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Supernatural bodies are piling up fast But can Parker and Daniel save those they love before they kill each other As one of the top data security specialists in the US Parker Johnson has exposed hundreds of digital villains and their crimes The hacker is smart savvy and good at keeping secrets Parker is also one of the few humans aware of the existence of werewolves and it’s a secret she will do everything to protect But for h. With time is running out nemeses Parker and Daniel have to work together to save werewolves from extinction in this new techno thriller of M Greenhill This book is filled with trills and suspense as the two are trying to track down the manufacturer of a powerful drug designed to kill the people they love Add plenty of sparks bantering and heart pounding action and this debut novel of M Greenhill turns into a must read Not a dull moment until you’ve turned the last page I’m already looking forward to the next installment

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Masked Author M. GreenhiUsts Parker with the future of his race on the line his duty to his people comes first It’s just too bad that his steely self control fails to smother the animal attraction that flares each time he meets the curvy brunette investigator The fiery woman is as much of an enigma as the puzzle they are unravelling It is a race against the clock to track down the killers behind the lethal drug before it rages well beyond their contro. Masked for me is the first one I have read by M Greenhill I'm very impressed This story is about Parker a genius hacker with a drive to protect the werewolves from new attacks three years ago she had to deal with an Alpha Daniel and it was seriously not a good experience Ever since they have butted heads We all know that there is a fine line between love and hate Daniel doesn't trust Parker because she's human Little does he know how involved she is in the community The hostility is still there but these two are are going to be put to the test when they are forced to work together The story was good the side characters were awesome and the two main characters were great It was a seriously enjoyable and I can't wait for

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Read & download ´ Masked Author M. Greenhill Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á ➸ [Read] ➳ Masked By M. Greenhill ➽ – Supernatural bodies are piling up fast But can Parker and Daniel save those they love before they kill each Ow long Weres are dying by the dozen and it seems Wildfire a new drug sold on the internet is somehow involved Parker is called in to help the investigation under the protection of Daniel Locke the icy Alpha Commander who three years earlier she had the misfortune of pissing off Big time Daniel has spent his life defending those he loves but he’s never faced an enemy that’s invisible and everywhere No matter how much he distr. Enter the world of Werewolves A hidden secret living among humans since the beginning of time That is until Parker Johnson is thrust into their world becoming the Brandenburg Pack's 'human pet' Accepted by most of the packs living in the US Parker's only resister is the Alpha Commander; Alpha Daniel Locke But when a genocidal virus starts spreading like wildfire; first targeting werewolves and then humans alike these two opposites are suddenly forced to set aside their past and work together to eliminate the threat at its core root But will they be too lateIn this heart pounding page turner follow Parker and Daniel through their struggles as they work together to end a werewolf holocaust This paranormal thriller will have you on the edge of your seat unable to put down this nerve wracking story The plot and character relationship growth will have you rooting for the good guys cursing the bad and shipping two unsuspecting individualsHaving had the pleasure of reading the version posted on Wattpad I was hooked from the beginning I found putting it down to work on house chores very difficult I love the conflict between Parker and Daniel as the story progresses and they learn to put their differences aside for the better good of finding a solution to the epidemic threatening the existence of Daniel's race Then there is Jessica Daniel's sister and her eccentric personality and Simon Daniel's best friend and Beta and his 'surfer dude' persona that add a comic relief to the tension filled chapters that make up this original and suspenseful novelI had the honor of receiving a free ARC copy of Masked with no reuirement to review or endorse It is just too good a book to go without reviewingDon't hesitate to pick up your copy of Masked You won't be disappointed