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To Shake the Sleeping SelfNg Self is an unforgettable reflection on adventure identity and a life lived without regretPraise for To Shake the Sleeping SelfJenkins is a guy deeply connected to his personal truth and just so refreshingly present Rich Roll author of Finding UltraThis is much than a book about a bike ride This is a deep soul deepening us Jedidiah Jenkins is a mystic disguised as a millennial Tom Shadyac author of Life's Operating ManualThought provoking and inspirational This uplifting memoir and travelogue will remind readers of the power of movement for the body and the soul Publishers Week. So much White boy privilege Congratulations on an incredible journey book was meh I listened to it at 2x I tried to go to 1x and fell asleep Insights were superficial nothing resolved in the endAnd he is soooo unprepared for this undertaking The part that really drove me batshit was he bought Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish but didn't use it Really dude You couldn't listen to it on your 1000 mile bike ride from Portland to Mexico Or at all during your 14 months or whatever it was time on the road At no point you felt compelled to learn the language

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D around the uestion What makes a life worth livingIn this unflinchingly honest memoir Jed narrates his adventure the people and places he encountered on his way to the bottom of the world as well as the internal journey that started it all As he traverses cities mountains and inner boundaries Jenkins grapples with the uestion of what it means to be an adult his struggle to reconcile his sexual identity with his conservative Christian upbringing and his belief in travel as a way to wake us up to life back homeA soul stirring read for the wanderer in each of us To Shake the Sleepi. I am an avid cyclist who has been planning to ride to Patagonia for years I also love reading about cycling My wife got me this book for a christmas present and I finally got around to reading it I'm not sure how he did it but the attorney for Kony 2012 figured out a way to make a book ostensibly about cycling to Patagonia a bore filled with skin deep philosophizing and a shallow depth of understanding To begin with he claims that he was serendipitously connected with some Instagram executives through a friend who then featured him on Instagram A rather simple Google search can deduce that the author was an attorney for the viral documentary Kony 2012 which would simply place him within the orbit of Instagram executives There was nothing serendipitous about it This lack of self awareness and inability to connect seemingly disparate ideas infuses the entire bookThe author is obviously not a cyclist and the bicycle was simply a tool for self discovery and travel That I could have dealt with He also claims to be interested in anthropology while barely skimming the subject Instead choosing to wax poetic and I mean pages and pages about his family and friends who repeatedly keep coming to visit him He complains about his riding partner who says deep things to him and is constantly uestioning the nature of life and society It's all rather insufferableAt one point he is in Patagonia and meets a young woman who uestions him about American imperialism and he sort of laughs her off with a remark about how he knows some friends who work at NPR Again simple platitudes demonstrating a shallow depth of understanding I really really didn't like this book Had he chosen to focus on the people he met on the road the cultures of the countries he was in or even focused on the riding I would probably have enjoyed it I simply could not bring myself to care about the author's family entitled friends or his sexuality and religion I also found myself feeling that his friend who left halfway through the trip could probably have written a far compelling story based on the trip

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To Shake the Sleeping Self Free read ↠ 104 Ý ❴Download❵ ➵ To Shake the Sleeping Self Author Jedidiah Jenkins – NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER With winning candor Jedidiah Jenkins takes us with him as he bicycles across two continents and delves deeply into his own beautiful heart Cheryl StrayeNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER With winning candor the Sleeping PDF #203 Jedidiah Jenkins takes us with him as he bicycles across two continents and delves deeply into To Shake PDFEPUBhis own beautiful heart Cheryl Strayed author of Wild and Tiny Beautiful ThingsOn the eve of turning thirty terrified of being funneled into a Shake the Sleeping Epub #221 life he didn't choose Jedidiah Jenkins uit his dream job and spent sixteen months cycling from Oregon to Patagonia He chronicled the trip on Instagram where his photos and reflections drew hundreds of thousands of followers all gathere. 25 stars this is a memoir about doing something worth writing a memoir about jed's a fine writer but his point of view is a too benign for a travelogue good for him for taking on such an audacious adventure for growing as a person for working out his faith but if he's presenting all of that in memoir form he should have worked on making that story interesting for us there were missed opportunities for humor for rawer confession for penetrating insights into himself and others there's almost no exploration of the anxiety of influence born of having parents who did the very thing he set out to do travelling thousands of miles under one’s own power and writing about it bizarrely he claims his parents' travels never entered his mind before his mother brought it up after he announced the trip to her he dismisses the effect his instagram celebrity might have on the presentation of his travels but neglects any further mention of celebrity sophia bush joined him on the trip and took the cover photo given his uest for an identity and his plan to turn this whole thing into a book I expected him to address whether he was seeking celebrity to give him the identity he was looking for it was also somewhat contradictory to recognize and throw off his life long desire to be a good boy and then confess his American chauvinism over and over in a manner that surely would get all of the NPR hosts cooing not to mention that his earnest 'wokeness' also seems a little compensatory given the kony 2012 controversies Jed's change of faith or loss of it I not uite sure which was the least convincing part of the book for me I don't doubt that the necessities of memoir writing reuired some simplification but what he offers in the book are two conversations one with Weston and one with his friends on the way to Machu Picchu that don't come close to capturing the nuances and complexities of changes seen in other spiritual autobiographies