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A False Report A True Story of Rape in America Read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í ❰Download❯ ➽ A False Report A True Story of Rape in America Author T. Christian Miller – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Also published as Unbelievable The Story of Two Detectives' Relentless Search forOn discovered they were dealing with a serial rapist a man who photographed his victims threatening to release the images online and whose calculated steps to erase all physical evidence suggested he might be a soldier or a cop Through meticulous police work the detectives would eventually connect the rapist to other attacks in Colorado and beyondBased on investigative files and extensive interviews with the principals A False Reportiis a serpentine tale of doubt lies and a hunt for justice unveiling the disturbing truth of how sexual assault is investigated today and the long history of skepticism toward rape victim. When I saw this was going to be a Netflix series I knew I needed to jump on reading the book to get ahead of the watercooler talk I still haven't watched the series but I definitely plan to I think the right mindset going into this is just plan to be pissed off There are some redeemable moments due to the excellent team work in Colorado and how the deplorable treatment of Marie helped to shed light on what is all too common not believing a victim and how that was used to radically change training and investigating of rape allegations countrywide What makes me also feel so sad is that I feel numb to all of the anger and frustration I should feel in reading this What originally followed this last sentence was me ranting on a soapbox but I deleted it because this is a book review and I'm trying to stay on topic All I can say is thank goodness to Betsy a lot of the wrongs were righted for the victims particularly Marie; eventually Thank goodness there was excellent police work and the pooling of resources so ultimately this monster was caught Also thank goodness the Lakewood police department made an effort to learn from their mistakes and do an internal and external investigation into how they failed Marie so utterly and completelyThe technical jargon was a little heavy at times needed for investigative reporting but a little dry to read none the less but it was of manageable length that the book didn't get bogged downThis isn't my most elouent review but if you're into true crime and or good investigative reporting this is definitely a read for you Review Date 10719Publication Date 020618

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Also published as Unbelievable Report A PDFEPUB #195 The Story of Two Detectives' Relentless Search for the Truth in Two Pulitzer Prize winning journalists tell the riveting true crime story of a teenager charged with lying about having been raped A False Epuband the detectives who followed a winding path to arrive at the truthOn Augusteighteen year old Marie reported that a masked man broke into her apartment near Seattle Washington and raped her Within days False Report A PDF #8608 police and even those closest to Marie became suspicious of her story The police swiftly pivoted and began investigating Marie Confront. A False Report A True Story of Rape in America by T Christian Miller Ken Armstrong is a 2018 Crown Publishing Group publication In the United States there’s no saying how many women have been accused of making a false claim of rape only to have the claim later proved to be true There is no such statistic kept But even Marie’s case the extreme example where persecution becomes prosecution where a victim is not only accused of lying but criminally charged with it does not stand alone At least three other cases like it have surfaced in media reports since the 1990s This book is absolutely harrowing maddening and sad Don’t approach it if you have hypertension because you may find your blood pressure shooting through the roof Marie’s life had been difficult and by eighteen she had already suffered much Things got far worse when she became a rape survivor and was brave enough to report the rape to the local authorities But after repeating her experience several times the police noticed her story was not exactly the same every time Not only that those who were supposed to stand up for her doubted her story as well Finally after much pressure Marie recanted her story then found herself charged with filing a false report Meanwhile one of the most clever sick and diabolical serial rapist was on the loose in Colorado Thankfully Edna Hendershot and Sarah Galbraith were tenacious and very thorough However this case is an all too familiar accounting of what really goes on once a rape has been reported It should not be necessary to add a trigger alert here The rapist’s habits and state of mind is detailed and it is absolutely sickening chilling and very disturbing But the focus of the book is on the investigation which nearly reads like a police procedural at times and on the way law enforcement meets a report of rape with instant skepticism the indignities so many women must endure AFTER a sexual assault The statistics were startling the investigation riveting and approach to interviewing rape survivors is appalling The authors did a great job at fleshing out what was initially a long form newspaper article Both men are Pulitzer prize winners and T Christian Miller has written for ProPublica one of very favorite investigative publications Naturally the work is very detailed well researched and organized While what happened to Marie and the idea that if she had been taken seriously if her account had been believed then it may have spared others had me fuming and feeling incredibly frustrated it is a very important book one that shines a hot spotlight on the difficulties women face in reporting a rape Hopefully this book will help draw attention to how those who have been sexually assaulted are treated by some members of law enforcement the stigma the traumatic procedures women must endure and the conseuences of doubting anyone who comes forward to report a crime Marie’s story is infuriating but I’m glad she finally found redemption and absolution although it took irrefutable proof to obtain it 4 stars

