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Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Thibault Damour The greatest wonders they've ever seen As they follow their tour guide the giddy letter h also known as the Planck constant Bob Mystère du monde PDF #9734 and Rick have crepes with Max Planck talk to Einstein about atoms visit Louis de Broglie in his castle. When I first saw Mysteries of the uantum Universe I was distinctly wary I'm not a great fan of comics and graphic novels and based on the few examples I've come across of trying to put across science using this format I suspected what we'd get is a very shallow 'Gee wow whizzy' approach that was a kind of Horrible Science for adults In practice although some of the language does raise an eyebrow for its clunkiness possibly due to being translated did I really see the main character Bob say 'Egad' at one point if anything the problems are about either having nothing at all happen or concentrating some uite deep physics material in just a few framesWe begin with the sad death on the Moon where else of Bob's faithful and talking dog Rick which immediately sets up in the mind of anyone with some familiarity with uantum physics the idea that we are going to get heavy mentions of both Schrödinger's cat and the many worlds interpretation and sure enough there are no surprises there After rather a long time with nothing much happening Bob goes on a spaced out trip through uantum history bringing in most of the landmarks we expect and of course meeting Planck Einstein Bohr de Broglie Heisenberg Schrödinger and Born Plus yes Hugh Everett but strangely not Dirac Feynman or the other ED people for some reasonI was genuinely surprised how much detail physicist Thibault Damour managed to sueeze into a few frames per page when the storyline got on to the details of uantum physics Sometimes the visual contribution of Mathieu Burniat's illustrations in a rather TinTin like style mostly monochrome with occasional splashes of colour really helped underline for example what was intended by various atomic models in other cases though the illustrations become a little overwhelming and the technical detail for example when dealing with matrix mechanics was probably than the reader wanted or needed and seemed likely to confuse rather than elucidateFor me the two biggest things holding the book back were the comic story format and the historical perspective Giving us Bob's story meant that we had page after page where we got no scientific content at all but eually no relatable narrative Bob is a two dimensional character and there's no attempt to draw us into the storyline And presenting the physics in a very chronological fashion which often works in a pure text popular science book here seemed to reuire too much unnecessary detail it might have better just to present things as they are understood nowI'd also say that the last few pages venturing into a very hypothetical Everettian alternative universe seemed both baffling and a waste of space especially because one page was totally blank for no obvious reason I could deduce the publisher assures me it's intentional but it looks like it's a printing errorFinally we get a uick 'the extra science bit' of about 16 pages of text This is in the form of an alphabetic glossary which seemed a bit of a waste of space a coherent chunk of text would have been useful and the alphabetic approach meant that it leads with Alain Aspect's entanglement experiments which are totally out of context for the book so rather baffling as a way inWas producing it a waste of time Absolutely not It was a truly brave experiment even if it didn't uite come off It would have benefited from a significantly stronger narrative perhaps it would have been better with a science fiction writer involved and someone to tell Damour which bits needed explanation or were unnecessary But even so I'm glad it was produced and I hope it does well Incidentally I had a problem with the ink the smell made me feel physically sick We need risk taking and creativity in popular science and this book scores five out five on both The fact I don't think it entirely succeeded shouldn't get in the way of that

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Le Mystère du monde uantiue characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å [Epub] ➜ Le Mystère du monde uantiue By Thibault Damour – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The bestselling French graphic novel about the mind bending world of uantum physicsFamous explorer Bob and his dog Rick have been around the world and even t And hang out with Heisenberg on HeligolandOn the way we find out that a dog much like a cat can be both dead and alive the gaze of a mouse can change the universe and a comic book can actually make uantum physics fun easy to understand and downright enchanting. The book is an attempt to explain the development of uantum mechanics as a uest to understand the nature of matter and energy The book partially succeeds as some of the explanations are uite good However parts of the uest seem uite disjointed It reminded me of the physics lessons in school so the book has good nostalgic value for meThe artwork is fabulous with interesting use of colour over mostly black and white ink drawings

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Le Mystère du monde uantiueThe bestselling French graphic novel about the du monde PDF #202 mind bending world of uantum physicsFamous explorer Bob and his dog Rick have been around the world and even to the Moon but Le Mystère PDFEPUBtheir travels through the uantum universe show them. Pretty and I was superficially familiar with some of the concepts discussed but this isn’t a book that explains uantum physics to someone who doesn’t already have a good understanding of it Not even at an introductory level The artwork is gorgeous but the writing is clearly by someone who understands physics and has no idea how to simplify it for someone who doesn’tFeatures not one single lady Even the dog is a boy