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Halsey StreetA modern day story of family loss and renewal Halsey Street captures the deeply human need to belong not only to a place but to one anotherPenelope Grand has scrapped her failed career as an artist in Pittsburgh and moved back to Brooklyn to keep an eye on her ailing father She’s accepted that her future won’t be what she’d dreamed but now as gentrification has completely reshaped her old neighborhood even her past is unrecognizable Old. I wanted to love this book I wanted to let everyone know how amazing this book was I wanted to sing praises about this book but it just fell flat I felt the book was slow the character development was limited and I generally just lost interest 30% in Hasley Street is told from the perspective of Penelope a failed artist who is currently living in Bed stuy and seeing all the gentrification taking place She is trying to find her footing in a world that seems to be changing all around her added to that is taking care of her father not to mentioned her ruined relationship with her Mom Mirella We meet Mirella Penelope's mother who resides in Dominica she muses about her time in Brooklyn her marriage and her relationship with her daughter Overall this book fell flat I did not like or felt anything for the main character Penelope I felt she was sulky angry and a little immature especially for someone that is thirty I understand that she is going through a lot she is misunderstood but I felt I just do not know her Her character development was limited and I think that was a major flaw of the book This was an ok debut novel I might read something else by Naima Coster in the future but this book did not do it for me

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Halsey Street Read & download Å 2 Ö [EPUB] ✷ Halsey Street By Naima Coster – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A modern day story of family loss and renewal Halsey Street captures the deeply human need to belong—not only to a place but to one anotherPenelope Grand has scrapped her failed career as an artist A modern day story of family loss anHaunts have been razed and wealthy white strangers have replaced every familiar face in Bed Stuy Even her mother Mirella has abandoned the family to reclaim her roots in the Dominican Republic That took courage It’s also unforgivableWhen Penelope moves into the attic apartment of the affluent Harpers she thinks she’s found a semblance of family and maybe even love But her world is upended again when she receives a postcard from Mirella ask. Well written story of a complicated mother daughter relationship and the changes wrought by gentrification on the main character's neighbourhoodIt's not easy reading a book where it's hard at times to empathize with the main character's words and actions However Naima Coster had me reading and constantly wanting to know about the central relationship of Penelope and her mother Mirella and what might have contributed to the animosity Penelope felt Oddly though Penelope kept telling us how awful her mother was when Coster began showing us Mirella's life as a young wife and mother and much later in the Dominican Republic I found myself caring about Mirella and her difficulties being married to a man who didn't seem to understand her be very involved in his marriage or in being a father Even while I grimaced every time Penelope did everything she could to sabotage every relationship or situation she was in I did find myself caring about her even when I wanted to occasionally tell her off for something she had done I listened to this and Bahni Turpin did her usual stand out job voicing the charactersNaima Coster showed us beautifully how three people could hurt each other repeatedly; I found her characters and writing compelling And though gentrification was the backdrop against which this story took place I was constantly focusing on the family dynamics and I'm interested in what Naima Coster writes next

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Ing for reconciliation As old wounds are reopened and secrets revealed a journey across an ocean of sacrifice and self discovery beginsAn engrossing debut Halsey Street shifts between the perspectives of these two captivating troubled women Mirella has one last chance to win back the heart of the daughter she’d lost long before leaving New York and for Penelope it’s time to break free of the hold of the past and start navigating her own li. 45First published at The Shrinkette Thanks so much to Netgalley and Little A Books for providing me this ARC in exchange for an honest review Plot Penelope Grand is a young black failing artist who moves back home from Pittsburg to take care of her ailing father Ralph Her old neighborhood has been gentrified and taken over by affluent white people and her mother Mirella left them to return to the Dominican Republic So when Penny moves into the attic of the wealthy Harpers she hopes for some semblance of family again But a postcard arrives from Mirella who is seeking reconciliation and Penny’s world is once again turned upside down as old wounds are reopened secrets are spilled and she sets on a path of self discovery It is the mark of a good book that has you still thinking about it days after you’ve finished reading it and Halsey Street certainly fits the bill For what comes across as a simple plot Coster has by no means presented us with a simple novel Layers upon layers upon layers are available for the reader’s contemplation The novel’s told from the perspective of both the Grand women Penny and Mirella Penny is a millennial who is flawed vulnerable and pragmatic From her perspective we are witness to a changed Brooklyn the very real effects of gentrification in the houses the murals the schools the walls her disdain for the mother that abandoned her while Ralph Grand keeps his home as a shrine unchanged from when she’d left it while he drinks his days away hoping for Mirella to return Her vulnerability is seen in her yearning and interactions when she stays with the Harpers seeking connection and love Through Mirella’s eyes we see how she and Ralph met the changes in their relationship as Ralph focused on his record store her gradually deteriorating relationship with Penny how she felt in Brooklyn and the events that led to her departure and her life in DR and how she makes it her own without being an extension of somebody else’s life When Mirella writes to Penny seeking reconciliation Penny is not immediately forgiving a lot of stuff comes up for the both of them together and separately and we get to see where both women choose to go from there Coster has portrayed gentrification as a metaphor for broken families and her execution of this is what makes this novel so phenomenal You see it in Penny’s observations of the neighborhood the school she teaches at the rich white Harpers who are her landlord and Ralph who is a relic of old Brooklyn She brings nuance into the conversation by inserting conversations of race gender and class in Mirella’s chapters we see how she felt that Ralph and his friends never saw her as eual and how her opinions on art and music and such were never taken seriously Coster;s narrative power comes through also in her demonstrations of gentrification and its effects rather than statements of it For instance there’s a particular scene where Penny meets a classic white pro gentrifier Marty who makes a statement about the neighborhood being a “blank canvas” with a plethora of possibilities to which Penny rails back with a poignant speech on the literal erasure of the neighborhood and its systematic removal of working class black people Halsey Street is an evocative and thought provoking novel one that will keep you thinking for days and Coster is a fresh and talented voice The writing complexity with a seemingly simple plot make this novel an absolute standout piece of literary fiction and I’m looking forward to