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read Playing At Love Rogue Series #2 doc ä ↠ lara ward cosio Å ❮Read❯ ➮ Playing At Love Rogue Series #2 ➲ Author Lara Ward Cosio – ASIN B017C0G1OE ALTERNATE COVER VERSIONConor uinn and Gavin McManus are mired deep in the wreckage of a betrayal that hHe’s immune to his charms At the same time wounded passionate singer Gavin has a song writing epiphany that convinces him he can't stay stuck in the past And he knows what matters most is his wife since he refuses to believe their love story is over As Conor’s wedding rapidly approaches and Gavin attempts to reunite with his wife both men must also find a way to keep their band together as they strive and stumble toward something resembling redemption with each other and with the women they’re meant to be wit This is a story line that is perfect for those who want to read than just YA novel; a desire for well written clearly developed characters with a can't put the book down storyline Lara Ward Cosio's Playing At Love A Rogue Series Novel created a world that made me fall in love with the characters and their lives that molded them From the longtime loves and married couple Gavin and Sophie encountering struggles along the way to the wild to tame Conor who is simply trying to figure out what he truly wants in lifeor rather who This author gave great depth to each character in the novel something you often don't see This was a wonderfully enticing novel and I'm looking forward to the next installment It's definitely a great read

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ASIN B017C0G1OE ALTERNATE COVER VERSIONConor uinn and Gavin McManus are mired deep in the wreckage of a betrayal that has damaged their friendship ended Gavin’s marriage and threatens to break up their band Conor’s shaken by the mess he’s made and no longer trusts his heart Book smart but love dumb he decides acting with calculation in matters of the heart is the key to moving forward He starts by wooing back his ex Colette and uickly ends up engaged and in over his head When Conor’s old schoolmate Felicity This is an excellent well written story about the band Rogue and the various trials and tribulations the members endure Gavin and Conor are best friends until Conor betrays Gavin in the worst possible way There is plenty of love jealousy and betrayal to go around Sophie Felicity and even Collette are all well developed characters that keep the story moving along


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Playing At Love Rogue Series #2Unexpectedly returns to his world he gravitates with increasing freuency toward their renewed friendship Harmless flirting soon turns into real temptation and suddenly Conor’s uestioning whether his impetuous reunion with Colette means he’s missed his chance with the right woman Felicity is still stinging from a brutal divorce and wary of her old friend’s rock star ways She wants stability not the boy who ran off to join the rock circus and never had a proper job or responsibilities But that doesn’t mean s This book was an enjoyable read with interesting characters that kept my attention The book involves the world of a renowned rock band but the author let's you in on the real people they actually are and the trouble and struggles they have in their love lives The characters are likable and complex and I found myself thinking about the book between reads and wondering what would happen next I loved Lara Cosio's writing style and her ability to portray the emotion and conflict that the characters struggle with She shows a deep of knowledge of the human condition of love and friendship that is commendable