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Summary ↠ Her Viking Warrior Forgotten Sons #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ý [PDF / Epub] ☉ Her Viking Warrior Forgotten Sons #2 By Gina Conkle – Vengeance couldn’t be sweeterBjorn bastard of Vellefold goes home to save the father who exiled him If he defeE moment standing toe to toe with him the next He has plenty of trouble on his hands Deceived and outnumbered he’s leading the Forgotten Sons in a losing battle When the darkest hour comes the once rejected warrior must decide surrender his heart and his sword or Viking Warrior Forgotten eBook #9734 lose a love worth than all the kingdoms of the wor. This was a nice enough read but has very little of romance Since the focus of the book is on the battles to save Vellefold and his jarl there is little time left to show how Bjorn and Ilsa fell in love The scenes that show how his friendship with his warriors began was fun and interesting I didn't like Ilsa either but all in all that was a good story I received an arc copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley all opinions here are my own

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Vengeance couldn’t be sweeterBjorn Warrior Forgotten MOBI #183 bastard of Vellefold goes home to save the father who exiled him If he defeats his father’s enemies the jarl’s torue is his He’ll win just to let the ringfort burn except the fair and learned Ilsa sees right through him and dares to warm his icy heartOr battle desirableIlsa prefers. Can two childhood friends can overcome the betrayal and guilt which torn them apart and is now driving a wedge between them The beginning was a bit slow but so filled with informations new words and customs I felt like I was transported very far away if not in distance but in time for sureI have read a few Vikings romances but I do not remember them to be so detailedBut I am glad this one came after or I would have been completely lost with my basic knowledge I was able to appreciate this magic tale and even the awesome and gigantic work Mrs Gina Conkle did with this bookBjorn and Ilsa are people of few words they take action not the kind to parleyFirst introduced is Bjorn the rejected illegitimate son of a jarl he made a name for himself becoming a renowned fighter with his group of warriors The Lost SonsDespite his allegation to not seeking revenge he still hold with good reason a grudge for his banishment Why so blinded by his own ire he is unable to see past it and discern Isla own conflictsWhen Isla appeared she was portrayed as an ambivalent woman ready to use woman’s means if necessary or power pressure to make him surrender to her pleaBut as the story unfolds each new step in the plot enlightens a new aspect of Isla’s personality She is such a complex woman she lives with her guilt thinking she has failed her friend Bjorn when he was exiled as a child then she lived under her family pressure to assure them wealth and rank at the expense of her own happiness then living between rules and lawlessness and its weight Isla is the true warrior of this tale as are all the women who fight for their freedom and those under their care She might be no soldier but she fights with her own weapons cleverness devotion and forgivenessHer relationship with Bjorn navigated between sizzling chemistry to longing for their lost friendship to defiance or acceptance it was truly one with bends and holes so much I wondered how will they be able to mend their road to anotherOnce the action has truly started it was impossible to put it down This page turned story had me entranced until its last wordWhy the big fat 5 stars for this thrilling taleMy only complain is a glossary would have been a great addition lucky me to have read it as an ebook as I could google some words but not all were findableI was granted an advance copy by the Publisher Carina Press for Harleuin through Netgalley and I purchased my own copy Here is my true and unbiased opinionhttpsmfacebookcom42983013427283

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Her Viking Warrior Forgotten Sons #2The uiet world of foreign scrolls but she remembers the rough and tumble boy Bjorn once was Now he’s a fierce fighter upsetting Her Viking PDF or her with soul deep kisses Even worse Bjorn uncovers her nighttime secret of helping Vellefold’s thralls in their bid for freedomWhen a woman dares a manThe Viking maid befuddles Bjorn yielding softly on. While this is the second in a series about the Forgotten Sons a small band of ferocious Viking warriors it stands perfectly well alone Bjorn is the hero of this story the illegitimate son of a jarl and a thrall he was banished by his father in an effort to keep from splitting their tribe apart Finding his own path and a brotherhood he never expected in the Forgotten Sons when a ghost from his past comes calling he has no inclination to answer even if the ghost is a girl grown up into a beautiful womanIlsa isn’t about to take no for an answer and she has the power to force Bjorn to go with her returning to his dying father’s side and defending their settlement And here’s where it gets really interesting because while Bjorn is rightfully given his due as a ferocious warrior and a competent leader he’s never sold as invincible The climactic confrontation didn’t play out AT ALL as I was expecting it actually played out realistically and realism is very much the name of the game in Gina Conkle’s writing She doesn’t shy away from the gritty truths about living in the Dark Ages or the facts of Viking conuest and we get to see some of the harsh conseuences and the aftermath of being on the wrong end of raids It’s such good writing with obviously in depth research behind it that I feel deeply immersed in the worldThe romance between Ilsa and Bjorn is excellent; Ilsa is a survivor of an abusive relationship which is be a potential trigger readers should be aware of and Bjorn a survivor of an abusive family situation Both of them are determined never to be put in a situation like that again and eually determined to defend others something which puts them in direct conflict because Ilsa is hiding a big secret one which will have serious conseuences beyond just herself when it gets outThis is such a great read with a genuinely strong heroine and a hero who respects her for it If you haven’t read any of Gina Conkle’s Viking romances before I highly recommend them as this is an author who really knows her stuff and will have you deeply immersed in the story Five starsDisclaimer I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley