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Ins and cougars are unnerving but at least it's a distraction from her other anxieties like her best friend's departure for Italy her boss's plan to sell the company and the ongoing uestions about her father's suspicious death But in the chilly darkness of the volcanic rock she discovers a Forest Service employee stabbed with a trowel Now Meg will need to Another fun episode with Meg Reed outdoor writersleuth Set in Bend OR this book has descriptions of desert caves etc The story line continues the ongoing saga of Meg’s dad Charlie Oregonian newspaper writer who died while investigating the state’s drug epidemic Although there is lots that will be of interest to locals the excessive craft beercoffeeNew Age Hipster emphasis is a bit over the edge

READER In Cave Danger Pacific Northwest Mystery #5

In Cave Danger Pacific Northwest Mystery #5Do some in depth investigating or the truth may never come to the surface PRAISE FOR SCENE OF THE CLIMB A splendid overview of the greater Portland and Columbia River Gorge region perfect for travel buffs Her protagonist shows promise with her determined attitude and moxie Library Journal A fun terrific adventure Suspense Magazine INCLUDES ADVENTURE GUIDES This is the last book in the Pacific Northwest Mystery series starring Meg a writer working for an outdoor publication who happens to stumble upon bodies almost every time she's sent in the field to research a story This book takes her to Bend Oregon where there's a battle over who should own certain public land She goes on a tour of the Lava River Caves and finds the body of a Forest Service ranger While trying to help solve this mystery she also makes progress on figuring out what really happened to her dad who was killed two years earlier while doing investigative journalism of his ownI don't think I realized this was the final book in this series or else I would have read this much earlier just to finish it off I guess I expected this series to go on indefinitely as many cozy mystery series do but it was nice to have a solid conclusion to the story I've read a few of the author's series and I think this has been my favorite of the lot probably because I like the depiction of all the outdoor adventures she has in places I've actually been This was no exception it was fun to read about her exploration of Bend a city I've been to and thus could easily pictureThe mystery in here was solid and I liked the cast of characters and suspects I had a hunch about who the killer would be although I didn't put everything together until later and there were also a number of surprises along the way The author did a nice job tying up the overarching mystery in here what really happened to Meg's dad? while also providing an entertaining book specific mystery There was a nice balance to it without making one significantly prominent than the other and both wrapped up in satisfying ways I'm disappointed this is the end to this series as I've enjoyed it a lot but who knows maybe Meg will return in another form one day


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READER ✓ DOC In Cave Danger Pacific Northwest Mystery #5 · KATE E. DYER-SEELEY · ➞ In Cave Danger Pacific Northwest Mystery #5 free download ➣ Author Kate E. Dyer-Seeley – On an expedition into Oregon's Lava River Cave outdoor journalist Meg Reed sOn an expedition into Oregon's Lava River Cave outdoor journalist Meg Reed stumbles across a body buried way than six feet under A debate is raging over the use of public lands and to cover the story for Northwest Extreme magazine Meg joins a congressman and several others on a subterranean adventure despite her intense claustrophobia The thoughts of cave This book takes us to the Bend Oregon and Newberry Lava Caves It touches on who should control the use of public lands More information is given on the death of Meg's Father who died two years beforeMeg Reed is a journalist for the Northwest Extreme magazine You will fear Meg's thoughts of the beauty of the caves and the danger that can occur with an exploration of underground caves Her uncertainty of who she should trust with the information she has found as she explores the area Her dislike of certain individuals and her feelings about others that she feels cares for the land The changed that occur will keep you reading The ending completely surprised me I never saw it coming I am looking forward the next book I highly recommend this book and series set in the Pacific Northwest Adventure tips are providedDisclosure I received a free copy from Kennington Books through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book The opinions expressed are my own