation This is my favourite book of all time I reread it once a year I think the central character of this novel is the best drawn in fiction there is just something about Aidan O’Brien that keeps me coming back You can identify with him as a man He’s complex and he makes mistakes yet there is no doubting his courage or tenacity But saying this sometimes you don’t like him Members of my family who’ve read the book feel the same he’s just very real It’s hard to believe the book was written by a woman and when she was uite young in her twenties I believe Actually all the characters are well drawn and believable Aidan is the central character and you go one a journey with him Not only across the world – Ireland to Australia – but an inward psychological journey as well He and all the characters in the book change and develop as time passesAlong with this interest in the characters there is the well researched history If you’re Irish like I am the descriptions of the Famine are sometimes difficult to read it’s so believable and really upsetting knowing one’s ancestors went through this Yet the author doesn’t preach just lets the facts speak for themselves Anyone who has any Irish blood in them should read this book – it explains a lot about Irish history and even about the Irish character We’ve been forged by what we have gone through over centuries and while still writing a great story the author has managed to convey this aspect as wellI really like the prison scenes and the scenes of the escape into the Tasmanian or Van Diemen’s Land as it was bush Also it was new to me that the British Government really tried to rehabilitate prisoners if it could A lot of them never reoffended when they were released I read that the author’s own family contains a few convicts and maybe she had word of mouth descriptions passed down to her The scenes of Aidan trying to reinvent himself as a kind of lord of the manor towards the end of the book are sometimes very funny I don’t know whether he succeeded all that well You get the feeling the boy from Killaloe County Clare is still in there somewhere trying to prove himselfThe women in the book are drawn very well The character Maura is sometimes unlikable but you always know what prompts her to act the way she does The real heroines of the book are Anna Berrima and Aidan’s mother I really liked his mother Mary and the love story between her and Corrie O’Neill There are no badly drawn or clichéd characters in the book all are strong but they make mistakes too and are complex though no one in the book is as complex as Aidan The strength of the book is that you can imagine Aidan in any situation and just know how he would reactI think anyone interested in Irish history – or any history would love this book I’m really glad to see that it’s on Kindle now as it runs to well over a thousand pages It’s a big family saga of a novel but it’s never boring It would appeal to men readers as well as women who like a good story and well researched good writingIn short one of those books that always stays with you even years after you’ve finished it Not a book that you give away One you keep on the shelf and come back to like an old friend

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NEW YORK TIMES Impressively researched and detailed account of Ireland's sufferings under the English A gripping storyMELBOURNE AGE A tale of triumph against all oddsAustralia had to find a new name for men such as Aidan O'Brien he had become too wealthy and too powerful to be called an ex convict This Irish Au I can't call The Emancipist an average book although I don't really consider it to be a good one either Apparently written over an entire decade of the author's life it seems she had plenty of time to lose not only the thread of her tale but also its perspectiveThe first five hundred pages contains the Irish section of the story and Ms Sweeney has managed to weave a tale skilfully around the issues facing landowners and tenants in the time of the Famine It is very well done the so because the book then tends to wander off precariously into its own or less relevant story about the on again off again relationships of the main protagonist with his various female shall we say interlocutors I suppose some readers may find the degree of attention to detail in the middle and latter stages of this 1100 page odyssey uite fascinating However I did not as it seemed evident to me that the author started out with an object in mind and then allowed herself to be waylaid along the way As a result we learn far too much about the inner workings of the main character's mind not to mention his libido and not enough about the real issues involved as a result of the initial action which is based on historical fact It might almost be said that the book was taken over from the author by the extremely powerful and overbearing main character something which should not be allowed to happen In some books it happens that the author intrudes upon the text; in this one the main character did and I don't think I have come across such a phenomenon beforeNevertheless if one can pass through the overlong and seemingly endless passages to do with the various amorous relationships being considered there is a good deal of interest underlying this work which as I have said is attempting to tell an important story To this day 2009 Australia is still somewhat marked by its convict past and the fact that many of the felons were transported or less because they were poor or simply unwanted rather than being criminals in any sense remains an important part of that overall history So full marks for attempting to tell the tale but some reservations about the way it has been told and at times like the snake eating its tail got lost altogether

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The EmancipistStralian classic has been published in six international editions and numerous reprints since it was first published by Pan McMillan in Following Aidan O'Brien from the age of five in County Clare in to the age of fifty six in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in The Emancipist covers fifty years of som Definitely don't think it deserves its current rating of 46 It's an enjoyable enough read although it could easily have been edited down to about 200 pages and I think been much better for it