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review Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö Tess Evans Wants to help out his new friends but if he does he's at risk of his past being exposed Having his secret out there could change everything for him Will he help them out even if it costs him his second chance at happiness'Highly topical and engaging incubating a mystery which must not be revealed until the exact psychological moment entertaining and charismatic' Adelaide Advertiser. Now Banjo Crossing could be one of many towns around battling to avoid the coal industry Take one out of towner who could have become noticed whilst this uaint place battles for what they know and love Beautifully written and so glad I got an arc from giveaways to enjoy this treasure

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The Ballad of Banjo Crossing Free read ↠ 105 ¼ ❴Read❵ ➪ The Ballad of Banjo Crossing Author Tess Evans – A tender heartwarming and utterly appealing novel about the power of community love loss and second chances Jack McPhail is a man on the run from his past a drifter who lands by acci A tender heartwarming of Banjo eBook #10003 and utterly appealing novel about the power of community love loss and second chances Jack McPhail is a man on the run from his past a drifter who lands by The Ballad PDFEPUBaccident in a sleepy outback Australian town called Banjo Crossing Jack almost despite himself becomes slowly drawn into the town its community its characters and its. 35 starsThis book reminded me very much of the blueberry muffin that appears on the cover I grant you that this is an odd analogy but it makes perfect sense if you think about it It was sweet old fashioned the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea The kind of book that warms you that’s just a tiny bit twee baked in line with a traditional recipe tasty and comforting Some sadness echoed in the sharp taste of blueberries but overall a joy The kind of book you could recommend uite happily to your nanna provided she doesn’t mind a couple of expletives along the way and an M rated sex scene To be honest I nearly gave the book an extra half star because it was written by someone who lives not twenty minutes’ drive from my house according to her goodreads bio No fear I’m not a stalker How exciting though I had no idea I might run into her at the shops one day ooooer Erhum Not that authors make me remotely star struck noooooo did I mention I know Sarah Schmidt and I once got an actual email from Monica McInerney Honestly I am hopeless International readers will think me a twitAnyways This book was gentle and lovely It must be said that it was a tiny bit predictable but I think this added to the overall effect A blueberry muffin would not be a blueberry muffin if it had a pickled onion in it It’s not a thriller and the big reveal isn’t jaw dropping of an ohhhhh yes of course moment but it kept me engaged I liked the characters in the small town of Banjo Crossing the solidarity and prejudices of the small town the noble portrait of a woman with early signs of dementia If you’re a fan of gentle novels romance and an old fashioned yarn give this one a go And if I run into the author at the shops I’ll say thank you from us bothBestDonnaPSI did listen to the audio version

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The Ballad of Banjo CrossingConcernsHe's on the brink of falling in love Ballad of Banjo eBook #9734 with Mardi a young widow and owner of the local coffee shop when the community is confronted and divided by an unexpected development A coal mining company has come to town intent on buying up the local properties to build an open cut mine The town of Banjo Crossing rallies together to fight off the threat Jack. I am disappointed with this book There was not enough feeling to portray what otherwise was a great story The characters are one dimensional and none of them were relatable 1 Mardi She is a widow who struggles with moving on from her deceased husband There were many scenes in the book with her missing her husband but none of these scenes got to me They were lacking the descriptive language and depth of feeling of a grieving widow 2 Jack I can’t for the life of me understand why his secret was so difficult to share with a woman he was falling in love with Once we found out what it was it was a horrible moment of “what in the world” for me I felt cheated The way Jack and the narrator guarded his secret made it sound so much worse than what it actually was Ugh It made me feel like I trudged through a so so book for the hook that ended up letting me down 3 The old lady and her daughter Really There is so much depth of feeling involved with this type of dynamic middle aged daughter “trapped” into taking care of elderly mum who is also in mental decline but the author did not delve into this AT ALL I feel like the situation was simply REPORTED to us but with none of the feeling There’s a scene where Mardi is present during the preliminary memory test for the lady also a very unbelievable thing to accept that a doctor would be willing to do this with a non family member in attendance The best that the narrator could do at the heart breaking results is to say that she felt bad C’MON It’s incredibly heart breaking to witness an elder acuaintance struggle with their mental faculties yet somehow all this scene elicits is that Mardi felt bad Ugh Overall I find this book very disappointing in regards to conveying emotion I feel like I read an overall interesting story with interesting characters but none of which were elaborated on and I could relate to nothing I was hooked by the blurb of the book as I have also lived in a town much like Banjo Crossing as an outsider so I thought at the least I would be able to relate to Jack But while all of the events and aspects of such a small town portrayed in the book were FAMILIAR to me as things that come along in a small rural Australian town I simply could not FEEL any connection to it