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Summary Beneath The Skin ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à ❮Download❯ ➿ Beneath The Skin ➺ Author Kyla Stone – For 18 year old Sidney Shaw life pretty much sucksHer mom’s a drunk Her dad’s worse At school she’s bullied by her ex best friend Cutting used to bring her relief but For year old Sidney Shaw life pretty much sucksHer mom’s a drunk Her dad’s worse At school she’s bullied by her ex best friend Cutting used to bring her relief but not any Something's got to giveWhen Sidney punches a kid to protect her little brother she’s forced i. The only thing I'll add is that yes there are dark things but that doesn't necessarily make them deep I thought the bullying at the MC's school seemed a little far fetched but I could be wrong Not any person who bullied her had a specific or even a real reason They just did I get that some people are mean just to be mean but a lot of times there are reasons Also the friendships seemed a little forced too If someone rejects another's friendship multiple times that person would most likely give up on them and not be friends I am glad they didn't give up good for you Lucas and that everyone became a little closer but I didn't feel for them because there wasn't much to feel

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Nto group counseling with perfect popular Arianna who looks like the type to grieve over a broken nail But Arianna has secrets of her own She might just be an ally Beneath The PDF or if Sidney can let her guard down And then there’s the new guy sweet and funny Lucas who. I have to say right now this book has a lot of hard things to deal with Such as rape self harm and so much I was pulling for Sydney from the beginning of the story What a life that her and her brothers had to live with And don't get me started on their mother I don't even think she deserves that titled Sydney was of a mother to her two brothers And her awful father I just couldn't stand him and there were parts in the book with him that I just had to put the book down for a few minutes Just for I wouldn't through my kindle across my bedroomI really loved the characters of Lucas and Arianna Both of them had problems of their own to deal with but they were there for Sydney when she needed them And even if Sydney didn't want them there or wasn't nice to them they were still there for herI really felt bad for Sydney because she didn't think she deserves to be loved And while you understand why she feels this way it still tears you up insideI am so glad that things started to look up for her in the end I am so happy that I was able to get a copy of this book to read and review It's a sad book but its a book that will tug at your heartstrings I would say that if books with the type of subjects that I mentioned above bothers you then I would say not to read the book But I will say the author did a great job handling the subject matters I mentioned As well as some that I didn't mentioned

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Beneath The SkinSees straight through Sidney’s tough snarky façade But Sidney's wounds go deeper than anyone knows As her father's abuse escalates her secrets threaten to unravel her How far is she willing to go to protect her family And who can she turn to when the unthinkable happens. Rating 35 Stars I received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest reviewWhile I wasn't optimistic on how I'd feel about this book in the beginning this was uickly changed This book made me feel something I still can't uite express I did not enjoy this book Not due to the writing characters or the plot but because of how heartbroken and emotional Beneath The Skin was So this is probably a backhanded compliment to the author Relaying the struggles of Sidney Shaw this book deals with a lot of issues; self harm rape depression and so much I have been waiting for a story where the main character finally isn't for the most part perfect and Sidney Shaw is it Snarky sarcastic and hurtful even to those she loved it was difficult to like her at first Arianna hit close to home because of how relatable she was to me and even Frankie and Aaron had me rooting for them Most of the characters in this story were so diverse but importantly realistic There isn't a happy ending for all the characters and many were still left struggling but I think the plot did a good job at sticking to theme learning how to face your problems and find the strength to liveMy only problem would be slight bits of executing the story and characters The story was so centered around Sidney's growth and healing that I feel Lucas and Arianna's problems were never fully explored although Sidney learning to sympathize with others would've been a good thing An example would be when Lucas poured out his grievances and Sidney seemed to comfort him at first but it uickly turned into Sidney being comforted instead Another bit about the execution might be a little sensitive but it would probably be the introducing of ethnicity in the characters I absolutely loved the fact that the characters were diverse but there seemed to be a tendency to single out even minor characters' ethnicities in want to make it diverse I suggest and hope that they do not take away their diversity but perhaps portray the characters in ways not immediately starting off with He's Asian with and large expository regarding their race The point was to portray different ethnicities but I winded up feeling as if they were singled out over itOverall though I think Beneath The Skin is a novel that teaches people to be strong in spite of hardships I'm glad to have read it for the new perspectives I've experienced