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Olice officer compulsively revisits the April day in that changed his life forever Trapped in his memories of the Black Car Kindle disaster he tracks the Hillsborough inuests uestioning everythingAs the young women negotiate Sheffield’s violent inheritance the rock faces of Stanage and their relationships with each other Mort stunningly grounds. This is a novel that for me is hard to review Why Because while this probably isn't the book for a reader like me I still have to applaud how beautifully it is written The author is a poet and her foray into novel writing shows how lyrically sound she is with the way this book is written I think for those who are familiar with Sheffield this may be a pleasurable read As a person who is not even remotely familiar the constant referencing left me a little lost Let's step away from that and look at the story itself Absolutely this is a character driven book There is little plot and there is no clear beginning middle and end The background is the characters' links to the events of the Hillsborough disaster which I also had to look up What's absolutely gorgeous about this book is the writing itself Mort brings us this wonderfully atmospheric read that while a bit somber brings you right into the world of these characters Their loss Their grief Their trauma This book is about the space and feeling surrounding these characters and what happens to them during these events As a poet the author really brings us of a feeling within the pages rather than having us follow a plot of any kind Like life itself these characters continue on after that last page is turned While this book is not the book for me personally I think that those who love character driven novels that wax poetically this is a book you will absolutely enjoy

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Black Car BurningThese journeys of trust and trauma fear and falling in the texture of the urban and natural terrain underfoot'A beautifully accomplished debuta deeply felt work of loss time and healing' Guardian‘Helen Mort is unmistakably one of the most brilliant poets of her generation Black Car Burning shows her to be a remarkable novelist’ Robert Macfarla. I'll direct you to Ellie's review for a complete description of the review I'd write if I was not so lazy I've never been to the Sheffield area so did a lot of Googleing especially for images I loved the character sketches of places between the people chapters This was the clearest evidence that Mort is a poet I look forward to her next novel

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SUMMARY Black Car Burning î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❴PDF❵ ✑ Black Car Burning Author Helen Mort – The debut novel from the brilliant and award winning poet Helen MortAlexa is a police community support officer whose world feels unstableCaron Alexa’s girlfriend is pushing hThe debut novel from the brilliant and award winning poet Helen MortAlexa is a police community support officer whose world feels unstableCaron Alexa’s girlfriend is pushing her away and pushing herself even harder A climber she fixates on a brutal route Leigh who works at a local gear shop watches Caron climb and feels complicitMeanwhile an ex p. The Sheffield poet writer and climber Helen Mort was one of Robert Macfarlane's companions on the trip to Greenland he describes in Underland A Deep Time Journey which was coincidentally the last book I read before this one I have been wanting to read this since seeing the hardback reviews last year there are not many novels in which climbing forms a prominent part and this one is a worthy addition to the small canon that includes Electric Brae and The FallThis book is really a love letter to Sheffield and its surrounding hills but there is nothing sentimental about Helen Mort's portrait Her small cast of characters are all involved in the climbing world either directly or through their partners and the short chapters alternate between their perspectives Between each of these chapters we get single pages in which personifications of places both natural and man made describe the people and events they see and sometimes these are directly related to the plot One of the main characters Caron never gets a chapter of her own but it is her obsession with a difficult climbing route that gives the book its striking titleOther than climbing the dominant themes are the Hillsborough disaster and its ongoing controversial aftermath and the difficulties poor communities face coming to terms with immigration Brexit is never specifically mentioned but there was a lot of support for it in Sheffield and the surrounding area The recent controversy over tree felling in Sheffield suburbs also draws two characters together