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characters Beneath The Skin ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¶ ❮Download❯ ➿ Beneath The Skin ➺ Author Kyla Stone – For 18 year old Sidney Shaw life pretty much sucksHer mom’s a drunk Her dad’s worse At school she’s bullied by her ex best friend Cutting used to bringSees straight through Sidney’s tough snarky façade But Sidney's wounds go deeper than anyone knows As her father's abuse escalates her secrets threaten to unravel her How far is she willing to go to protect her family And who can she turn to when the unthinkable happens. This book made me feel splendiferous I received a copy by the Author for a honest reviewThere are books that have abusive homophobic or sexist characters which although raise important uestions don't address them and that makes me strongly dislike those authors and booksThis is not one of those books it raises so many uestions but directly confronts them in the best way possible here is a really good example roughly a uarter through the book“ “Am I the word that Pop said Faggot” I bite my lip so hard I taste blood My hatred for Frank this moment is a towering inferno “No Never There’s nothing you could do to make you that word It’s a mean nasty word that mean and nasty people use to tear someone down and make them feel bad That’s all Okay” “Okay but people at school say that word to me too ’Cause I like pink and sparkly things ’Cause I cry sometimes They say I like boys” I want to beat the snot out of every kid in his school I don’t care how young they are They’re old enough to know better I want to shake Aaron and tell him he has to be tougher stronger harder but his sweet little face is looking up at me and I just can’t bring myself to do it “You are good Just like this Whatever you want to be is just fine It doesn’t matter if you like boys or pink sparkles or wear purple polka dotted skirts to school every day Okay No one has a right to treat you like crap” The corners of his mouth tilt into a tiny smile “Will you hold my hand” I lace my fingers through his They are still so small so delicate I swallow hard “Tonight you need to stay in your room Don’t come out okay” He nods I hold his hand all the way home in the crackling silence The dread creeps up my throat strangling my breath ”If that doesn't make you love this book to bits and pieces I don't know what will oh maybe it's the incredibly well written characters that sometimes have scenes that make me just feel good inside all the wit and sass included“ “Keep rolling your eyes” I mutter “Maybe someday you’ll find a brain back there” Lucas laughs ”“ You said Jasmine was a ‘loathsome toad’ I said to myself ‘here’s a girl She’s creative with her words just like me’ And I just knew” He shrugs grinning sheepishly”The characters in this book are so well written I can find myself relating to people who seemingly have absolutely nothing in common with me They all seem real which is something I rarely see in books latelyThe story seems to come in two arcs or rather you can stop reading the book at roughly the halfway point view spoilerso just before our protagonist shoots her father hide spoiler

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Nto group counseling with perfect popular Arianna who looks like the type to grieve over a broken nail But Arianna has secrets of her own She might just be an ally Beneath The PDF or if Sidney can let her guard down And then there’s the new guy sweet and funny Lucas who. I have to say right now this book has a lot of hard things to deal with Such as rape self harm and so much I was pulling for Sydney from the beginning of the story What a life that her and her brothers had to live with And don't get me started on their mother I don't even think she deserves that titled Sydney was of a mother to her two brothers And her awful father I just couldn't stand him and there were parts in the book with him that I just had to put the book down for a few minutes Just for I wouldn't through my kindle across my bedroomI really loved the characters of Lucas and Arianna Both of them had problems of their own to deal with but they were there for Sydney when she needed them And even if Sydney didn't want them there or wasn't nice to them they were still there for herI really felt bad for Sydney because she didn't think she deserves to be loved And while you understand why she feels this way it still tears you up insideI am so glad that things started to look up for her in the end I am so happy that I was able to get a copy of this book to read and review It's a sad book but its a book that will tug at your heartstrings I would say that if books with the type of subjects that I mentioned above bothers you then I would say not to read the book But I will say the author did a great job handling the subject matters I mentioned As well as some that I didn't mentioned

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Beneath The SkinFor year old Sidney Shaw life pretty much sucksHer mom’s a drunk Her dad’s worse At school she’s bullied by her ex best friend Cutting used to bring her relief but not any Something's got to giveWhen Sidney punches a kid to protect her little brother she’s forced i. 5 Stars I have received a free copy of this book from the author as part of the Read to Review program in We ♥ YA Books group on Goodreads in exchange for my honest review Beneath The Skin was an amazing journey of holding on fighting surviving growing and transformingThe main character Sidney Shaw is not a likable poor little sweet teen you'll love right away and feel sorry for She's atually kind of a snarky sarcastic mean bad girl In fact when we first meet her she has just punched a 12 year old kid But I have to say I did Like her a LOT since the beginningWe soon come to realise that Sidney's Family home life is very hard and painful “No one cares No one wants to see Some pretend to want to know but they don’t really No one wants to know about all the ugly things in the world They don’t want to know that the darkest most despicable acts happen right under their noses that the real monsters live amongst us They don’t want to know” Sidney's mother is a selfish mindless drunk and her father is worse he's an horrible human beingAnd then there's Sidney's 2 younger brothers Frankie 11 and Aaron 8 who she has to take care of most days because her mother is incapable of and her father is mostly goneStill It is better when her father is away from home if not for the lack of money and having to ration food until he comes back with money for groceries because when he is home things shift they change for the worse and life really sucksBut Sidney is Not a poor little victim she deals with it all the best way she can the only way she can “There’s only me The freak who wants to cut her own skin off and beats up little kids and resents her own brothers who pushes away any whiff of kindness because she doesn’t deserve any of it who hides her true self in a shield of rage The slut who thinks and does ugly dirty despicable things”“I want I want than this I want to be than this I want to claw out of my own skin and be someone—something anything—else” Sidney is just hoding off until graduation when she'll be able to leave home for good to go to College “Escape Escape is the only thought keeping me tethered to this earth I need to be gone” Due to the all punching a 12 year old incident Sidney is put in Group Therapy sessions with the popular perfect Colombian christian girl Arianna Torres And Sidney is not happy about it Only Sidney's about to find out Arianna may be like her then it seams as she too has her own issues and her life is not as perfect as Sidney thinks “It always surprises me how the deepest pain—the stuff nobody ever sees—how it doesn’t even leave a mark no scars Nothing It didn’t seem right So I made one myself” Then there's the new kid in class Half asian sweet and funny Lucas kusuma who seams to see into Sydney than her angry snarky frontAs time passes by and Sidney's life unravels in the worse possible way getting harder and harder it is in these 2 people she'll find the True Friendship Care Support and Trust she desperately needs to keep going “Arianna said we have choices God gives us a choice Every single one of us We make choices for good or choices for evil Choices for self protection and survival or choices for something bigger better greater than ourselves Even when it doesn’t feel like a choice it still is I have a choice” I really Loved this bookI Loved the Deepness of it the Seriousness of it the Diversity the Feelings it brought on to me the beautiful writing so many inspiring Heartbreaking heartfelt uotes and the Complex characters with so many different struggles and issues but Still so strong on their ownThis was the most serious and realistic book I have read on broken people and abuse and I really liked that the author Does NOT try to manipulate our feelings she doesn't pull at our heartstrings trying to write a sad cryable story and Still we FEELwe Feel A LOT And let me just say this isn't your tipical Romance book even though there is Love here because the focus is on Sidney's and Arianna's issues and how they struggle with it and rise from it And the Friendship that grows between these 2 girls is Beautiful and The Truest Friendship I've readTo sum it up this was a Beautiful Realistic tale of Survival and going throught Hardship and Painful events and Rising from it all