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PDF ↠ BOOK Every Anxious Wave FREE ô ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Every Anxious Wave By Mo Daviau ✼ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Karl Bender barman et rocker mène une vie tranuille jusu'au jour où à la recherche de ses vieilles rangers il découvre dans son armoire un portail temporel Son pote Wayne informaticien parvient à Karl Bender E informaticien parvient à créer une machine capable de le contrôler Une véritable aubaine ils peuvent maintenant assister aux concerts les plus mythiues et fines mouche It book really surprised me I thought it was going to be really funny and ridiculous I mean the premise sounds a guy finding a wormhole in his closet and using it to go see his favorite bands in the past But it was actually a pretty heartfelt story I moved uickly and a few times I got a bit muddled with all the time jumping but I thought that it added an interesting dynamic to the story telling It will definitely make you think about the things that happen in a person's like that makes them who they are And what if anything we might change in our own lives given the chance even if it meant losing something we have to an unknown

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Karl Bender barman et rocker mène une vie tranuille jusu'au jour où à la recherche de ses vieilles rangers il découvre dans son armoire un portail temporel Son pote Wayn this is a book with an irresistible hook High Fidelity with time travel that is the perfect opportunity for a joyful if flimsy romp full of pop culture references and fanboygirl gushing and a little romance slapped on top because a book's gotta have one of those and it started out that wayit's got that same kind of bittersweet nostalgia as High Fidelity Wayne and I shared that common affliction plaguing single men with limited prospects and self destructive tendencies we regarded our pasts with such love and loss that every day forward was a butter knife to the gut Our twenties had been full of rock music and courage The future made us older but our wisdom was dubious Wayne and I avoided the pain of tomorrow with alcohol and old rock bands Pavement on the jukebox the heavenly reddish glow of neon signs and sentences that started with Remember whenheavy on the get off my lawn older man bitter A pack of talentless teenagers who played covers of Liz Phair songs like they meant nothing and then lo on PAGE TWO karl discovers that there is a time traveling wormhole in the floor of his bedroom that permits passage back in time and he rents it out to others for with very specific rules the wormhole can only be used to visit concerts from the past no souvenirs no photos or audio recordings no interactions of any kind no leaving the venue and no staying longer than the duration of the concert and despite all the jeeez mom rules this concept is fun fun stuff this is like first date icebreaking conversation starters what concert would you go to if you could? even though there's only one answer oingo boingo farewell tour halloween 1995and now we are on a date and of course time travel is complicated and mistakes are made and karl's data entry typo sends his best only friend wayne back to 980 manhattan where the lack of technology problematizes wayne's return journey and reuires the recruitment of an astrophysicist who is coincidentally also a passionate music lover and also karl's type apparently all of these things the farfetched premise the reliance on coincidences the fast pace at the expense of explanation all of these set up an expectation for the kind of book this should have been frothy escapist nothing you have to think or feel too hard about a bit of rock and roll fun with silly pretty meaningless lines like Lena moved her foot over to mine to hold it We were holding feet like cautious lovers in a storybook about secretsand it is indeed popcorn lit for a while but then it goes a bit dark; darker than the premise would suggest but not dark in a way that i found enjoyable the writing wasn't strong enough to support the tonal switch you need to earn your darkness or it can be alienating to the reader who has become caught up in this light fantasy until now the characters aren't developed enough to pull off a story with any depth they still think they are back in that rock and roll time travel book they auditioned for on the subject of characters i found both karl and lena to be profoundly unlikeable and they seemed so ill suited to one another i never understood if i was meant to be rooting for them to get together or for them to realize they had no chemistry i never understood their insistence on being together she's mercurial he's gormless there's no sparks flying anywhere he's like a burr that's attached to her just cuz she walked by and she's always trying to shake him off the synopsis sez this book will address how to hold on to love across time but these two can't even hold on to love across a chapter also his only consistent criterion for romantic attraction seems to be damage which is usually a sinister uality in a man this book glosses too much which is fine in the kind of book i thought it was at the start a we're just having fun here book can get away with a freewheeling nose thumb at details like how does time travel work?? it just does

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Every Anxious WaveS mettre en vente des places pour les clients du bar Wayne pour sa part ne veut pas s'arrêter là Il va faire uelue chose de grandiose empêcher l'assassinat de John Lennon This relentlessly creative and fast moving novel opens like a late night rock and roll uestion “If you could time travel to any concert in history which one would you go to?” In Every Anxious Wave washed up indie rocker Karl Bender discovers that his closet is the portal to a time travel wormhole; with a simple laptop program he and his friend Wayne can transport travelers to any place and time they choose The two guys start a booming business sending eager rock fans back to see their favorite gigs albeit with one rule don’t change anything and come home right afterwards But rules are made to be brokenRead the rest of Andrew's review and see the author's book playlist here