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FREE DOC Ê READER Kept Safe ✓ LUCY WILD ï [Read] ➲ Kept Safe Author Lucy Wild – She's a missing person The whole town is looking for herOnly I know where she is And I can't tell anyoneI didn't want to lock her away in my basementI had no choiceI only did it to keep her safeTo kee She's a missiEven supposed to be alone with herNow I'm breaking all the rules and the reason is simpleI can't resist her any longerThis is a standalone contemporary romance novel No cliffhanger no cheating and a H This was a pretty entertaining read and I liked the story but I wished details were provided Things were just skimmed over and there wasn't a lot of follow up on many events that could have provided a richer reading experience view spoilerWhat was Bella's life like with no parents prior to the start of the story? Did she live with her aunt? Was the aunt neglectful since she forgot to pick her up from school? Why mention the aunt got her a publishing job? What did she write? How did Bella take care of relieving herself during days of captivity in a bare room with only a bed in it? Did she ever get to clean herself up? What was Jack's sexual history? How old was Jack? How could he recover so uickly from being stabbed in the back? What was Jack's relationship with Drake? What did they do for George? How did Drake know Zoe? These are just some of the uestions I'd have liked answered during the story hide spoiler

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She's a missing person The whole town is looking for herOnly I know where she is And I can't tell anyoneI didn't want to lock her away in my basementI had no choiceI only did it to keep her safeTo kee I like this cover It's a good representation of the hero The composition is good The typography is interesting and eye catching I am not crazy about the EXCEPT ME being so far below the rest of the byline Personally I would have moved it up and then moved the whole byline down a bit All in all though it's a nice cover I feel lately like I say the same things over and over again when I review this author's books I simply just enjoy the way she writes This one was a little different than what we are used to with this author No daddy kink in sight and it was a little darker in tone I read some pretty f cked up dark books so for ME this was euivalent to dipping your toe into the darkAs always it was well written and nicely paced It had some twists and turns and an interesting plot It had some kinky sex scenes There really wasn't any secondary characters of depth but they served their purpose and moved the story along Both main characters were likable The book's length is such that it falls between novella length and full length because of that I felt the characters and the plot were a little underdeveloped Or rather I would have liked background on both of them especially Jack I would have also liked to have seen the plot fleshed out as well That said I pretty much almost ALWAYS feel that way with shorter books especially if I am enjoying them so don't take my feeling that way as a negative reflectionSo all in all it was a great way to spent a couple of hours and I really hope this author explores her dark side often Two thumbs up from yours truly

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Kept SafeP her out of troubleBut one look at that body of hers and I'm the one in troubleI'm supposed to keep her clothed and fedWait for my boss to come and collect herI'm not supposed to fall for herI'm not I read Kept Safe as an ARC for an honest opinion As always Lucy Wild did not disappoint This was action packed and fast paced but also sexy Jack moves in next door to Annabelle Bella At first glance Bella is attracted She begins day dreaming about him As Bella gets into the shower one evening she is kidnapped Her kidnapper says that he has been hired to keep her safe He is a bad man so why dies Bella love when he touches her Is there something wrong with her? Who hired him to Keep her safe? And who is after her? I really enjoyed this It had a little suspense and was definitely sexy I look forward to the next one