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Death's Dancer Summary Å 100 ↠ ❰Read❯ ➳ Death's Dancer Author Jasmine Silvera – It's a good way to make a living until death comes callingAlmost fifty years have passed since the godswar brought the world to the brink of apocalypse Saved by an allegiance of necromancers humanity It's a good way to makeIt's a good way to make a living until death comes callingAlmost fifty years have passed since the godswar brought the world to the brink of apocalypse Saved by an allegiance of necromancers humanity is now subject to their capricious rule In this dark new world Isela Vogel dances to bring her clients the power of the gods When she's hired to help a necromancer. I had a difficult time getting in this book at the beginning It’s not at all my normal genre The “world” is hard to understand at first with a number of made up terms like “godsdancer” But once I let myself go with the flow I found I really enjoyed the story and the romanceIsela Vogel is an American born dancer In this world which is Earth at some point in the future with paranormal and supernatural beings dancers are somehow used to communicate with the gods or at least the advanced beings that humans have called gods throughout history After a worldwide conflict a half century previous to the story called the godswar powerful beings called necromancers have taken control of the world Isela is called by one of these necromancers named Azrael because he believes she will enhance his power and help him discover a murdererWhat I really liked about the book was all the different characters and how with their varied personalities they managed to work together for the good of the world The romance between Isela and Azrael was originally insta lust but the author did a good job of making it IMO I really enjoyed this book and have preordered book 2

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A's refusal to bow to his will sparks his interest in than her choreography Hunting a killer uncovers a conspiracy within the allegiance and Isela is a temptation he can't affordReluctant attraction turns to desire but when keeping Isela alive becomes than just a means to an end Azrael knows he's in trouble And it may cost them than their livesOut of Print Editio. I've had this book on my kindle for a while and am kicking myself for not reading it earlier I'd been in a reading rut and this totally broke me outI loved the world of godsdancers and necromancers that Silvera creates We're dropped into the middle of it and Silvera respects her readers enough to portion out backstory when needed in a way that reinforces the strength of the worldbuilding The story is intelligent and finely crafted and her writing is lyrical and elegant I was totally hooked all the way through My main uibble is there are a couple of big family secrets kept from main character Isela that she handles with inordinate grace I seriously would have a hard time ever speaking to my family again if those things had been withheld from me and I wanted righteous indignation and anger from her especially given her personality But overall I loved it and am on to the next in the series Highly recommended

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Death's DancerTrack down a killer she finds her newest patron as compelling as he is infuriating But what should have been an easy paycheck puts Isela in the crosshairs Now she must survive a world of ancient grudges and supernatural creatures she never knew existed And the deepest secrets are the ones closest to her heartThe necromancer Azrael can make the dead walk but Isel. I could have lover this story but in the end I just rather liked it which is a shameThe good points were plentiful my reservations are about techniueI loved the heroine her personality her relationship with her passion and job dancing Freuently when a character have such a passion sport music art it's just used for the narrative but easily forget when the author doesn't need it In this book the subject is thoroughly exposed we are never to forget the importance of dancing for IselaI also like how we understand how she looks like without any use of labelsThe story was original and could have been fascinating alas the reading was a little of flat for meI thought about it and concluded about three points which irked meThe first one is the love interest he's very caricatural I understand that it's voluntary the writer use a sterotype to show how her pragmatic and sensible heroine reacts She also takes the trouble to explain how his longevity impacted upon his psychology But in the end it wasn't enough for me he still was very cliched and not very interestingAnother problem I had was with the secondary characters they were for most of them especially the besties and the family members the team members were great introduced much too uickly I couldn't feel anything about the best friends who seemed to be there just for show and didn't understand why we had to learn so much about her brothers' wives Well I did afterwards but while reading the first family reunion it was rather boring In a way I felt that I would have liked to read a preuel of this story where the family and friends would have been probably introduced with plenty of show don't tell instead of these very uick presentations The world building if interesting was sometimes a bit fuzzy For instance when Isela learns the incredible facts about her family she didn't seemed very surprised But she should have been flabbergasted So I wondered maybe she wasn't much surprised because these particularities are mundane in this alternative world And speaking about that what is strange for her and what isn't What else have I missedWell I uibble a lot because I was frustrated by my reading and because I am such a uibbler But if you like inventive and personal urban fantasy with a likeable and able female main character you should definitely read this book which has many ualitiesI thank Netgalley and No Inside Voice for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review