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doc  Artificial Condition Hardcover ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✎ Artificial Condition ☂ Martha Wells – It has a dark past – one in which a number of humans were killed A past that caused it to christen itself “Murderbot” But it has only vague memories of the massacre that spawned that title and i It has a Memories of the massacre that spawned that title and it wants to know Teaming up with a Research Transport vessel named ART you don’t want to ”When constructs were first developed they were originally supposed to have a pre sentient level of intelligence like the dumber variety of bot But you can’t put something as dumb as a hauler bot in charge of security for anything without spending even money for expensive company employed human supervisors So they made us smarter The anxiety and depression were side effects” The SecUnit the hero of our continuing saga has enough intelligence to start to suffer from a mild form of chronic depression only waiting for a half dozen things to go wrong before heshe becomes full blown 247 depressed Humans don’t help They are irrational creatures and are constantly making decisions that frankly are bordering on suicidal The SecUnit’s job is to keep them alive Thank goodness for Sanctuary MoonSince a SecUnit does not have to sleep heshe can binge watch TV shows for all those hours that humans are sleeping I have several friends who wish they could bypass the whole sleep thing to continue binging 1990s sitcoms until blood starts seeping out of their eyeballs Whenever SecUnit feels depressed or too anxious heshe can always access the feed and watch some episodes of hisher favorite space opera Sanctuary MoonSecUnit needs to get to HaviHyral so heshe can investigation what exactly happened to himher when heshe went berserk and killed a bunch of humans and destroyed a few bots as well Heshe became at that moment in hisher mind Murderbot Hisher memory has been wiped but hisher organic memory retains vestiges of what happened When heshe breaks hisher governing unit which allows humans to control himher which frankly doesn’t go so well with all that carnage and murder heshe becomes a free agent All of that will be made clear when you read the first book in the series All Systems Red To get to HaviHyral he has to have a work contract with a human Murderbot makes “friends” with a transport pod known as ART Research Transport You’ll have to read the book to find out what the A stands for Fortunately ART is able to provide help and assistance as if Murderbot was still tied into the security system as a legally operating SecUnit Murderbot needs all the help heshe can get keeping these naive human clients alive After some alterations to hisher physiology so that heshe can pass as an augmented human heshe looks in the mirror and thinks ”It would make it harder for me to pretend not to be a person” Depressing thought ART offers to attach gender parts which Murderbot emphatically rejects It would have made writing this review easier if heshe had declared a gender Martha Wells sidesteps this issue by writing in the first person but part of the interesting things about this series is how readers react to Murderbot Some see himher as a she and some see herhim as a he We are coded to assign gender I could refer to Murderbot as it but for some reason that just seems wrong to me Toasters are its Lawn mowers are its Heshe might be a better version of human than what humans seem to be capable of There are two episodes a nod I’m giving to Sanctuary Moon in this extremely entertaining series I have them already in hand and certainly must see where Murderbot’s investigation takes himher and see how heshe handles becoming and human Heshe has even experienced enough that heshe can now offer wise advice to his clients ”Sometimes people do things to you that you can’t do anything about You just have to survive it and go” Highly RecommendedIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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It has a dark past – one in which a number of humans were killed A past that caused it to christen itself “Murderbot” But it has only vague I said “Sometimes people do things to you that you can't do anything about You just have to survive it and go on”They all stopped talking and stared at me It made me nervous and I immediately switched my view to the nearest security camera so I could watch us from the side I had said it with emphasis than I intended but it was just the way things were I wasn't sure why it had such an impact on them Maybe it sounded like I knew what I was talking about Maybe it was the two murder attempts I honestly am on the four hundred reviews to come portion of my evening so this will be a bit briefer First of all sci fi novella Second of all I already reviewed book one in depth Here's a uick bulleted list of things I liked about this volume➽A lot worldbuilding We see Murderbot go beyond just one singular arena and really see a lot of the world I also just liked seeing everything; in the first book I really didn't perceive the world and here I did ➽There’s a character introduced who uses gender neutral pronouns ➽Murderbot's first crew is missing in this book but the new characters are super interesting as well a pissed off transport operative ART is my definite favoriteBut here's the REAL kicker I just love Murderbot and each volume as it continues to explore its humanity In some entertainment media I had seen the bare metal bot bodies were used to portray the evil rogue SecUnits who menaced the main characters Not that I was annoyed by that or anything It was actually good because then humans who had never worked