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characters Bound to the Sicilian's Bed 107 Ú ❰Read❯ ➵ Bound to the Sicilian's Bed Author Sharon Kendrick – Rocco’s outrageous proposition His estranged wife will spend one final weekend in his bed When Rocco’s runaway wife asks for a divorce the Sicilian billionaire seizes his chance They’ve neRtunity to get Nicole out of his system for good He offers her a deal if Nicole wants to move on with her life she will be his one last time. 35 stars liked it

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Wife asks for a divorce the Sicilian billionaire seizes his chance They’ve never discussed their painful past but this is the perfect oppo. This was a bit disappointing The conflict was thin at best and it was stretched out too long Really if these two had only done the mature thing of sitting down and talking they would've solved their problems a long time ago But then we probably wouldn't have a book Like I said the conflict wasn't substantial enough to keep me invested and the characters were predictable The ARC was provided by the publisher for this review

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Bound to the Sicilian's BedRocco’s outrageous proposition His estranged wife will the Sicilian's Epub #218 spend one final weekend in his bed When Rocco’s runaway. ‘You’ve just served me with divorce papers Nicole’ he drawled ‘What did you think would happen That I would just sign over half my fortune and let you walk off into the sunset with a toss of your pretty curls Is that what you were hoping’ Sharon Kendrick Bound to the Sicilian's Bed Kindle Locations 71 73 HarleuinUKLtd Kindle Edition And with that I'll just add my piece and state that Rocco was one of the most emotionally cold H's I've encountered during my trips to HPlandia In fact this is a very uaint way of describing RoccoThis is a second chance romance based on a marriage of convenience that occurred only because of the heroine's accidental pregnancy It could've been a 4 star novel but there was far too much emphasis on the MC's tendency to drone off into their own respective interior monologues That of course detracted a bit from the story because it meant that less time was allocated to the actual events that were happening in the present However I understood why the author chose to write these interior monologues because this was a very painful and angst filled second chance romance and it was necessary to get some insight into the inner workings of each character's mind Firstly Rocco and Nicole were a mismatched couple because she was an office cleaner at his corporate headuarters in London It's fair to say that insta lust was the bond that drew these two together Initially Nicole was Rocco's dirty little secret He would call her into his office after hours dress her up in sexy lingerie and stripper stilettos before getting down to the kinky sex Rocco himself couldn't understand why he was behaving like this with an office cleaner of all women but you know what they sayThey're not only mismatched socially and economically but emotionally as well Nicole had been an abandoned baby left on the doorstep of a church and all she yearned for her whole life was love and a family Rocco's parents had died when he was 14 and his stoic Sicilian grandfather had drilled into his head the idea that he must be strong; in grandpa's mind strength meant being unemotional and never making impetuous decisions The story began with Rocco's re entry into Nicole's life after 2 yrs apart Nicole had left him after suffering from a miscarriage Rocco's unemotional and cold response to the loss of the baby had been the final straw so she'd left him and gone off to Cornwall where she'd opened a small craft store Rocco's angry because of the divorce papers he received from her lawyers Unbeknownst to Nicole Rocco has been celibate during these 2 yrs but he waits until the very end of the novel before he admits that to her He makes a deal with her he'll give her the divorce if she pretends to be reconciled with him for a weekend in Monaco Apparently this pretense is all for a business deal; the shareholders of a company he's in the process of taking over want to know that he's a family man This middle part of the novel is where the story stagnates a little The main conflict between the MC's occurs because Rocco is shocked at how independent minded and strong Nicole has become Their conflict and their impending divorce doesn't stop them from engaging in lots of hot sex though This is after all a Sharon Kendrick novel And as with most of SK's novels it's the heroine who gives in first and says the all important I love you She does this only after his ailing grandfather tells her all about Rocco's distraught behaviour after she'd left him 2 yrs earlier The H reacts extremely badly to this and tells her that they have no future since he can't envisage a future where he is able to give love to a woman But of course he makes his dramatic gesture of grovelling and love when he stops her plane from departing rushes on board and empties his heart and soul to her in front of all the other passengers He was crouching down beside her and his face was very close—those bright eyes burning into her like twin blue lasers ‘I’m here to tell you something you need to hear which is that I love you Nicole Very very much’ His words were like a red rag to a bull How dared he say such things so carelessly Furiously Nicole shook her head pulling back from him so that she couldn’t be influenced by the warmth of his breath or his proximity ‘You don’t love me You don’t love anyone except yourself and your wretched business’ ‘I love you’ he repeated fiercely ‘And I want to do all those things you suggested in the lemon grove To start over To be with you And to spend the rest of my life making up for everything I’ve done or failed to do’ Sharon Kendrick Bound to the Sicilian's Bed Kindle Locations 1917 1923 HarleuinUKLtd Kindle Edition It did help that Rocco owned the airline and that's why he was able to stop the plane from leaving Anyway these 2 got their HEA and in the epilogue they have twin toddler daughters and a newborn baby son His family The twin daughters who had him wrapped around their little fingers and now his new son And Nicole of course A day didn’t pass without him telling her that she was key to his happiness and none of this could have happened without her Sharon Kendrick Bound to the Sicilian's Bed Kindle Location 2017 2018 HarleuinUKLtd Kindle Edition This was nice and if you can put up with the interior monologues and the flashbacks into their pasts then you'll be able to enjoy it too Safety No OW no OM and no cheating Both characters were celibate during their 2 yr separation This is the H RoccoThis is the heroine Nicole