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Not uite Not White mobi ´ Paperback ☆ dogsalonbristol ´ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Not uite Not White By Sharmila Sen ✸ – A memoir manifesto about race immigration and assimilation; how an Indian American woman navigated through her journey into the heart of not whitenessWhen SA memoir manifesto about race immigration and assimilation; how an Indian American woman navigated through her journey into the heart of not whitenessWhen Sen emigrated from India to the US in 1982 at the age of 12 she was asked to self report her race Never identifying with a race previously she rejects her new not uite white designation and spends much of her life attempting to become white in the American sense After her teen years trying to adapt to American culture i As a Bostonian a light skinned Middle Eastern American a grandchild and great grandchild of immigrants someone who had to “tell my teacher the correct way to pronounce my name at the beginning of each school year” and as someone who was “once ashamed to call my parents Mama and Baba” who later “outgrew that shame” SO MUCH of this book resonated with me Additionally it was very cool to read a narrative in the town it took place in Notable uotations on pages XII 147 and 175 if I remember I’ll type them out later Too bad the only Armenian reference in the book was the owner of the business where the author’s father was bullied Unfortunate but accurate snapshot of the way many American Armenians have used our liminal whiteness to contribute to White Supremacy rather than fight against it I also very much enjoyed the LatinClassics references because they reminded me of the way which many of us who come from non Western histories often know Western culture better than our white peers More to unpack there Definitely a book I’ll revisit

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Ncluding watching General Hospital and The Jeffersons and perfecting recipes with Campbell's soup or Jell O Sen is forced to reckon with hard uestions what does it mean to be white who is allowed to be white why does whiteness retain the power of invisibility while other colors are made hypervisible and how much does whiteness figure into Americanness? Exploring hot button topics such as passing cultural appropriation class ineuality bias within Indian immigrant communiti From the evocative memories of her genteel bhadralok childhood in Calcutta to each stage of navigating the model immigrant experience in the USA of the ‘80s this is an insightful and moving memoir of a journey of discovery of self as much as culture and race

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Not uite Not WhiteEs and code switching Sen offers new angles to the debate on race and immigration with emotional honesty humor and thoughtful criticism Sen discovers her eventual acceptance of her not whiteness is actually what makes her American and as a mother of three not white American children looking at their own possible future Sen brings the reader of Not uite Not White to imagine how America might by the end of the century end up being defined outside its borders in a new diaspo This was a fascinating book to me I cannot pretend that I know what being an immigrant is like or someone who isn’t white This book opens a window into that worldThere are a lot of parallels between Indian caste and American race but it was interesting to learn that race isn’t something that really exists in India Having grown up in the US I had never thought of India being in Asia but of course it isA thought provoking book