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Cooper Bennett wants Life of PDF #206 nothing than a new life An impoverished high school senior he can't seem to catch a break with both an abusive father at home and the star uarterback Wow Just wow Stunned No words Those last few chapters and the way everything unfolded Epic These were my exact thoughts and feelings after finishing this book Now that I have had some time to compose myself I will attempt to do a review that will do this book justice Czermak sure knows how to make this paranormal snob a happy readerI’ve been waiting for this book for a long time and it didn’t disappoint at all As a huge paranormal fan this story gave me everything I could ever ask for in a book The backstory the plot the build up Everything was on point I loved how the story unfolded and the pieces of the puzzles all started connecting and I had several aha moments The last few chapters had me on the edge of my seat and I did not see that coming from a mile away The way everything unfolded and came together had my jaw dropping “things can be replaced but people no their uniueness is forever lost to darkness once their lights go out”Czermak has such a way with storytelling and I honestly don’t know how he outdoes himself every time especially in the paranormal genre which is a very hard thing to do Another thing I loved about the story was how I felt like I was alongside the characters Czermak is one of few authors who can actually make me feel like I’m apart of the journey while I’m reading every time and I love it This book was such a good read because it had some powerful life lessons and several moments in this book that will stay with me for a long time All I know is that there HAS to be another book I’ve grown fond of the gang and I need to see where the future takes them

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The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett Cooper Bennett #1Cooper Bennett finds himself in the midst of a battle between dark forces and alpha shifters in this epic paranormal adventure that turns the sleepy mountain town of Goodman GA upside do Amazing how one life develops around many others in a single area How one event led to another and another and you recall characters from past Journeymen storylines and how they impacted this story You get a so that's how that started or happened thought as a lightbulb is constantly going off the you turn the page This story is not just about one character Cooper Bennett it's also about keeping the balance of order amongst werewolves and the whole supernatural world The humans sadly are always in the middle of such conflict The emotional details tear you down and rip you apart then slowly put you back together again It's not just about the action the fight between good and evil it also shows you how one person lived in a constant state of fear and abouse while another meets the conseuences of their bullying actions This story brings a whole new perspective about the Journeymen world and how they are in a none stop battle agains all kinds of evil


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PDF ç BOOK The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett Cooper Bennett #1 FREE ´ GOLDEN CZERMAK ê ❰Read❯ ➲ The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett Cooper Bennett #1 Author Golden Czermak – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Cooper Bennett wants nothing than a new life An impoverished highBullying him at school Little does he know that one late summer night a monstrous burden would clamp down on him finally making all his wishes come true Sparks fly The Secret Kindle as I wish I could give this book than 5 stars This is by far the author's best work yet and that is really saying something if you've read his other paranormal series This author is blessed with an amazing talent of creating a world that you truly feel like you are a part of after just a few pages I stopped reading paranormal a while back because they were all starting to sound and read the same Not with this author He uses new and different words to describe things and build the story that makes it seem like something brand new In The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett we meet a young man who is abused and bullied by his father at home and again by Liam the spoiled rich jock at school You uickly learn the kind of character that Cooper has by how he reacts or doesn't really to this treatment We also meet his best friend Billy who is the best kind of friend a kid can have and Alyssa the girlfriend of said jock that Cooper has had his eye on for years This is the story of young love and friendship that knows no bounds Cooper is unknowingly introduced to the supernatural world one night after Liam and some of his friends get their hands on him He uickly finds out that his life is changing both physically and literally He is thrown into the middle of an age old battle between good and bad and we begin to see him grow into a strong male fitting of an Alpha I couldn't help but fall in love with these characters and cheer on the good ones and I must admit cheer when bad things happened to the bad guys I love the references and cross characters from the author's first series I did not want this book to end but I couldn't put it down