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She'll defy his every expectation She’s Penna Carstairs The Renegade they call Rebel FMX treme Magazine’s sexiest female athlete of the yearThere’s no rule in extreme sports she hasn’t brokenNo gender. 45 starsIt's no secret that I'm a fan of Rebecca Yarros' writing Her stories generally hit your emotions exactly where you need them to and Rebel did exactly that This is how you close a series saving the the best 'til last and making your reader shed a little tear they never even saw coming I’d never given a shit about rules They called me Rebel for a reason The Professorstudent trope is one of my absolute favourites as I love the forbidden that comes with the territory and whilst I'll be honest in that I think that aspect was a bit underplayed there's no denying that Cruz and Penna are a perfect match Because not only does their story bring secrecy risk and romance but it delivers a good dose of action and the unexpected I loved these characters as individuals and as a couple and both were fantastically portrayed Their first meeting was intense giving us a taster of all the delicious possibilities yet following their reacuaintance things slow to a natural pace building tension fitting their circumstance Penna and Cruz are good for one another in every possible way and I appreciated the fact that despite all their fighting it they realise this and accept their feelings despite the conseuences of being found out I’m not supposed to think about you dream about you wonder what you’re doing or who you’re with But I do Naturally Rebel wouldn't have been the read it was without the supporting characters who brought depth and adventure to the story and a good share of the emotion although I can't deny that I think an opportunity has been missed in not giving Nick his story because he's much involved this time around and I loved him But overall this was a superb conclusion to The Renegades series for an epilogue junkie such as myself the epilogue was gold Cruz Delgado has stolen Josh Walker's crown as my favourite Rebecca Yarros hero and I look forward to seeing what she brings us next Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinionStock Image

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Rebel The Renegades #3Rebel The MOBI #8608 the woman I can’t get out of my head is the one woman I can never touch againI’m Dr Cruz Delgado the youngest professor on this campusAnd Penelope Carstairs just walked into my class. Last 20% was the bestI rarely take 4 days to finish a book When that happens it is because I just cannot get into the story It is frustrating to me and I felt like I was missing so much in this oneThis is definitely crafted in the YA methodology Plus it is a continuation in a series where you simply need to read the prior books I really wish the publisher would call that out better in the synopsis Anyway while the story was interesting in many ways there was too much talk drama and therefore I really missed the connection between Cruz and Penna aka Rebel It was a good match up but with the long lead in into something actually happening it became boring for me Cruz was an amazing character and I did love everything he was about and how he treated her I just wish I felt connection overall with this bookAs I stated earlier the last 20% of the book was the best although a huge wrap up was missing about one important character in this story Not sure what that is aboutThe theme was good but you should read the other parts before entering this book Do yourself a favor

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Review µ Rebel The Renegades #3 Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê [Epub] ➜ Rebel The Renegades #3 By Rebecca Yarros – She'll defy his every expectation She’s Penna Carstairs The Renegade they call Rebel FMX treme Magazine’s sexiest female athlete oBarrier she hasn’t demolishedShe’s the woman I met in a bar in VegasThe woman I illegally BASE jumped forThe woman I spent one insane incredible night withBut now I’m screwedOr rathernot screwedBecause. What a delicious smart adventurous read I don't know what I expected going into Rebel Maybe nothing really What I left with is achy cheeks from smiling wet lashes from a little tears and a full heart from reading one of the best reads of the yearRebel is a bookworm's dream The plot is intricate but not distracting The characters are intelligent confident but let just undone enough so we can relate And of course so our main characters can fill them for one another A read until your eyes force close stay up way past your bedtime rush the kids through the nightly routine kind of read See I'm typing this out and smiling just thinking of them So so good An absolute must readthis is me taking your finger and clicking BUY NOW when it's available You'll thank me later