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A False Report A True Story of Rape in AmericaEd with inconsistencies in her story and the doubts of others Marie broke down and said her False Report A True Story PDF or story was a lie a bid for attention Police charged Marie with false reporting and she was branded a liarMore than two years later Colorado detective Stacy Galbraith was assigned to investigate a case of sexual assault Describing the crime to her husband that night False Report A True Story PDF or Galbraith learned that the case bore an eerie resemblance to a rape that had taken place months earlier in a nearby town She joined forces with the detective on that case Edna Hendershot and the two so. NO SPOILERS A False Report alternatively titled Unbelievable is the true story of an extraordinary set of rape cases They occurred months apart in different towns and to victims old and young black and white The rapist went out of his way to leave no trace of his DNA The book highlights two main things how easily a rape case can be dismissed and how crucial it is for police jurisdictions to not be possessive of their cases but to instead work together To these ends Pulitzer prize–winning authors T Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong broke A False Report into three main stories that of the rapist that of the disbelieved victim and those of the other victims I liked so much about this fascinating book As disturbing as the rapist was I liked reading his back story which is included primarily as a peek into his psyche The authors start from when he was five and saw a movie that awakened in him an obsessive desire to “own women” To be clear Miller and Armstrong humanized the rapist but never to the point of sympathy nor did they devote space to him than to his victims Where they excelled in this part was in illustrating the insatiable compulsion driving the man’s actions It goes far in providing context for his strange behavior during the rapes something that probably was a major reason Miller and Armstrong decided to write this book It’s this story line that gives the book its crime mystery feelThat changes when attention shifts to the disbelieved victim an eighteen year old woman named Marie Marie’s story line is cautionary and the alternative title is right It’s so astounding it’s unbelievable Miller and Armstrong effectively highlighted not just the harm of disbelieving a victim but showed how police got to that point with her step by step It was interesting in a sickening way to see how uickly the police officer in charge dismissed this victim’s report For this officer the default was disbelief All that was needed were a few seeds of doubt planted by a doubtful caller The stories of some of the other rape victims are woven seamlessly with the story of the rapist and of Marie Marie's story has to say so Miller and Armstrong didn’t detail the other victims in the same way they did Marie but they nevertheless brought these other victims to life and did their stories justice As this is a true crime about rape rapes are described; however as Miller and Armstrong said in the afterword they wanted to provide detail without being gratuitous They achieved that There’s enough information to understand the terror and trauma This is a strong investigative narrative nonfiction probing and thorough but to a fault The investigation had so many moving parts involving so many people that the numerous names blur together I was able to keep straight the two main female officers but their female ness helped Police forces are overwhelmingly male; therefore most of the names in this book are male I forgot who these men were unless they were especially distinctive A False Report would have benefited from a cast of characters list in the opening pages More of a drawback is something I complained about with I'll Be Gone in the Dark One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer the very confusing non chronological time line The authors strained to connect three complex story lines in just the right way to underscore the overall message Connecting the three really was necessary for this book to be the uality work it is; however about halfway through I wished I’d taken notes from the start A False Report is vital and especially current at this time when society is awakening fully to the reality of rape I stopped reading true crime books a few years ago because I was exasperated and then depressed reading accounts with a salacious tone accounts that exist for no other reason than to report horrors Criminals get lionized and victims depersonalized A False Report is different from those in that it has a higher goal In an effort to effect change it emphasizes the victims’ road to justice as much as it does the rapist’s depravity It manages to educate all motivate police officers to improve and offer victims desperately needed hope Writers of true crime should take note A False Report should be their benchmark Complementary viewing Unbelievable The dramatized version of A False Report