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Read & Download õ Tales from a Talking Board 108 Í [PDF / Epub] ☆ Tales from a Talking Board ✩ Ross E. Lockhart – Can we speak with the spirits of the dead Is it possible to know the future Are our dreams harbingers of things to come Do auspicious omens and cautionary portents effect our liveTions–and –with tales of auguries divination and fortune telling through devices like Ouija boards tarot cards and stranger thingsSo dim the lights place your hands upon the planchette and ask the spirits to guide you as we present fourteen stories of the strange and supernatural from. What do you mean you don't believe in ghosts You read horror booksI get that a lot It is surprising how many people think that because you love a literary genre titled horror you must believe in all the things between the pages Ghosts Demons anything supernatural I used to reply If you like to read Tolkien do you believe Hobbits are real but I got tired of the blank looks No I do not believe in the supernatural I believe in the preternatural For me Horror is not about understanding the supernatural but understanding ourselves and the fear and doubts that bind usAnd if one person says I like horrors books too Especially true ones like The Amnityville Horror I'm going full Jody on themNow to the reviewFull discloser I have never used a Ouji board either by myself or with others and probably never will First of all if you know they are not real they are kind of boring Second while it is not real our imaginations are and I do believe believing something is happening when it isn't affect us and not always positivelyBut Ouji boards are part and parcel to many plots of horror stories They are the conventional gateway to the spirit world for many residents who live between the pages of a horror novel Tales from a Talking Board edited by Ross E Lockhart consists of 14 pieces of short fiction covering the board but isn't limited to it Some of the stories involve seances divination tarot cards among other things But they all have to do with conversing with the spirits in one way or anotherThere are some good stories here but none that really blow me other into the other dimension All the authors are skillful but not all caught me up in their story This is not to say it isn't uite entertaining it is Interestingly I wanted stories actually about Ouji Boards and I found those that kept to the traditional the most satisfying On the other hand I did appreciate how many of the writers seem to be looking for something new to say about this tried and true warhorseOf the stories I especially liked the early 20th century vaudeville setting of Wegee Weegee Tell Me Do by Anya Martin It captures the early days of the Ouji board craze with a feminist twist Spin the Throttle by David James Keaton tells us we can have the frights of the board without the board But the one that made my hairs stand on end was Tiffany Scandal's Griefwhich is about as straight a horror story you will find hereThere were others that stood out Nathan Carson's When the Evil Days Come Not is part mystery part horror and very different Nadia Bulkin's May You live in Interesting Times is a much needed look at the subject from another culture Finally for this short and incomplete survey uestions and Answers by David Templeton is a humorous look at the Ouji while giving us a glimpse on what is happening n the other sideThere are eight other tales or varying uality but the above six stands out As with many anthologies there is the usual unevenness but certainly there is enough to entertain This collection would appeals mostly to those who either have an interest in Ouji boards or just likes tales about communication with the dearly departed It's a good if not exceptional collection

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Can we speak with the spirits of the a Talking PDFEPUB #189 dead Is it possible to know the future Are our dreams harbingers of things to come Do auspicious omens and cautionary portents effect our livesEdited by Ross E Lockhart Tales from a Talking Board examines these Tales from PDF ues. 40 Stars Ouija Board Anthology Video Review theme of this anthology collection was absolutely brilliant Like so many people who grew up in religious homes I was always warned to stay away from Ouija boads in case I accidentally summoned a demon into my soul With this fear planted in me from a young age I knew this collection would be right up my alley As is always the case with anthologies I enjoyed some of the stories than others Yet as a collected work I was very impressed by the uality of all the fourteen stories which were very well written The editor collected a fantastic range of stories representing so many different facets of the horror genre There was a good mix of supernatural and realistic horror Some of the stories were uite dark and gruesome while others could be safely consumed by readers who do not typically read the genreThe challenge of having such a specific anthology theme is that the stories can potentially feel repetitive However this was not the case with this collection The authors avoided this pitfall by each approaching the concept of Ouija boards in a uniue and creative way A few of the stories in the collection took traditional approaches to the topic which I certainly enjoyed while