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Heartbreaker A NovelA poignant new novel that combines humour and heartache from the brilliant mind of Governor General’s Award finalist Claudia DeySeventeen years after falling from a stolen car into a remote northern town Billie Jean Fontaine is still an outsider She may follow the stifling rules of this odd place but no one will forget that she came from elsewhere When Billie Dnf at 20% There may be brilliance somewhere here but if so I can't find it Have no idea what I just read Definitely not the book for me


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mobi ↠ doc Heartbreaker A Novel 9781443451376 Free ✓ dogsalonbristol ¸ ❴Reading❵ ➼ Heartbreaker A Novel Author Claudia Dey – A poignant new novel that combines humour and heartache from the brilliant mind of Governor General’s Award finalist ClJean vanishes one cold October night in her bare feet and track suit with only her truck keys those closest to her begin a frantic search Her daughter Pony a girl struggling against being a teen in the middle of nowhere; her killer dog to whom she cannot tell a lie; her husband The Heavy a man haunted by his past; and the charismatic Supernatural a teenage boy lo This book defies genre and logic in so many ways I was under the spell of 1980's music references the mysterious location we're never entirely sure about and the cult like community we enter Billie Jean Fontaine hasn't left her home in almost three months She abruptly walks out without shoes or a coat on a freezing evening and takes off in the family truck The community begins to whisper about her absence and though she arrived 17 years ago and became a part of the 'territory' she has remained the outsiderBillie Jean's story unfolds for us through three surprising narrators Her dramatic and often heartbreaking tale is woven into the electric atmosphere of the mysterious territory that is described with vague details that left me with so many uestions From the 1980s pop culture references to the bizarre traditions of the community I was never sure what was truth and what was fantasy A sci fi dramamysterydystopia that I can only compare to an alternate reality version of My So Called Life if it had taken place in a cult like compound in the wilderness in the mid 80's and was directed by M Night Shyamalan Heartbreaker crosses so many genres but never fits comfortably into oneThanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review

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Nging only to be average Each holding a different piece of the puzzle they must come together to understand the darkest secrets of their beloved and lay bare the mysteries of the human heartWith her luminous prose wry humour and dead on cultural observations Claudia Dey has created a storytelling tour de force about what it means to love no matter the conseuences This book THIS BOOK I had no idea what I was in for when I started it All I knew is that it was kind of a mystery set in the '80sHeartbreaker begins with teenager Pony Darlene ruminating on the disappearance and life of her mother Billie Jean We see life through Pony's eyes her mysterious mother her stoic father the super 80s characters of the townBut the magic of this book isn't with the plot per se though that was as complex and expertly woven as a beautiful colorful uiltbut with the storytelling itself I have never read a book like this Dey's voice is uirky uniue and at times confusing I had to go back and read certain passages peeling back the layers of what had just been said but it was so worth the effort This book won't be for everyone Doubtless some will find it too strange too weird too out there For me though? One of my favorite books of the year It was SO REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT There's something seductive abut this kind of weirdness it piues the interest makes you feel like a voyeur into a setting so different it may as well be extraterrestrial The Territory was a character itself and then shows you how similar you are to these people The love the secrets the thought processeswe all do this stuff Or at least we do and think things like themI know this review is rambling and vague but it's because I don't want to give anything away There were a few revealsone I suspected but I think it's because I was meant to and it rose and crested like a wave So good The other was also suspected and low key Heartbreaker is divided into three parts and even that caught me off surprise I don't want to ruin any surprises for anyone This story's like mining for gold and finding thousands of diamonds The end made me smile and tear up a little I rooted hardcore for Pony Supernatural The Heavy and Billie JeanThanks to Netgalley for the ARC