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Sed of vast heaps of dark red earth and rock poking out of the never ending bushI imagine that Mars must have a similar feel to it I went exploring and discovered the bronze statue to Red Dog outside the town of Dampier I felt straight away that I had to find out about this splendid dog A few months later I returned to Western Australia and spent two glorious weeks driving around collecting Red As both a dog lover understatement and an Aussie how could I not love this short little tale of a dog with such character and personality and wind? It's incredible that the author never met this dog the way he writes about the mischief and adventures is so genuine and feels so real like it could be your own dog or you neighbour's dog he's describing John was also a fantastic character the kind of guy you'd love to be able to count amongst your close friends The rural Australian slang was dead on and the imagery of Australia's scorching hellish summers and diverse landscape was delightful to read I wanted to read this before seeing the film and I'm so glad I did Best part? You can knock it over in a couple of hours and put it down feeling content and cheerful

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Red Dog author Louis de BernièrDog stories and visiting the places that he knew writing up the text as I went along I hope my cat never finds out that I have written a story to celebrate the life of a dog’ Louis de Bernières‘If you love Australia it will have you aching for the scent of gums and sight of the Southern Cross while if you love dogs it is sure to make you highly indulgent towards the one you love’ Observ Lovely story De Bernieres has done a good job of weaving the legends into a sweet tale I enjoyed a little insight into a tough pioneering style of life too


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read Red Dog author Louis de Bernières mobi ↠ Paperback É dogsalonbristol Ä ➬ Red Dog Read ➵ Author Louis de Bernières – The enchanting story of a very remarkable dog from the author of the bestselling Captain Corelli's Mandolin‘In early 1998 I wenThe enchanting story of a very remarkable dog from the author of the bestselling Captain Corelli's Mandolin‘In early 1998 I went to Perth in Western Australia in order to attend the literature festival and part of the arrangement was that I should go to Karratha to do their first ever literary dinner Karratha is a mining town a long way further north The landscape is extraordinary being compo Red Dog actually existed; the author notes in the author's note that the stories he tells in the book are all based in reality and that all he invented were the characters He first came across mention of Red Dog in 1998 when he went to Perth to attend a literature festival; part of the program was that the author would make his way to Karratha a mining town to the north There he came across a bronze statue of Red Dog and wanted to find out To write the book he later returned to the area and just drove around collected stories about Red Dog He got some of his info from newspaper cuttings as well as two other books published about the dog in Australia The book is only 119 pages long of which the last three contain a brief glossary of Aussie terms I read that part first and I would advise you to do the same The story itself isn't one long narrative but rather short little glimpses of Red Dog's life and adventures Red Dog was loved by many people didn't really have an owner and was independent and assertive enough so that people let him have his way and eventually a majority of the people who came in touch with Red Dog ended up loving him The book is at times laugh out loud funny you actually begin to feel that you are getting to know this dog while you're reading the book The story is heartwarming yet a little sad at the end but what a great story it isTo be uite honest I don't normally like stories about animals and I picked this up only because it was recommended to me as a choice for novels set in Australia or by Australian authors but I ended up absolutely loving this book I would simply recommend it to EVERYONE dog lover or no For you cat people there are some funny bits about a cat in here