other stories used the idea of the board in completely unexpected ways Some interpretations were uite literal while others were completely outside of the box The book starts with a fascinating brief introduction explaining the history of the Ouija board moving from spiritual tools to benign toys for children This introduction provided readers like myself with the necessary context and background to fully appreciate the collection as a wholeHere are my thoughts on the individual short shoriesKristi Demeester YesNoGoodbyeThe anthology started out strong with this creepy short story Told in first person perspective the narrative was absolutely engrossing from beginning to end The story had some fantastic diverse representation with a closeted lesbian protagonist The writing was clear and concise with vivid creepy descriptions scattered throughout the pages Blending together realistic horror with the supernatural the story touched upon some very dark and disturbing subject matter I love a story that can make me so uncomfortable twisting my stomach into knots This was one of my favourite stories in the collection J M McDermott – The Devil and the Bugle BoysThis story had a nostalgic yet dark tone featuring a group of immature profane teenager who felt like very realistic adolescent boysAnya Martin – Weegee Weegee Tell Me DoFeaturing a stage performer this story was a departure from the classic stories of children playing with boards Nathan Carson – When the Evil Days Come NotThis was a compelling narrative set a mysterious school with only three students The use of the Ouija board set up a wonderfully ominous situation Mixing together elements of mystery with horror this story was unexpected and dark Tiffany Scandal – GriefAs the title suggested this is uite emotional and sad readDavid James Keaton – Spin the ThrottleThis was an interesting re imagining of the Ouija board experience without using an actual board This story included some dark and gruesome momentsSP Miskowski – PinsCentered around fortune telling rather than Ouija boards this story was about the people than the supernaturalMatthew M Bartlett – Deep into the SkinThis was easily the most intense and gruesome story in the entire collection This one is not the for feint of heart Dark and suspenseful this story was so memorable and another one of my personal favourites Wendy N Wagner – The Burnt Sugar StenchThis was an interesting mind bending story which left me craving candy It read like a piece of science fiction than horror As a fan of both genres I really enjoyed this one even though it did not have the strongest connection the collection's themeAmber Rose Reed – The Empress and the Three of SwordsThis was one of the shorter uieter stories in the collectionScott R Jones – Worse than DemonsThis story was written as the transcripts of an interview with a fictional horror filmmaker The movies described sounded so compelling that I kept wishing they were real so I could actually watch themDavid Templeton – uestions and AnswersThis was one of the probably the entertaining story in the collection The idea entire behind this story was incredibly creative and fun This was not at all scary but surprisingly heart warming Regardless of genre this was simply just a very good story that will appeal to a wide range of readers Orrin Grey – Haruspicate or ScryI appreciated that this story addressed the social pressures of having children The author provided an honest narrative of a women who simply had no desire to get pregnant and start a traditionally family Despite addressing these serious topics the story will managed to create an unsettling toneNadia Bulkin – May You Live in Interesting TimesWritten by an Indonisian author this story is an excellent example of diversity in horror Featuring a Muslim Malasyian main character this story offered a uniue perspective rarely show in the genre The politics and social demographics of Indonesia were written seamlessly into the plot while still providing a wonderfully creepy story The narrative was dark and compulsive with an ending that made me do a double take This is another story I highly recommendAnthologies are great opportunities to sample the work of several writers at one time I personally intend to check out stories by several of the talented authors featured in this collectionI would highly recommend this anthology to wide range of readers from horror newbies to novices Regardless of your experience reading the genre there are stories in this collection that will appeal to just about every reader I reuested this book from Word Horde Publishing because again Ouija board themed anthologies are pretty much amazing

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Tales from a Talking BoardA Talking PDF #199 by Matthew M Bartlett Nadia Bulkin Nathan Carson Kristi DeMeester Orrin Grey Scott R Jones David James Keaton Anya Martin J M McDermott S P Miskowski Amber Rose Reed Tiffany Scandal David Templeton and Wendy N WagnerEdited by Ross E LockhartCover Design by Yves Tourign. Giving this a VERY GENEROUS 3 Stars It would have been 2 but luckily a couple stories towards the end saved it Most of the stories were forgettable A couple of them stuck Out of 14 I liked maybe 3 or 4 I wouldn’t suggest purchasing this book I don’t think it’s worth it maybe get it from the library if you’re interested