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Fallen Elemental kindle ½ eBook Free ´ Tamara White Ú ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Fallen Elemental By Tamara White ✼ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk I thought I was human I thought I could finish school leave my abusive parents and my old life behind I was wrong I’m an elemental and I can use not just one elemElemental is able to control lightning but I'm not just any elemental A prophecy has marked me as the ultimate power DNFing The writing was horrible The heroes and the heroine weren't believable at all The heroine finds out she is an elemental and she doesn't freak out at all She just went with the flow like a robot Just can't deal with this

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I thought I was human I thought I could finish school leave my abusive parents and my old life behind I was wrong I? one word yikes in some places of this book Fallen Elemental is a RH book that definitely makes you uestion a lot of things happening in it Like for example why women are basically put on this earth to pop out babies? We aren't a vending machine people so stop thinking that Until the day a female gives birth to a damn can of coke calm your tits In this book you will meet Evie She's an interesting character because she sort of lives a life where a typical RH book goes She was abused at home basically outcast in life and she somehow gains magical powers one day Throughout the book she actually finds out that people in her life are bat shit crazy She also learns about a lot of secrets that have been kept from her So to say she deserves to get mad or throw a tantrum or two is the least she can do She could go off and murder the people that betrayed her in a way but she doesn't Besides all of that the romance in this book definitely gave me some uestions Never in my life of reading RH books have I uestioned how the other people in this little circle feel when they are watching someone with their girl Even if they are all bonded and shit this book kind of made me cringe at points and uestion myself Like how are they feeling? Are they okay with this happening? Do you think they are all critiuing the shit out of one another? Possibly giving some pointers? Maybe writing a yelp review or two on them? WHO KNOWS but that's what I was thinkin while reading some of these scenesThey were hot don't get me wrong but my mind went down a dark path in this oneOverall it was entertaining enough but I still have some unanswered uestions My buddy told me that the author could be rewriting books 2 and 3 so I might have to wait to dive into them until then

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Fallen Elemental?m an elemental and I can use not just one element but all of them That’s not all though I can control lightning No A paranormal reverse harem series instalmentHad simplistic narrative but since there were like 5 POVs that actually helped Not very fond of many elements in the story The h was bullied abused had terrible dating experiences which was hard to read about especially all the violent abuse Also not a fan of high school teen pregnancy all the H's had sexual experience except the h; in their culture they wait for their bonded but none of the H's bothered to wait for the h Well except maybe Teddy he did other stuff though even if he didn't go all the way The h was so happy to get some positive attention in her pathetic life that she overlooked all this even though it did bother herHowever the world building was okay and the guys were good to the h So an overall 3 stars