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review Zed author Joanna Kavenna 103 ´ ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Zed By Joanna Kavenna ✑ – Self anointed guru of the Digital Age Guy Matthias CEO of Beetle has become one of the world's most powerful and influential figures Untaxed and ungoverned his trans Atlantic company essentially opera Self anointed guru of theSelf anointed guru of the Digital Age Guy Matthias CEO of Beetle has become one of the world's most powerful and influential figures Untaxed and ungoverned his trans Atlantic company essentially operates beyond the control of Governments or the lawBut trouble is never far away and for Guy a perfect storm is brewing. Dammit Tricked by cover porn Look at that cover it is gorgeous It has a very intriguing premise but was let down by the execution It reads like an early draft A few rounds of revising and editing could elevate this story into a masterpiece I did read an early copy so hopefully some of the issues I had with it were resolved before releaseIt is a satirical look at determinism vs free will in the digital age and tech giants profiting from the subjection of humanity In the not too distant future societies are surreptitiously controlled by a monopoly of tech giants whose tech and AI are based on the theory humans have free will but they are predictable It is a precursor to an Orwellian society as people still have a choice to opt into the Predictive Lifechain but if they don't they are manipulated or coerced into it or shunned by society as there is no data to verify they are a trustworthy citizen Beetle is the largest and most influential of these mega corps and its tech is deeply ingrained in society Guy Matthias a philanthropist and CEO of Beetle is an odious vile man who publicly believes the use of his deterministic AI platform to control the population creates a safe and stable utopia However privately it is a tool for him to avoid responsibility and accountability for his and the company's actions further his political agendas and petty vendettas against anyone who disagrees with him and mine for successful hookupsThis one was a struggle to finish Initially the balance between the world building and plot was off with paragraphs of info dumps unexpectedly popping up While the plot improved and was interesting there are too many ideas crammed in and it becomes a muddled incoherent mess and that is before it introduces the Bespoke Beetlespeak language Often it felt like it was written by a robot with the info dumps being contrary and contradictory for example These tiny things are called ubits If it helps then think of them as imaginary spheres If it doesn't help then don't A ubit is not what we imagine and yet it is It is anything we would like and yet all things at the same time This makes it an improbably flexible basis for computingNothing you are told is real Remember this until we tell you that something you are being told is real Actually the thing we are telling you that nothing you are told is real is actually real That thing is real about nothing being real Just that thing though and nothing else Is that clear Ended up skim reading the last few chapters It was like the author didn't know how to wrap up the story after the climaxThank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC

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His wife wants to leave him fed up with his serial infidelities malfunctioning Beetle software has led to some unfortunate deaths which are proving hard to cover up his longed for deal with China is proving troublingly elusive and among other things the mystery hacker Gogol is on his trailWith the clock ticking Guy. This was a really frustrating book for me to read I think the theme and issues are important but there were several aspects of both the style and the plot that made it fall flatIn terms of the style this was a bad mix of scifi and literary fiction I love both genres so I was really excited for this and it didn't meet my expectations It was bad scifi way too many info dumps that led to an excess of telling an not showing and I found the style and characters abysmal At points it seemed allegorical and dreamy but she clearly wanted us to care about the characters And although she clearly wanted us to care about the characters they were all incredibly shallowly drawn and oddly prone to fall in love with the central trickster figure In terms of the plot I think the author was going for a modern 1984 where instead of Orwell's political techno fascistic dystopia she presented a softer corporate dystopia where people are nudged and influenced and governments are captured and tech manipulated to promote corporate goals Fair enough that's happening right now and she did a great job of showing what a horror that societyour society is although the comparison to China were a little too hit the reader over the head But the details were maddening She made good points about nudges and libertarian paternalism who gets to decide which way to nudge people but nudges don't nearly have the effect that she portrays them to have and that reduces the power of her clarion call Second I can't for the life of me understand why a tech company would want to take over police and justice functions from a government Why would GoogleFacebook want to be responsible for the liability of autonomous robots with guns and police power What's in it for them to take over criminal justice and put at risk their core businessesFinally and most annoying the central conceit of the book was that Zed puts a spanner in the works of Beetle's lifechain predictive models that are supposed to perfectly predict the future behaviors of all citizens And the techno gurus and data scientists are all astounded that their models have predictive error that people sometimes suddenly do random things Which is preposterous Measuring and understanding predictive error is core to building a model I can understand government and non data corporate officials not understand how models fail but portraying statisticians and data scientists as flummoxed by a model's error is just silly It's entirely possible I've missed something major with her style but on the whole I wanted betterRead an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Zed author Joanna KavenHis aide Douglas Varley Britain's flailing female PM conflicted national security agent Eloise Jayne depressed journalist David Strachey and Gogol whoever that may be the uestion is becoming ever pressing how do you live in reality when nobody knows anything and all knowledge all certainty is partly or entirely fake. 375⭐️s rounded up to 4 I honestly don’t even know how to begin to review this book A work of dystopian fiction Zed is uite funny than a bit sad like “aww bless their hearts” sad for those of you who don’t speak southern that means those poor dumbotherwise impaired peoplenot need a box of tissues sad slightly terrifying and crazy In the very near future Beetle is the huge tech company that runs the world Literally It’s the NSA Apple Google Facebook etc etc all rolled into one on steroids People drive beetle made smart cars actually the smart cars drive the people Beetle bits are the only accepted currency everyone has their own Beetle personal assistant that can come in both real fake bodies and a disembodied voice on their Beetle bands which everyone has to wear on their wrists in order to do anything in society like work buy things appliances and everything else Beetle has cameras on every street only to keep people safe wink wink and in every room in your house again solely for safety Your Beetle fridge tells you if you’re eating right and that ‘maybe you’d like a yogurt instead of that bacon for breakfast’ to keep you as healthy as you can be Beetle owns the media but there is no bias and reporters or robo hacks can still write whatever they want wink wink Thanks to Beetle the world is full of cities and copies of cities and copies of copies of cities that are all smart and PERFECT wink wink Beetle does your “lifechain”where you see exactly what decisions you will make and exactly what happens to you when you make them That way the authorities can arrest people for future crimes so nothing bad ever happens any Obviously Beetle is all about the health and happiness of the people nothing or less okay do I need to keep saying ‘wink wink’ Or do you get it Then Zed happens What is Zed you ask That is a great uestion Zed is bad That we know Zed events cause the lifechains to go wonky as things happen that weren’t predicted People do things for unknown reasons the personal assistants go just as crazy as real people and all because of Zed Like I said this book was uite funny and also a bit scary as some of it hit a bit close to home in the age of technology we live in which I’m pretty sure was the point I catch on fast but surely this could and would never happen wink wink It was a bit like reading the thoughts of someone high on shrooms while riding ‘ it’s a small world’ at times but it was meant to be that way so even those slightly confusing all over the place parts were funny and easy to get through This was my first Joanna Kavenna book but it won’t be my last I won this book in a goodreads giveaway