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Ool bullies drove his sister Maya awayMatt’s hardworking mom keeps the kitchen crammed The Art eBook #182 with food but Matt can resist the siren call of casseroles and cookies because he has discovered something the less he eats the he seems to have powers The ability to see things he shouldn’t be able to see The knack of tuning in to thoughts right out of people’s heads Maybe even the authority to bend time and space So what is lunch really compared to the sec. There were days when I was depressed when I would lay in bed for 20 hours with my eyes closed and I began to believe I could see through my eyelids I didn't know if it was echolocation or X ray vision but I believed There were other days when I could cut myself and the pain made me feel powerful It didn't feel like I was bleeding out but that I was bleeding in I know that none of those things were true I know that I couldn't see through my eyelids and that cutting didn't make me powerful but I felt it at the timeMaybe Matt's struggle with his eating disorder and body dysmorphia and their connection to his superpowers doesn't make sense to you But it makes perfect sense to me I think Sam J Miller walks a very fine line in The Art of Starving How to accurately portray the feelings of a boy who is justifying his decision to starve himself and how it makes him feel with the reality of eating disorders and without glorifying them And I think Miller does it really well I never had an eating disorder but along with depression I've suffered from body dysmorphia my entire life I know what it's like to look in the mirror and hate what you see staring back Miller's description of Matt's struggles rang so true to me that they were often too painful to read and I needed to take a break But the book isn't just breaking down dealing with an ED it's exploring the connection gay men have with idealized bodies toxic masculinity the ways in which we hide addictions in plain sight One scene in particular really hit me hard It was when Tari had view spoiler confronted Matt about his eating disorder and Matt tried to use sex to deflect Been there done that got my card punched hide spoiler

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The Art of StarvingRets of the universeMatt decides to infiltrate Tari’s life then use his powers to uncover what happened to Maya All he needs to do is keep the hunger and longing at bay No problem But Matt doesn’t realize there are many kinds of hunger and he isn’t in control of all of themA darkly funny moving story of body image addiction friendship and love Sam J Miller’s debut novel will resonate with any reader who’s ever craved the power that comes with self acceptance. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss “Hunger makes you better Smarter SharperI have learned this through practical experimentation” This was a YA contemporarymagical realism story about a boy who thought his eating disorder gave him super powersMatt was uite a uirky character and I liked how he was openly gay and unashamed about being who he was I did feel sorry for him though that he had so much stuff going on in his life to deal with though “My best guess is that a spell has been cast on me so that everyone else sees me as a scrawny gangly bag full of bones and I alone see the truth which is as I mentioned that I am an enormous fat greasy disgusting creature” The storyline in this was about Matt’s eating disorder his sister running away from home and even a little romance We also got a bit of a strange storyline about Matt thinking that the hungrier he was the his special powers worked and he was able to smell people and know their secrets This was a little strange but it did seem like these weird things were really happening to him rather than him being delusional I was also surprised by the romance in this story as I wasn’t expecting that at all but I was glad that someone saw Matt and accepted him for who he was “I saw heard smelled things others could notSomehow I had become Peter fcking Parker” The ending to this was okay but this did feel like rather an odd story overall625 out of 10

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summary The Art of Starving 109 ´ ☆ The Art of Starving PDF / Epub ✩ Author Sam J. Miller – More Happy Than Not meets Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future in this gritty contemporary YA debut about a bullied gay teen boy with an eating disorder who believes he’s developed super powers More Happy Than Not meets More Happy Than Not meets Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future in this gritty contemporary YA debut about a bullied gay teen boy with an eating disorder who believes he’s developed super powers via starvationMatt hasn’t eaten in daysHis stomach stabs and twists inside pleading for a meal But Matt won’t give in The hunger clears his mind keeps him sharp and he needs to be as sharp as possible if he’s going to find out just how Tari and his band of high sch. My sin my condition is way worse I choose not to eat because I am an enormous fat greasy disgusting creature that no one will ever feel attracted to Now you can't see me but if you could you'd probably say what everyone else says 'What are you talking about' 'You are so skinny 'When Matt looks at himself in the mirror he doesn't see the attractive young man that everyone else sees He sees a grossly misshapen grotesue freak with red hair and bad skin He sees the kid that his high school classmates ridicule and abuse the one they call geek or faggot So he's taken matters into his own hands and he subsists most days on the barest number of calories he can consume without people noticingMy best guess is that a spell has been cast on me so that everyone else sees me as a scrawny gangly bag full of bones and I alone see the truth which is as I mentioned that I am an enormous fat greasy disgusting creatureLuckily for Matt his mother works the overnight shift at the town's slaughterhouse and she has than enough issues of her own including worrying about whether she'll get laid off to monitor Matt's eating habits Matt's older take no prisoners sister Maya has disappeared allegedly to record music with her punk rock band and she only calls home or emails periodically without sharing any information on her whereabouts So there's no one really to watch Matt destroy his bodyMatt is convinced that Maya ran away because she was hurt either emotionally or physically and he's fairly certain that one of the three bullies in the neighborhood—Ott Bastian and Tari—had something to do with her disappearance He's determined to get to the bottom of what happened to his sister and when he discovers the truth he will enact cruel violence on those responsible to get his revenge He decides to start with Tari as he was the last person to see Maya at least as far as Matt knows and while Tari doesn't stop his friends from their cruelty he's not as cruel to others himselfWhat Matt finds is that not eating actually makes him sharper It helps him hear people's innermost thoughts smell their fears know what they're thinking and what their next moves will be Suddenly he can slow time down affect gravity and cause things to happen simply by willing them to be so He knows it's his hunger that is responsible for these powers because whenever he is forced or tricked into eating by his body he feels slower sluggish unable to focus on what is around himBut the Matt sees and hears the destruction he is causing to his own body his own psyche While his newfound confidence makes him less of a target at times it makes him so at other times so he finds himself doubting whether he'll ever find the truth about what happened to Maya Yet Matt also discovers that everyone carries secret pain with them fears and anxieties they keep hidden and which manifest themselves in different and destructive ways Can he help those in need of saving if he is powerless to save himselfI had spent my whole life listening to stories about what a man was supposed to be Do Look like How a man was supposed to act It had cost me so much hurt and suffering and courage to come out of the closet to reject a huge piece of The Masculinity Prison that I never noticed I was still stuck inside itThis is such a powerful moving disturbing book but one I felt suffered from a bit of an identity crisis Was it the story of a young man's struggle for self worth to be loved and accepted and to find answers and the horrible eating disorder he tries to keep hidden Or is it a story that plays with the supernatural with fantasy as Matt discovers his newfound abilities resulting from his intense hungerI felt that The Art of Starving works best when it steered clear of the fantastical elements of the plot Now I love a good fantasy novel but I felt that Matt's powers distracted from the moving and affecting core of the book I wasn't even sure at times whether the things that Matt was seeing happen were actually happening or if he was simply imagining these things in a hunger induced fugue of sorts That confused me than a few timesBut when the story focused on Matt his mother Maya and the others with whom he was connected—in good and in bad—the book really hit its stride Sam J Miller who in the Acknowledgments section divulges that he suffered from an eating disorder when he was 15 is a fantastic writer and he has created some memorable beautifully moving characters that I won't soon forget I've always struggled with my weight and know what it's like to be a teenager struggling with keeping your sexuality hidden while you're hating yourself and what you look like The Art of Starving really packed a punch for me; I just wish I didn't have to share the pieces of the story which resonated so much with me with elements that didn't uite mesh But still this is a book which will touch you with the raw power of its emotionsSee all of my reviews at