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Read & Download The Exchange 104 æ ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Exchange ➮ Author Jon Langford – Short Story“Hello sir How may I help you” Age Rating U Short Story“Hello sir How may I help you” Age Rating U.Sir How may I help. This was really fun hardly 3 baby pages long It's about a customer trying to exchange a faulty alarm clock with no proof of purchase The end was fun Link

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Short Story“Hello. A really funny story about a man trying to exchange his broken alarm clock in the store where he bought it It's super short but it gave me a good laugh when I needed one

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The ExchangeYou” Age Rating. LOL The exchange is a short storyonly 3 pages The narrator tries to exchange the broken alarm clock but fails to show and proof of purchase The shopkeeper refuses to exchange the clock regardless any argument put forward by the narrator which naturally makes him frustrated And in the end of a long conversation which is basically the whole story with the shopkeeper when the narrator tends to leave the store exasperated he is told that there is an offer that day If he opens a store card that day he will get 5% off every purchase and wait for it a free Alarm ClockI enjoyed it It took less than 5min to read it It's good for light reading