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Job description But she and sexy CEO Nathaniel Winston are snowbound for Christmasalong with an adorable baby who might be Nathaniel’s daughterNathaniel needs Dani’s help. The author generously provided a copy of this book for reviewBefore reading Billionaire Boss Holiday Baby I hadn’t read a book in the Billionaires and Babies series Heck I hadn’t even read a Harleuin Desire before So basically I have very little to compare the book to in terms of style What I do know is that Billionaire Boss Holiday Baby was a fun festive read Dani and Nathaniel are leaving their work Christmas party when they find a tiny little baby in the parking lot by Nathaniel’s car with a note stating that it’s his Nathaniel is completely clueless in caring for a child so his assistant Dani takes charge and takes care of the little girl they call Peaches Nathaniel Dani and the baby make their way to his condo in the middle of a seriously scary snowstorm and hunker down for the long weekend including Christmas since they can’t leave the city in the snow In Nathaniel’s condo things get real not only in caring for Peaches but also in the ways that Nathaniel and Dani feel they need to own up to their long standing feelings for one another Can they come together and make a little family with Peaches or will the close proximity tear them apartIf you are looking for a short holiday read this book is just the ticket I read Billionaire Boss Holiday Baby in one day and I appreciated that Maynard was able to fit so much character development conflict and romance into such a small package Why were the aromas wafting from the kitchen both tantalizing and unsettling He didn’t want his condo to smell like Christmas He didn’t want a tree He didn’t want DaniWhat a liar you are His libido was honest than heIn barely twenty four hours Dani had transformed Nathaniel’s hideout from the world into a warm holiday scented incredibly appealing home How she had done it so uickly and so well he couldn’t exactly say It was than the groceries and the tree though he couldn’t put his finger on what was so different with her hereI’m usually not a fan of the bossemployee dynamic in my romances but Dani and Nathaniel were so genuinely attracted to one another for so long they had worked together for years that their power dynamic going into the bulk of this story was pretty even Add in Dani’s knowledge of child care that came in handy at a time when her boss was pretty helpless yeah they were euals Now their working relationship was a reason that they didn’t act on their feelings initially but as this story progressed their reasons to be together were stronger than their reasons to be apart35 stars for Billionaire Boss Holiday Baby

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Billionaire Boss Holiday BabyBut his fantasies about his executive assistant are nowhere near as hot as the reality of having her in his homeand in his bed When the snow melts will he be able to say goodby. Nathaniel is the hands off stay out of my way kind of boss Dani works with him it is Christmas time and they are having a party to celebrate before leaving for ChristmasThey barely get away before a big storm hitsNathaniel offers to take Dani hope but when they get to his car there is a surprise waiting for himDani offers to help They than get snowed in for several days with a baby and each otherWill they fight their attraction or give in to it Will Nathaniel let his guard down and let Dani in Will his past get in the way of them coming together as a couple Will going to her parents finally when they can get out cause them to become closer or drag them apartThis was such a good story surrounded with it being ChristmasA hard book to put down

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ö Billionaire Boss Holiday Baby È ❮Read❯ ➵ Billionaire Boss Holiday Baby Author Janice Maynard – This bachelor boss gets a little holiday surpriseonly from USA TODAY bestselling author Janice MaynardBeing stranded with her crush worthy boss isn’t part of Dani MeadowsThis bachelor boss gets a little holiday surpriseonly from USA TODAY bestselling author Janice MaynardBeing stranded with her crush worthy boss isn’t part of Dani Meadows’s. My MusingsWhat a great story I really enjoyed the characters and the plot Ms Maynard does a fantastic job developing the story and making it believable Glad I found this book Happy ☺reading 📚