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READ & DOWNLOAD à Wer bin ich – und wenn ja wie viele? À [KINDLE] ❀ Wer bin ich – und wenn ja wie viele? Author Richard David Precht – „Fragen zu stellen ist eine Fähigkeit die man nie verlernen sollte“ Richard David PrechtBücher über Philosophie gibt es viele Aber Richard David Senschaftlicher Erkenntnisse – an die großen philosophischen Fragen des Lebens heran geführt hätte Was ist Wahrheit Woher weiß ich wer ich bin bin ich – PDFEPUB #188 Was darf die Hirnforschung Prechts Buch schlägt einen weiten Bogen über die verschiedenen Disziplinen und ist eine beispiellose Orientierungshilfe in der sc. Pretty solid read i think It actually introduces you to major philosophical uestions But as an introductory work to philosophy it doesn't do good If someone wants introduction to philosophy I would recommend A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel or Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder For than a few occasions whilst reading I wondered if i was reading philosophy book or neuroscience book Author tries to explain philosophical uestions using neuroscience and other disciplines and that brought a new breeze for those who mostly been reading philosophy works like me But also here in occurs major downside that it focuses too much on science that it explains how but not why Third part of the book was uite interesting than bit less interesting second part I liked the last chapter Especially authors finishes the book uoting Monty Python's song Meaning of Life which happens to be song from Life of Brian the movie that got me to become Monty Python's fan

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Hier unüberschaubaren Fülle unseres Wissens vom Menschen Eine Einladung lustvoll und spielerisch nachzudenken bin ich – und wenn MOBI #8608 – über das Abenteuer Leben und seine MöglichkeitenEine faszinierende Reise in die Welt der Philosophie – Richard David Prechts Buch bietet Antworten auf die großen Fragen des Lebens. Really informative and an interesting entry to philosophy and the human brain Makes you curious and you gain the wish to read on the topics and the different philosophers that are introducedSometimes a little bit too much but nevertheless interesting and instructive

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Wer bin ich – und wenn ja wie viele„Fragen zu stellen ist ich – PDF #10003 eine Fähigkeit die man nie verlernen sollte“ Richard David PrechtBücher über Philosophie gibt es viele Aber Richard David Prechts Buch ist anders als alle anderen Denn es gibt bisher Wer bin PDF keines das den Leser so umfassend und kompetent – und unter Berücksichtigung naturwis. Who am I and if so how many is a book I'm glad to have finally finished reading It is a very mixed bag Divided like Gaul under the Romans into three parts what can I know what should I do and what can I hope; each of which is full of short chapters that tended at best to tantalise rather than satisfyThe first part combined philosophy with contemporary research on the brain and I found this part the most enjoyable although when we got to Mach denying the existence of self and then moved back to Hume similar views I remembered that the Buddha several thousand years earlier had much the same notion Of a sudden the book's focus on a western European tradition of philosophy and science seemed parochial and gave a sour taste to my readingI struggled with the middle part which dealt with ethical issues In part this is because they don't much interest me I tend to feel that we do what we do for social or historical or cultural reasons and come up with the ethical reasoning after the act But significantly the level of discussion didn't engage me I remember the Dolly the Sheep story I remember her condition and her early death If you are young or don't have much interest in science stories there might be some novelty here but not for me Nor can I join in the moral panic over the promise of designer babies when they are only a potential conseuence of technology and the already proven success of the wealthy in perpetuating their power across generations Ensuring the ongoing survival of the shape of your ear or eye colour seems small beer by comparison And in the face of recent events I can't muster the emotion to be worried about the potential of governments' using electrical brain stimulation to extract information They can already know what they want as it is without having to attach an electrode to my head By which stage I was finding this book parochial limited and naive This it turns out is a highly effective triple restraint on my reading enthusiasmStill I read on though slowlyThe third part pleased me than the second but only really because of the penultimate two chapters what is a happy life and can one learn to be happyThe typical reading experience I had is summed up by the chapter on love Towards the end he mentions that the average length of a relationship according to international data is four years which ties into the duration of the chemical effects of Endorphine Cortisol and so on Ah interesting I think But then after a while I start to wonder if those people who separated after four years were they married or cohabiting If married had they been co habiting for a period of time presumably not included in the statistics before marriage What countries was this data drawn from And over what period of timeThere are no footnotes or endnotes in this book though there is a bibliography so the uestion is unanswerable There is tantalising statement but no satisfactionLike all these poppy Science books if you are going to read it read it now In a few years new discoveries and new approaches will be leaving it increasingly out of dateuestion has anybody ever been convinced to believe in God by Anselm’s ontological argument