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Sets out to find James the perfect wife But things don’t progress as either of them expectA Regency romance featuring an earl who needs to marry in a hurry the spinster he turns to for help and a list that growsand growsand gro A stellar historical romance in the friends to lovers vein The Earl's Dilemma by Emily May will leave you with a sappy grin on your face and a little skip in your step Kate has loved James since she was seventeen But after that humiliating summer she learned to hide her feelings and treat him like the treasured friend he needs Since then she's only poured out her heart to her diaries she writes in while secluded in the hidden priest hole of her brother's house So when she overhears James say that he intends to marry her she's first thrilleduntil she hears his reasonsJames needs to marry in seven weeks or forfeit the home he loves He always wanted to marry for love but now he'll marry for comfort And who better than his best friend's sister? She certainly won't turn him down She loved him years ago they're good friends she won't expect too much from himright? But suddenly Kate turns James' world upside down SHE won't marry him but she'll help him find a wife So how come all James can think of is how no matter how 'perfect' her candidates arethey aren't KateYes it's a well used plot But I gotta tell ya that it's been a long time since I've enjoyed the execution as well as this story by Emily May The pacing and gradual deepening of emotion felt real and realistic The addition of a secondary love story with the heroine's brother was just icing on the cupcake The Earl's Dilemma is a uick afternoon read about three people you come to like with just enough heat to satisfy

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The Earl's DilemmaHe's running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He’s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend’s sister Kate has been on the shelf fo I started out being a bit annoyed at the hero James He was very dismissive about Kate's looks and not loving her He had decided to marry her because he needed a bride to keep his estates and his fortune Unfortunately Kate overhears his discussion with her brother and she already has issues about being tall red headed and freckled She's been in love with James her brother's best friend for over eleven years but realizes he will never love her She determines that she will help him find a bride he could love when he asks her to marry himSo begins the bride hunt And James manages to find something wrong with every suitable candidate as he realizes that Kate is perfect for him As I said I was leaning towards not liking James at all But seeing the evolution in his thoughts about Kate and seeing the secret pain he has about his experiences in the Napoleonic Wars it was hard to dislike him By the end of the book I was thoroughly hoping that would be able to get Kate to marry him This was a uick read and a good one a book that you don't want to put down Actually I went out to do some pruning and cleaning up in the garden and when I came back had to search very hard to find it Thankfully I did because it was very enjoyable I felt for Kate as she so clearly loved James and enough to make sure he had a bride he could love I was glad that James did realize what a treasure she was and that he did a great job at showing his love and devotion for her It's nice to read a regency book that is so well written and has a romance that develops and resolves so nicely


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The Earl's Dilemma Book ✓ 299 pages Download à [KINDLE] ❂ The Earl's Dilemma Author Emily Larkin – He's running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He’s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend’s sisteR years Why then does she so firmly turn him down? Surely she can’t be holding out for a love match? But Kate has a proposal of her own she’ll find James a bride he can fall in love with Armed with a list of reuirements Kate What a fun read❤️