with SecUnits expected us to look like human form bots and not what we actually looked like I wasn't annoyed at all Not one bit The way in which Murderbot is treated by society as a whole is kind of one of the main functions of the world and I really enjoy it It's a really interesting character to me because its thought processes echo that of a very traumatized and somewhat emotionally locked off human It gets the most depth the most narrative sympathy and some of the best development I've ever seen I love how it keeps denying having any feelings and I love it On a sort of related note I totally love that Murderbot is humanized via caring about people in the non romantic way Robots Becomes Human Because It Feels Romantic Love is a really overdone and if thought about critically totally fucked up trope; I'm really loving the subversion of this On a related note I'm loving that Martha Wells didn't give the robots gender That shouldn't be a huge statement but damn this is the era that gave us alien robots with ponytailsAnyway summary it’s as if Martha Wells knows Exactly what I like in literature and plans to use that knowledge For evil And for an excellent novella series that I can’t see myself putting down anytime soonBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

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Artificial ConditionKnow what the “A” stands for Murderbot heads to the mining facility where it went rogueWhat it discovers will forever change the way it think “For my entire existence at least the parts I could remember I had done nothing but accept the inevitable I was tired of it” Dear MurderbotIf I promise that we can spend uality time just sitting uietly together me reading and you watching your space soap operas and I won’t be bugging you much can we please be friends? “I didn’t care what humans were doing to each other as long as I didn’t have to a stop it or b clean up after it” Now I am halfway through what feels like one long novel of the adventures of Murderbot the pessimistic shy and suffering from a bit of social anxiety cyborg construct a former SecUnit by all laws and customs a piece of property a tool a menace rendered useful and safe by the means of governor module which allows for complete torture control and currently nonfunctional in case you cared and despite what M Bot wants you to think clearly a personBecause being human and being a person are completely different concepts “But there weren’t any depictions of SecUnits in books either I guess you can’t tell a story from the point of view of something that you don’t think has a point of view” We humans have been very good throughout our messy history to deny personhood to anyone we’d rather treat as tools or things or property No wonder the assumption here is that a rogue ‘Bot without a controlling whip of the governor module would choose to rampage and murder humans as an ‘euipment failure’ Why would a tool kill you as soon as you lose control over it? But think of that “tool” as someone whose free will you have been oppressing and the reason for the fear makes perfect sense Slave owners are terrified of rebellions after all And so M Bot needs to stay disguised in order to survive “The tension that had kept me down to 96 percent capacity eased; a murderbot’s life is stressful in general but it would be a long time before I got used to moving through human spaces with no armor no way to hide my face”“I’m not normally afraid of things the way humans are I’ve been shot hundreds of times so many times I stopped keeping count so many times the company stopped keeping count I’ve been chewed on by hostile fauna run over by heavy machinery tortured by clients for amusement memory purged etc etc But the inside of my head had been my own for 33000 hours and I was used to it now I wanted to keep me the way I was” ———— This story follows our newly sorta free Murderbot on his¹ uest to get to the bottom of the events that happened 35K hours ago when he supposedly murdered uite a few of his human charges It reuires him trying to pass as a human regardless of how painful and awkward it is for him And leads to uncovering what I assume will be the plot of the remaining two novellas¹ I know Murderbot is not gendered and clearly not a sexbot However using “it” feels like like treating him as a tool or euipment not a person And he just seems kinda male to me so “he” it’s going to be Along the way he ends up protecting old habits die hard a bunch of humans who without him are destined to be worm food Yes we can be that illogically stupid “I’m used to humans wanting to do things that can get them killed Maybe too used to it” And he makes an unexpected friend and ally ART another non human intelligence Who shares M Bot’s love for space soap operas If this is not a foundation for lasting friendship what is? “Are all constructs so illogical? said the Asshole Research Transport with the immense processing capability whose metaphorical hand I had had to hold because it had become emotionally compromised by a fictional media serial” ————————I loved this story just as much as I loved its predecessor It’s just as strong and engaging in writing and characterization and humor But while the first installment could have worked well as a stand alone piece this one makes it clear that there is story to come And I plan to read it all “I said “Sometimes people do things to you that you can’t do anything about You just have to survive it and go on” 5 stars——————————My review of the first novella “All Systems Red” is hereMy review of the third one “Rogue Protocol” is hereMy review of the fourth one “Exit Strategy” is hereMy review of the fifth story and the first full length novel “Network Effect” is here