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A lost identity A dangerous mystery And a deep love that can conuer it His Sinful PDFEPUB or allWhen a mysterious gentleman arrives on his doorstep Alexander Moreland is astonished to discover that the stranger is not a gentleman at all but a beautiful young woman disguised as a man and in great need of assistanc. Inoffensive but also unexciting offering from Camp featuring amnesic heroine who seeks the assistance of the Moreland investigative agency to locate her lost identity and memory Fortuitously Alex Moreland the twin of the agency's owner happens to be there in his brother's stead Alex feels an instant spiritual connection to this beautiful well spoken but distraught young girl dressed in boy's clothing She carries nothing on her person but bruises suggesting physical trauma and a few items some of which hint that she might have been running from someone She also carries a locket bearing the name Sabrina Alex is the younger son of the Duke of Moreland His family is powerful but known to be eccentric and yes even mad Many of his family members have strange and supernatural abilities For Alex he is able to sense things by touching objects Occasionally he is also overcome by sudden forebodings of events of sense of ill feeling when those he care about are threatened This usually pertains to his twin brother but he is shocked to find that he has the same psychic link with Sabrina Camp is a great writer but this is not one of her memorable works Alex and Sabrina connected at first sight spiritually emotionally lustfully There really was nowhere to go in terms of their relationship development apart from just awaiting for the inevitable physical connections to happen The focus of the book was on solving the mystery of Sabrina's background Alex was too bland a hero not self assured enough for my taste being only 24 to her 20 His twin Con and Sabrina's friend Lilah appear to have greater chemistry At least it's not instant feels between them but instant antagonism I shall check out their story in the next book I found the narrator uite annoying especially when he voiced Sabrina because he puts a recurrent rhythmic inflection at the end of each of her lines like an accent which just makes me want to pull off the earphones and hum to myself It's hard to explain because it's uite unusual but it just drove me nuts to hear that and it made her speech appear unnatural and detached

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His Sinful TouchE The woman remembers nothing except her own name Sabrina and has only the contents of her pockets as clues to her identity a handkerchief a pocket watch a leather pouch a torn scrap of paper and a gold ringSabrina is certain that she is on the run from someone or something how else to explain the bruises on her. His Sinful Touch was a wonderful historical romance with a slight paranormal twist about a heroine on the run from unknown foes and the hero determined to protect herAs Alexander Moreland is leaving his brother’s office a mysterious gentleman arrives seeking assistance only to be revealed as a woman in disguise and on the run The woman remembers nothing about who she is apart from her first name Sabrina and she can feel she’s running from something but has no clue as to why As Alex and Sabrina work to uncover her past they grow closer to each other while what she’s running from begins to close inSabrina despite her memory loss managed to get herself out of harm’s way and seek assistance to find out who she is and what happened to her I felt that showed a great deal of inner strength and proved her to be a clever woman who had the potential to outwit her enemies During the weeks she worked with Alex to uncover information Sabrina showed she was a strong level headed woman who was unwilling to let others make decisions for her After uncovering her identity Sabrina does have difficulty reconciling who she is now with who she was before her memory loss which she eventually is able to work through with Alex’s helpAlex is very close to all of the Morelands but is by far the closest to his twin brother Con to the extent that they know what the other is thinking or when they’re in distress In addition to his twin speak as him and Con call it Alex also has the ability to sense things when he touches an object In particular strong emotions tied to the object come through the best This ability puts him in a uniue position to help Sabrina and he actually develops the skill even further over the course of helping her as he feels so strongly about finding out what happenedSabrina and Alex both feel an immediate connection when they meet with Alex feeling a remarkably similar connection to Sabrina that he feels with Con which is something he’s never experienced before There is an initial hesitation in their relationship due to the lack of knowledge about Sabrina’s past including her marital status When the relationship turns physical there are several scenes where they give in to their feelings only to reign themselves in Once they finally let themselves go the scenes are uite steamy and very well done Towards the end of the book a bit of miscommunication does slow things down but thankfully that is resolved uicklyHaving only read the first book in the Mad Morelands series Mesmerized I did miss out on the other siblings’ stories but I never felt lost The author does a great job with the side characters and at showing you who everyone is My favorite of the side characters were definitely all of the women in the Moreland clan All of them are huge advocates of women’s rights and there were several excellent scenes where they put men in their place for trying to talk of women as the lesser sex or as propertyI was pleasantly surprised to see the touch of paranormal that showed up in the first book is present again here and by the sounds of it in all the other books as well The addition of a paranormal element definitely sets this series apart from most historical romance books and i

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REVIEW Ð His Sinful Touch â [KINDLE] ❀ His Sinful Touch Author Candace Camp – A lost identity A dangerous mystery And a deep love that can conuer it allWhen a mysterious gentleman arrives on his doorstep Alexander Moreland is astonished to discover that the stranger is not a ge A lost identity A dangerous mystery And a Face and the pervasive sense of dread she feels She’s also certain that she trusts Alex to help her and she can’t deny the sparks that fly between them As they race through the English countryside Sabrina and Alex must solve the mystery of Sabrina’s past before whatever she’s running from catches up to th. Haunted by flashbacksThe Mad Morelands what a stunning group of people are at it again Or rather life is at them Alexander Moreland is surprised by a young man who appears at his office disheveled and distressed Only that young man is a young woman who has completely lost her memory and has by fortuitous circumstances found her way to Moreland's Investigative Agency and will find her way right into Alex's heartThe hunt to find Sabrina's past will uncover much and put them both at risk In the journey they will discover much that holds them together and recollections from the mists of their pasts A rollicking good read with plenty of humor heart stopping moments and of course romantic inclinationsA NetGalley ARC