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Una mujer en una misión de colonización en Marte un joven poseído por el impulso asesino de un indio mataco un chico ue dice comunicarse con gente del espacio una nana ayorea a la ue le gusta comerse los piojos y asegura ue los muertos nunca se van En los bordes de la ciencia ficción lo fantástico y. that is when I first started to feel like my body wasn't well grounded on this Earth And what if the law of gravity were somehow to reverse and end up launching us into space and what if a meteorite were to fall on the planet I wasn't interested in getting closer to the mystery I wanted to dig my heels into this horrible world because I couldn't bear the thought of anotherFrom 'The Wave' in OUR DEAD WORLD by Liliana Colanzi translated from the Spanish Bolivia by Jessica Seueira 2016 In Spanish 2017 in English by Dalkey Archive Press dalkeyarchivedublinWhew what a wild and creative collection I was familiar with Colanzi's style from a previous short story I read in a Latin American short story anthology and was excited to read of her work in this volume This collection includes 8 stories Most stories play with perspective and voice nested stories within stories with some fantastical and bizarre elements I'm always a fan of WEIRD and Colanzi served it up rightA mysterious wave never fully explained what or how runs through a university campus a young woman is haunted by an evil eye a meteor strikes Bolivia a cross dressing cannibal roams the streets of Paris Just a few of the themes you can read in Colanzi's collection

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Nuestro mundo muertoLo pesadillesco los cuentos de Liliana Colanzi exploran con una mirada alejada de todo exotismo la idea de la muerte en las grietas del mestizaje Nuestro mundo PDFEPUB or allí donde la idiosincrasia indígena y su historia de explotación chocan con la vida moderna y urbana Surgen entonces la magia la s. One of the best short story collections I have ever read no joke Loved the Philip K Dick influences

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CHARACTERS ë Nuestro mundo muerto õ [PDF] ✑ Nuestro mundo muerto By Liliana Colanzi – Una mujer en una misión de colonización en Marte un joven poseído por el impulso asesino de un indio mataco un chico ue dice comunicarse con gente del espacio una nana ayorea a la ue le gusta comer Una mujer en una misión dUperstición los fantasmas o lo sobrenatural para explicar o dar sentido a lo bueno y a lo malo a la vida y a la muerte Un libro intenso feroz y complejo en el ue resuenan ecos de Sara Gallardo Horacio uiroga o Silvina Ocampo escrito por una de las autoras bolivianas más destacadas de la nueva generació. OUR DEAD WORLD the apt title for this fine collection of short fiction from the young and gifted Bolivian writer Liliana Colanzi prepares us for a book that time and again reflects a fixation w despeciation blight from on high the tenuous hold we possess on existence and the individual apocalypse that is each person's death when conceived from that person's own vantage There is not a single story here that is not fundamentally anchored to portents of doom The dead world is a future world but its dawn very certainly approaches At least if we are to take Colanzi's stories as gospel There is a morbid uality to the stories certainly but there is also a sense of wonder at the scale of space time and a propensity for earnest intimacy counterpointed with the overwhelming macro modelling These are small stories tapping a collective unconscious They reflect at their best where we are at now At least I say so Colanzi is still a bit green Not everything falls into place uite right There are bits here and there that are definitely slightly clunky The most important thing about a short story is always the last sentence or couple sentences Colanzi is clearly aware of this but some of the landings are a little iffy That being said she remains impressively versatile within the realm of what exists under the dead world banner She has a good sense of rhythm and form though both do occasionally fail her never catastrophically She takes risks The strongest stories do surprising things and do their conceits justice I may tend to be a little reflexively critical when an accomplished writer as happens and often is younger than me So maybe I want to find fault But I also want to be blown away That is why I pick the thing up This is a very very impressive collection w which I have sporadically found minor fault I suppose I must also concede that Liliana Colanzi is very beautiful and that I guess I kind of have a crush on her This disreputable fact may also complicate not to say completely once and for all delegitimize my read Alas