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doc ½ My Dragon Masters Sanctuary Texas #2 ¸ Kindle Edition ✓ krystal shannan ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✑ My Dragon Masters Sanctuary Texas #2 ☄ Krystal Shannan – This is an alternate cover edition of ASINB00O0SOXAFrom Bestselling SANCTUARY TEXAS At one day they will be reunited with their soulmate A goal that has forced them to spend the last one thousand years searching for a way to reclaim their birth right and rescue their wife from captivityWith no memories and no hope Diana Karlson is hellbent on escaping from the shackles of the Veil With Received this story for an honest reviewI've heard that the second part of a series is never as good as the first one In this case it's wrong o I like this story much better because it gave history into Sanctuary Texas history into the Drakonea line the characters from the last book are mentioned but you know this story is about the dragons and dragons alone And you get to meet the bad guy Xerxes ohhh he is a total bad guy that each time he was present I wanted to smack him and stomp on his person I wonder if the author will give background into his and Rose's species That would be something to look forward toNow for the main girl Dianashe is much stronger even though she was imprisoned for a log time than Bailey I should compare the two since it's their own story but couldn't help it Diana had endured a lot torture in 1000 years than Bailey did and yet she's still strong and in controlso to speakThere were times in the bookthat I felt the brothers her mates were just for background and this story is actually Diana'sIt had funny moments like the first bookGreat story to pass the time and looking forward to reading to reading the next one

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Only a fiery desire to ignite a heat within her Diana sets out to find the burning answers to the uestions that plague her Not knowing who or what she isor was Diana will stop at nothing to break free and unlock the truths of her identity returning her to the only men whose fire can melt her icy exteri My Dragon Masters book two in the Sanctuary Texas series was not my type of storyI wasn't sure if I am going to read the book because of the BDSM and menage but curiosity got the better of me because I wanted to know what will happen next There was one crucial aspect in the book that was not justified and bothered me even than the whole kinkThe Castle was the playground for both husbands They were both told over and over again that she is coming the wife and still they fkd their way in the cityI don't have an issue with cheating because it is an aspect of life and it happens often My issue is when true love and mating are involved but the cheating is in the mixWhen you are mourning your other half and know that she is somewhere even though out of reach but alive I cannot see how your pass the time fun is in a BDSM club If they thought she is dead then I would have agreed with them enjoying all the female population from the former US republicsSo there you have it when something doesn't make sense it just spoils the readTo end my ranting I am glad that the plot has moved forwardI know I am in the percentile readers who cannot move past this aspects but hey my honest opinion

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My Dragon Masters Sanctuary Texas #2This is an alternate cover edition of ASINB00O0SOXAFrom Bestselling SANCTUARY TEXAS seriesSexy vampires dragon shifters and werewolves See how the scintillating romance and the exciting saga continues She’s coming to youFire breathing dragon twin brothers Miles and Eli Blackmoor hold on to the hope th 🎁 FREE on today 872019 🎁