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Download Ù Lofty AUTHOR Lofty Fulton 109 ´ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Lofty By Lofty Fulton ➮ – A memoir of standing tall against the odds Australian voice over Artist Lofty Fulton knows what it's like to have the odds stacked against him Born with achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism his A memoir oEneral anxiety disorder clinical depression and a serious gambling addiction Lofty's story is a collusion of light and shade a reflection on what it means to be human to search for meaning and purpose From brokenness to breakthrough Lofty has slayed many of his inner demons rising to become one of Australia's most sought after and recognisable voices. I really enjoyed this book It is the story of a man who has had to struggle for much of his life against his own physical difficulties bullies family dramas and mental demons But while he might not have been born a big man he was born with a big voice a big heart a mountain of courage and in the end an indomitable spirit and love of life

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Or good enough At Lofty's voice broke giving him a uniue gift that paved the way for his future My Life in Short is a deeply personal memoir of vulnerability and courage and humour as Lofty unpacks the events of his traumatic childhood public bigotry a failed marriage the highs and lows of a successful radio career and his struggles with crippling g. I have just finished reading “Lofty My Life In Short A Memoir” by Ian Lofty Fulton and Nicole Partridge “Lofty My Life In Short” is a great read Ian Fulton’s life story is one that all of Australia needs to read I believe that many Australians will be able to relate to this book Many Australians myself included are probably not aware of how familiar Ian Fulton’s voice is Ian Fulton is known to have one of the best voices in radio and TV He has built an incredible career in radio and most recently as a voice over artist Ian Fulton’s has an incredible story to tell I story that is packed with so much courage grit and determination to succeed despite so many obstacles including the negativity of his own inner voice “I chose this title “Lofty My Life In Short” for this book because every short story is a thread woven together in this tapestry that has now become the Lofty Fulton story It’s my hope that in sharing some of my experiences you the reader might resonate with the challenges I’ve faced and even find some comfort in these words you’re not alone You see I’d convinced myself that nobody would really understand what I was going through I was wrong and when I sought help that’s when the healing began Please don’t suffer in silence” Ian Lofty Fultonwwwloftymylifeinshortcom

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Lofty AUTHOR Lofty FultA memoir of standing tall against the odds Australian voice over Artist Lofty Fulton knows what it's like to have the odds stacked against him Born with achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism his grandmother thought he should be locked away from the world At school he suffered years of relentless bullying believing the lie he would never be loved. Summary Lofty My Life in Short is a memoir by Ian 'Lofty' Fulton about courage and determinationLofty is a famous Australian voiceover artist who happens to have achondroplasia the most common form of dwarfism You might recognise him as the voiceover artist for MasterChef Australia In his memoir Lofty details the fundamental moments in his life He recounts his childhood in Tasmania specifically the troubles with his alcoholic father and the relentless bullying he faced at school for being different to everyone else He also talks about the highlights and challenges of his radio career workplace bullying a toxic marriage and his ongoing battles with anxiety and depressionLofty also explores the different relationships in his life and how they helped shape who he is today with the most important relationship being the one he has with himselfA compelling account of Lofty's courage and determination in difficult times written with a touch of humour ReviewA powerful memoir about Lofty's vulnerability and growthDue to the heavy subject matter I liked how Lofty broke up the seriousness with touches of humour It was eye opening seeing how different times were back then in terms of acceptance of difference It was also uite sad seeing the relentless bullying Lofty went through and how it was deemed acceptable The world has come a long way but it still has a long way to go It took a while for me to read the book as I needed time to process the tough subject matter I particularly found the anxiety aspect and many of the challenges Lofty faced for being short very relatable I loved being able to see a bit of myself on the page and the sense of being understood and I loved reading Lofty's encouragementIt was interesting learning about how Lofty got a career in radio the behind the scenes information and the challenges he faced trying to maintain his dream job in an ever changing industryI admire Lofty's vulnerability and his courage and determination I recommend this book for anyone who's 16 years and older It's an inspirational story for short statured and non short statured people alike Content warning bullying gambling self harm and suicidal thoughts