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Knit Together characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ [EPUB] ✴ Knit Together ✷ Vivian Kay – After Marigold Shadd’s parents disappeared during a mission trip she and her sister Ixora moved to Mapleville a rural community on the shores of Lake ErieTheir grandmother Annabelle “Big MA was unable to carry a child and asked Marigold to become their surrogate mother she said yes Marigold saw Logan's reuest as an opportunity to prove her sister Ixora wrong Ixora had always said she was selfish What could be redeeming than her carrying a baby for a woman she didn't even lik. Author Vivian Kay has penned a story that is emotional sometimes funny sometimes sad but it carries a message It’s a short novelette but the characters are well developed and interesting and it packs uite a punch Big Momma reminded me so much of my grandmother I could almost hear her voice I wanted to smack Marigold’s snooty sister Ixora until I found out why she acts that way Then I wanted to hug her I’m still mad at Logan for losing his backbone though I really wanted him to stand firm His wife Alena left such a bitter taste in my mouth I had to go brush my teeth after reading her interaction with Logan and Marigold Tackling the uestion of surrogacy unreuited love and moral obligation it also addresses complicated relationships in both love and family and the uestion of faith strength and belief Knit Together will I’m sure spark conversations in households and book clubs I’m hoping that there is a continuation of this book because I absolutely must find out what happens to the characters especially Logi JrI would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good short “I can’t put this down” read that makes you think wonder “what if” and helps you to realign your faith I was at the doctor’s office and the nurse called my name several times before I finally heard her Everyone wanted to know what had my attention so hard lol

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Friend Logan van Basten became the silver lining in her life Days after their high school graduation they ran off to New York and took up cruise ship jobsTime may heal all wounds but the decade spent at sea didn’t fill the void in Marigold’s heart When Logan revealed that his wife Alen. If I could give this story ten stars I would In less than one hundred pages Vivian Kay has woven a poignant tale as she tackles surrogacy loss complicated relationships and the true meaning of life and faith Knit Together is the type of story that will spark conversations and have the reader wondering what the future holds for the characters after it ends This was my first read by the author but I'm looking forward to reading her debut novel Secret Places and future works What a great storyteller

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Knit TogetherAfter Marigold Shadd’s parents disappeared during a mission trip she and her sister Ixora moved to Mapleville a rural community on the shores of Lake ErieTheir grandmother Annabelle “Big Momma” Henson adored them but Marigold had lost faith in everything including GodMarigold’s best. Knit Together I have not read much Christian fiction in awhile I think a lot of it has become too predictable and too safe But when I read books like 'Knit Together' my hope and joy is restored in the genre that is my first love Marigold was selfish for not really thinking through what she may have to endure as a surrogate; knowing that she really did not care for Alena should have given her pause before making a major decision that would affect her life and others Because I wanted Marigold and Logan to be together I was hoping Alena would dieBut the author decided to do other things that had me dropping my jaw wanting to slap a few characters and on the verge of tears In the end I love how Marigold took control of her life and made decisions that would bring peace and healing to her Thank God for loving grandmothers who lift us up in prayer when we won't or are too broken to reach out to Jesus My hope is that Vivian Kay will continue this story I think needs to be said I thought this was the beginning now we need a middle and an end