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Monk Dawson Ebook ¸ Ã ❮Reading❯ ➽ Monk Dawson ➶ Author Piers Paul Read – Edward Dawson is sent by his widowed mother to be educated at Kirkham a Catholic boarding school run by Benedictine monks Conscientious and idealistic Dawson is persuaded that he has a monastic vocati Edward Dawson is sent by hisEdward Dawson is sent by his widowed mother to be educated at Kirkham a Catholic boarding school run by Benedictine monks Conscientious and idealistic Dawson is persuaded that he has a monastic vocation and joins the community upon leaving school He soon feels that educating the sons of the rich is an inadeuate re The reason I wanted to read Monk Dawson by Piers Paul Read may be a ridiculous reason So be it The story line is the faith of Edward Dawson My father’s name is Edward Dawson Talk about being called by nameDid that make me love the book? No I was impartial I found the book interesting intriguing and genuine It’s a fictional biography of Edward Dawson starting as a school boy up to a middle aged man He enters religious life immediately following high school In fact it’s like he never left school Life continues as before except that he’s in front of the class teaching Gradually he reads many liberal progressive pop cultural social justice books Soon he too is sprouting the current social justice line He asks his favorite advisor Father Maximilian how their religious order can justify teaching the rich The answer isCujus region ejus religio Secure the prince and you have his subjectsThis principle means teach the leaders and they will influence the others Father Dawson didn’t agree Neither did the Pope who reemphasized Christ’s remark “I have compassion on the multitude” So Dawson leaves that religious order to become a secular priest in London I think he’s a good priest He works hard He prays conscientiously He really tries his best One example is the daughter of a parishioner whom he tries to mentor Theresa Theresa is typical of the cynical skeptical rebellious oppositional personality of a teenager One example of her rants I just don’t seem to need FaithI don’t seem to need itThere are so many straight forward intelligent people who don’t believe a word of it honestly who think that believing a bit of bread is the body of Jesus Christ is like thinking that babies are brought by storksWhile working as a priest in London a journalist friend from his school days offers him the job of writing religious social commentaries Dawson does well He seems to have a talent for writing and he himself enjoys it His writes critical commentaries on the church He garners praise and admirers Soon it becomes apparent to Dawson that he can do God’s work through his social justice articles criticism of politics and the church than the priesthood He leaves the priesthoodThe author’s description of the ex priest trying to acclimate himself to buying and wearing secular menswear is funny Well the priest feels foolish and Piers Paul Read describes that foolishness expertly However it is in the middle of this foolishness that the next part of Dawson’s life begins He runs into Jenny StantonAt first he can’t place her She’s cheerful and chatty and says that her difficulties are now over and why doesn’t he give her a call—she’s in the phone book She has great legs; a fact he never noticed as a priest Since he literally has no social life eg friends he does look her up and they begin a relationship Here is where he enters Jenny’s life of the idle fashionable and shallow She’s a rich divorcee that introduces him to lifestyles he use to preach against He easily slips into decadenceWhen Jenny dumps him he drinks for solace He is saved by Theresa Yes that teenaged girl he tried to help helps him They become a couple but he still can’t find meaning to his life any Where and when did he lose it? He is absorbed in self pity His depression affects Theresa She can’t see any meaning to anything either Her end is tragicIt takes Theresa’s suicide to drive Dawson to contemplative searching When you go in the desert you don’t come out the same Dawson’s friends wonder what happened to him and are surprised to find that he has entered a religious order of strict observance He really is Monk DawsonI recommend the book I liked Piers Paul Read’s characterizations They are true So is the conscience wrestling that Dawson goes through It is such a modern cultural depiction that I had look at the front of the book to see the publication date—1960’s What I wished Dawson would have expounded on was the arguments for God The reader reads all the accusations against but only uick uips supporting God I guess redemption says it all

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N social work politics and perhaps psychology but not religionDawson leaves the priesthood to work as a journalist He is taken up by a rich divorcée Jenny Stanten and becomes her lover He enters her circle of decadent fashionable friends and follows a precipitous Rake’s Progress towards debauchery and disillusi One of those novels where a wayward hero goes to confession at the end and everything is peachy Pfffft

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Monk DawsonSponse to suffering and injustice and so leaves Kirkham to serve as a secular priest in London Under the eye of an indulgent archbishop Dawson’s radical sermons and provocative articles in the Catholic press gain him many admirers but they also persuade him that the solutions to human suffering are to be found i This book is very well written and held my interest from beginning to end but after I had finished it I felt somewhat let down as I expected something from the story I am told that the leading character in the ideal novel is meant to resolve a problem and develop in some way or other Piers Paul Read attended Ampleforth an elite Catholic public school run by monks so he has a good insight of the way of life led there and Catholicism Monk Dawson is beset with problems which he does not appear to resolve for himself either as a monk or as a lay person In the end one is left feeling rather depressed as the real world and the world of the cloisters of the novel both seem eually futile and pointless